Microcontrollers are small yet powerful pieces of hardware that have the ability to control sophisticated systems. These microcontrollers are miniature computers with a processor, memory and input/output facilities that act as the brains of various systems such as gaming consoles, automobiles, and medical equipment. The programs for these microcontrollers are written by experienced and skilled developers who specialize in this area known as Microcontroller Developers. With the help of a microcontroller developer, a business can create various automation solutions for their products in order to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as help reduce costs.

Here's some projects that our expert Microcontroller Developers made real:

  • Integrated multiple components into custom microcontroller-based circuits
  • Developed user interfaces with custom graphics displays
  • Developed system level architectures to optimize performance and cost
  • Implemented analog to digital interface in microcontrollers
  • Designed secure software and communications protocols
  • Automated production processes with embedded programs and sensors

As you can see, our Microcontroller Developers' speciality is implementing versatile solutions that are both technically sound and cost effective. Our developers also possess an in-depth knowledge of multiple integrated circuit technologies to develop future ready systems that possess scalability as well as maintainability. With our Microcontroller Developers' help, your business can create sophisticated products and applications without the overhead of costly implementation.

Overall, the benefits offered by seasoned Microcontroller Developers can be the big push your business needs to develop advanced yet cost effective products. We invite you to enlist the services of one of our experienced Microcontroller Developers today to create a revolutionary product! Visit Freelancer.com now to post your project and get started on creating something special.

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    I need to design a tracker control unit for the 137 MHz band antenna system of the ground station receiving weather information from the NOAA spacecraft on Arduino. The project must be modeled at https://projecthub.arduino.cc. Need your idea and help how to implement it.

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    I'm in the process of developing a new power electronics product for industrial use. The current stage of development is in the prototype phase. For this project, I need a skilled professional who can help me with the following: - PCB Prototyping: I require assistance with the creation of the PCB for this new product. This includes the manufacturing of the board itself. - Creation of Test Plans: I need an expert who can help me create comprehensive test plans for this new product. This includes both hardware and software testing. Experience in creating test plans for electronics, would be highly beneficial. - Final Testing & Validation: Once the PCBs are produced and the test plans are in place, I would need a professional who can assist me in the final testing and validation...

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    I'm looking for an engineer who can help me write some code for an Arduino to help me with a hardware project to read accelerometer data / gyroscope data. I have a piece of construction equipment that is supposed to vibrate up and down, however, if a customer assembles some attachments to it incorrectly it will vibrate up and down and side to side which will damage the equipment. I want to be able to read the accelerometer data to determine my customer has placed the attachment correctly and if it's incorrect I want to display a message on an LCD screen saying "incorrect placement" or something to that regard. I need help getting the hardware to work, creating the code for the hardware as Phase 1. Phase 2 is to allow this hardware to send a signal back to a comp...

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    I'm looking for an Electrical Engineer who is experienced with Raycus Laser systems and its associated components such as Raytools BM110 Auto Focus, Raytools Software, and leadshine servo drives. The main role involves configuring these elements to integrate seamlessly. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in configuring Raycus Laser hardware, Raytools BM110 Auto Focus, Raytools Software, and leadshine servo drives. - Experience with CNC Gantry Function Software. The ideal freelancer should: - Have demonstrated experience in machinery and software configuration. - Be located near Reno, NV for potential onsite work. - Prioritize accuracy in their work, as ensuring the correct configuration is my primary focus.

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    I'm in need of a skilled circuit board designer that can create the and design the Greber file for me, I need to send the files to the manufacturing compony. My project contains few components only. SAM D11C 14-pin chip, 3 LEDS, Battery holder, and a reset switch. The "j2" pads are for programming the chip, Gnd, power, and clock. The 2 antennas traces are connected to analog pins A2 and A4. LEDs are connected to digital pins 24,25,31. the reset button to RST pin of course. For the 4 programming pads. Gnd and Power goes to Gnd and VDD pins in the chip, For the clock, I'm not shire which pins. layout size : 10 cm by 5.398 cm

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    You must to be at least 16 years old and live in Latin America or Eastern Europe. ✻ NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ✻ You do not need any experience whatsoever, but you must be clever and eager to learn. No. I am *not* being charitable. I am being practical. ✻ PAYING YOU TO LEARN ✻ No. You aren't dreaming. I value intelligence and problem-solving ability over experience. I'd prefer to work with someone who is clever and learns quickly rather than someone experienced but is not very intelligent and/or does not solve problems scientifically. Would I hire an Isaac Newton or an Albert Einstein even if he had no programming experience? Of course I would. ✻ TESTS ✻ You must pass several difficult logic tests to work with me. The first logic test you complete for me will be an unpaid log...

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    I am looking for a specialist who can effectively write a RAK 4630 firmware with an emphasis on energy optimization. You should focus on minimizing power consumption when the device is in sleep mode. Key tasks include: - Implement changes in the RAK 4630 firmware to optimize its energy usage. - Concentrate on reducing power consumption when the device is in sleep mode. The ideal freelancer would have: - A comprehensive understanding of the workings of RAK 4630 firmware. - Proven experience in firmware development with a focus on energy optimization. - Familiarity with device sleep modes and their impact on power consumption. Your goal is to maximize efficiency while ensuring uncompromised performance. Please provide evidence of related past projects in your proposal.

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    As part of this project, I'm in need of an experienced professional who can assist me with chip debugging, specifically through JTAG, to troubleshoot hardware issues. Key Points: - The main objective is troubleshooting hardware issues, specifically related to microcontrollers. - You will need to have a high level of expertise in JTAG debugging, with an emphasis on processor control. - The project will require access to the processor for controlling its operations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in JTAG debugging, particularly with a focus on processor control, is essential. - Prior experience in troubleshooting hardware issues on microcontrollers is highly preferred. - A deep understanding of chip architecture and debugging techniques is necessary for this task. If you ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled electrical engineer or electrