A microcontroller refers to a small computer on a single integrated circuit consisting of a CPU, clock, ports and memory. These chips are designed for small or dedicated applications. They are used in engine control systems in cars, medical implants, remote controls, power tools and toys. Your business may need help with designing microcontroller chips. You can find such help in the form of freelancers willing and able to do microcontroller work right here. Simply post your job today to get started! 48322 értékelés alapján az ügyfelek 5-ből 4.83 csillagot adtak nekik: Microcontroller Developers .
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    Robotics engineer needed 6 nap left

    Need an engineer or a team having knowledge of Robotics, motors with encoders, ROS, 4 wheeled BOT controls etc., We need a programmer to create a heat map in Jetson Nano using CO2 sensor data (MHZ19C), The sensor is placed on a wheeled bot that navigates on it's own in it's field. We can give points in the room for it to move and it will automatically keep moving to those points. So when it moves we get a different reading of CO2 in the room, wejust have to create a heat map with that data. Please respond with 'heat' in your bid. People experience with embedded systems coding and raspberry pi, jetson nano, Robotics and ROS should bid.

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    I want light weight and compact dc to dc step down converter system any combination (series or parallel) power mosfet or any other module can be use. Just priority is light weight and compact. Need schematic, detail block diagram, BOM and Gerber data etc

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    Inkshield Control Card 6 nap left

    We want to make a microcontroller control card for the inkjet system. (HP45 cartridge is our preference.) Microcontroller will be USB or serial port controlled. (MCU: STM32 or TIVA TM4C123G.) Below is the reference link. REF:

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    STM32 CubeMX Training -- 2 6 nap left

    Looking for a hardware/firmware engineer skilled and experienced with STM32 CubeMX development environment to provide some guidance and training to speed up our learning process. Experience of projects involving BLE is a requirement. Time will be purchased by the hour and you will be training two engineers simultaneously, remotely.

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    I need two wires soldered to the circuit board on my headphones. I was going to attempt to do it myself but panicked. I have the wires unattached from the circuit board but I’m too scared that I’m going to destroy the board by attempting to reattach them. I want someone who knows what they are doing to do it. It’s two dots of solder. It could probably be done in a few minutes.

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    I need two wires soldered to the circuit board on my headphones. I was going to attempt to do it myself but panicked. I have the wires unattached from the circuit board but I’m too scared that I’m going to destroy the board by attempting to reattach them. I want someone who knows what they are doing to do it. It’s two dots of solder. It could probably be done in a few minutes.

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    We have a hardware built on STM32G0B1CE and GSM&GPS module. On this MCU programming for FOTA .MCU Firmware update with HTTP Server. We are looking for an expert embedded engineer to help us.

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    bms design 6 nap left

    need to get a modbus rtu RS485 design for my building

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    PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME BEFORE READING THE WORD FILE! Today, we have a system that runs on a Rasberry pi and a basic ML system on a signal that comes from 4 or 8 seismic sensors (geophone). We want something identical but a little smarter that is even more workable on end units like Raspberry and the like. You can not use anything from this software. We need someone who can bring us a complete package of algorithms and software. I would like to use as the training mechanism for the unit. We are looking for a relationship that can continue working on this product and others for a long time. The system should be at least the same as the system shown in the following video which is our current solution Attached is a detailed description. We need PCB Design, Back end software, and Front...

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    Arduino stepper project I need a capacitive touch (like TTP223) which, if hold down for 5 seconds, turns the whole device on and off. i also need a screen (EDO E1473AC63) with three buttons designed, a bar to indicate the battery level and a bar to indicate the stepper motor effort. if the buttons are kept pressed, they activate the stepper motor. the engine starts only if the button on the display remains pressed. if the button is released, the motor stops. There are three because they have different acceleration and maximum speed. acceleration and maximum speed must be set from a smartphone that communicates via bluetooth with device. I also need a function that if I press three fast touches on the display with two fingers, the motor moves to the zero position (the zero position...

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    Embedded c++ code debugging 5 nap left

    Need extensive experiance on Embedded C,C++ programming to analyse few issues and implement small changes in a code. SPI, flash drivers, ADC , TCP, UDP, USB interfaces and interrupts etc. Note: Do not spam with messages like I have all skills mentioned etc. Please share your profile/resume in chat. This is longterm commitment with consistent pay. Serious and dedicated candidates only please.

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    IoT Smart-Meter Gateway Platform 5 nap left

    We are looking for professional expertise within the IoT field. We are looking for a full stack developer that has knowledge in both hardware / microcontroller programming but Is also able to present development capabilities in Web Development. We are a startup in the Energy and Photovoltaic sector and are looking for trustworthy and professional people with experience to assist us in future development within a long-term business partnership. If you should only have individual skills from the list below, please mention your skillset explictily. For this project we have a smart energy meter that is connected to raspberry interface which acts as our gateway. The raspberry pi connects via RS485 MODBUS to the smart meter. Project: The connection between the raspberry pi and the smar...

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    Developing Application Notes 5 nap left

    We are paying for written application notes based on our programable mixed-signal ICs & integrated power switches. These parts are very versatile so there are many applications that they can be designed for. The application note should be a 1000-3500 word technical white paper describing an application and how it uses the part (ICs or integrated power switches). The writer will be responsible for generating the content as well as writing the app note.

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    Need to develop a basic framework for communicating between 2 esp8266 devices ESP now should be used as a communication protocol Development will involve updating existing examples from provided by RTOS SDK and show communication between 2 devices both transmitting and receiving data of about 100 bytes The example code needs to be updated for providing configuration of changing communication parameters (MAC address, baud rate) Messages should be sent and received by both the devices every 50 ms simultaneously The development should be done using RTOS SDK (NOT Arduino) Code should be structured and commented Hardware and necessary tools will be provided to the developer

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    Code for arduino needed. I want to the machine to run until ice is ready to drop into container in short. What I want to do is use a sensor (it's just 2 copper pieces like screws) to connect to each other as soon as the ice is thick enough that completes connection to initiate the drop cycle. (contact with ice on sensor should be for 20 seconds incase false reading) After that it should activate a relay that controls the ice drop until it's finished. After ice dropped the sensor disconnects and relay switches off.

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    Build a PCB 5 nap left

    I am interested in getting a PCB Made. The PCB would be a production replica of an Arduino Project which had a 6 Axis Accelerometer, piezo vibration sensor and a memory card module

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    From faultly device i need to read microcontroller "m430f2132" and program newone. Probably security fuses are blown.

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    Build an Arduino device that can connect preferably using I2C to a GPS module, a GSM module with data and SMS connection, WiFi module, bluettoth module, Motion sensor, NFC module, Infrared module, Temperature & Humidty module, detect when a light switch has been turned on and turn on a light switch.

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    We are looking for a senior firmware developer who can consult us on various aspects of development for BLE application using the NRF52 and other Nordic Semiconductor System-on-Chips (SoCs). The first job on hand (this request) is low power optimization of an existing application, this would require good co-ordination with our developers (remote teams), firmware review, bug fixes, and adaptations to reach the desired power consumption levels. Expert knowledge of low-power schematic design, firmware development and integration is a must. We are looking for individuals and NOT companies (any time zone is okay, but we prefer Central Europe).

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    PCB Design 4 nap left

    Mainboard contains: 1602 OLED Display SPI communication PT100 sensor inputs Some relays, buttons etc. We can discuss the microcontroller in terms of sourcing, cost and I/O specifications

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    Musicalis-Vox 4 nap left

    My project is about designing and implementing a 6 channel RF - Arduino transmitter and receiver. The channels will be: # 1, 2 and 3: Simple 1 or 0 (signal/no signal), #4: Microphone (analog or digital mike), #5: Square Wave, 20 to 10.000 Hz and #6: Arduino Gyroscope board signal (MPU6050 or similar). A good reference for it is: Thank you. Julian

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    Display driver program 4 nap left

    We have a display currently using an Atmel Mega 8 processor with RS-232 input. It now needs Ethernet input and program upgrading via the Ethernet

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    PLC Control system programming 4 nap left

    We are developing a new machine that has a PLC based control system, the system is pretty straightforward and has elements that are comparable to a single axis cnc machine. Some knowledge of electrical control systems and stepper motors, pulse wheels is important. Success with this project can lead to future projects.

    €528 (Avg Bid)
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    52 árajánlat

    Hi, we are looking for electrical engineer (upto 10 freelancers) having sound knowledge of embedded system. Please bid if you are available for long term Full Time position. Please start your proposal with the word "success" and share your past projects Looking forward to working with you

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    Hi, I need firmware designers who have worked on ESP32-CAM module before. Kindly place bid if you can do firmware for that module. Firmware would include following tasks: 1. Image processing 2. Audio processing 3. Video storage and transfer via UART Further details will be shared with selected freelancers only. Thanks.

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for electrical or electronics engineer (upto 10 freelancers) having sound knowledge of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, ESP8266, etc. Please bid if you are available for long term Full Time position. Please start your proposal with the word "success" and share your past projects Looking forward to working with you

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    Hi, I'm looking for software engineer (upto 10 freelancers) having sound knowledge of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, ESP8266, etc. Please bid if you are available for long term Full Time position. Please start your proposal with the word "success" and share your past projects Looking forward to working with you

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    I have designed a custom gaming keyboard with a wired USB interface, based on a PIC16F1459 Microchip controller. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Develop a keyscanning routine with software debounce. Scan 41 keys, and report key press and release by sending appropriate USB keycode to host PC. 2) Develop code with MPLAB-X-IDE tool (free from Microchip website) 3) My budget is $100.00

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    Need a local tech in the GTA region of ontario canada to act as man in the middle between a RF signal at downtown coo shop and home receiver need u to be in same zip loc as the hamilton area ols respond with contact and price

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    ESP8266 With Webpage and GPIO 3 nap left

    A Controller based on the ESP8266 microcontroller with 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 2 Analogue Inputs for Temperature & Humidity. The Project must be developed on Visual Studio Code, with PlatformIO and Arduino Platform. The ESP8266 will be configured as an access point. The project will include a Webpage with high security, there will be 4 button functions as below Open - When selected, will switch on Digital Outputs No 1 and No 2 and switch Off Digital Output No 3 and No 4 Close - When selected, will switch on Digital Outputs No 3 and No 4 and switch Off Digital Output No 1 and No 2 Auto - When in Auto mode the commands to Open and Close will be posted to the ESP8266 from a PC running bespoke software, the driver will be developed separately. Manual - When in Manual, the Op...

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    Arduino and S7-1200, Using S7 protocol

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    with the following requirements: 1. On/Off button. 2. Enter the frequency. 3. Enter the duty cycle for all the 16PWM signals. 4. Read the value on the previous address variable. 5. Selection of Communication port (COM port). Establish the connection between GUI and Zynq Zedboard 7000 through UART

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    DJI SDK Developer 3 nap left

    We are a drone company that is looking to automatize inspections using DJI Platforms. I assume the most will be on DJI Onboard SDK.

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    Looking for an expert in ESP32 3 nap left

    We have a hardware built on ESP32 and MEMS microphone. This hardware sends data from MEMS via bluetooth classic. We are looking for an expert embedded engineer to help us with 2 phases: Phase 1: Currently, while sending data, we get ESP_SPP_CONG_EVT every 6 seconds which causes loss in data transferred. Phase 2: Move the entire program to BLE.

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    Atmel microcontroller programing in C language for my day to day projects

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    I need the schematic, BOM, gerber, Centroid and any other required files for pcb manufacturing of a power electronics component. - Rectifier has three diodes below and 3 IGBTs above. Average current per diode or IGBT is 1 amp and peak inverse voltage is 500 V. - DC capacitor link must be of 600 V and 10 uF. - Inverter must be of 6 IGBTs, 1 amp average current and 600 V. - Microprocessor to be used is PIC16F18075. - A linear 10k potentiometer must be connected to an input of the MCU. - The line voltage is 380 Vrms 50 Hz - DC bus voltage must be sensed and sent over to the MCU. - Input voltage of all three phases must be sensed and sent to the MCU. Esch phase must be sensed with respect to a virtual neutral. This virtual neutral will be created using three 1k resistors in wye connect...

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    Hello I need an expert in C++ for a Quadcopter design. Please apply I you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    Tiempo real 3 nap left

    Toma los datos de arduino de una sala y despues los deja en una base de datos y que llegen notificaciones directo al correo en caso de cambio de datos . los datos que se toman son humedad y temperatura.

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    Long Range mode Audio RX/TX – i.e. Coded PHY, 125 kbps Bluetooth 5.2 LE Coded – Need at least 2,000 Meter range, line of sight using skyworks amplifier The LE Coded PHY Hardware and Software/Firmware Project to deliver Duplex Audio Stream between two dedicated BLE devices with a minimum of 48 hour standby time and 6 hour talk time direct link between headsets

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    Simon dice -- 2 2 nap left

    Necesito un código de arduino del famoso juego "Simon Says" con 10 niveles y que cuando se consiga, en un a pantalla Lcd de un código o contraseña en pantalla para abrir un candado.

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    You are to develop a simulator for the abm abstract could be in any language and needs to convert .abm files to .out work for all instructions in attached file.

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    we have to create an IoT-enabled device that recognizes the switch-type sensor for reading water flow and sends overflow information to the dashboard by Sim module Sim A7670C module and have to use NodeMCU esp8266 microcontroller.

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    Customized Timer Circuit Board 2 nap left

    Need a customized timer circuit board fro home application. Please see the attached file for detail requirement and logic program.

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    PCB board design -- 2 2 nap left

    PCB board design with ultrasonic sensor and RF tx

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    Build me a tool grinding machine 2 nap left

    Convert 6mm carbide rod of 50mm to ball nose endmill 2flute cutting length 20mm with helix angle 45deg It should be like setup and do semi automatic. Hybrid servo motor is used for motion Any controller is fine (Arduino preferred) Requirements tool grinding machine only for 6mm ball nose should be minimal 3. Accuracy 0.05

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    The project description is to use Microchip Studio 7.0 and ATmega32A microcontroller to develop codes to build a digital safe application in both C and Assembler for six user combinations. At least 8-digits are required for one combination. The LEDs are used to indicate the entered digits and code-set. The EEPROM is also used for storing when the entered code is incorrect. After the code is set, it must be able to re-program (can change the password).

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    I want to control dc motor position with force feed back you can say if i will rotate motor by hand in one direction it should come back on its position. If i hold the motor in any direction motor should not be damage. After releasing the motor shaft it should return back on its actual position

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    To update the BOM for LCSC ELECTRONICS

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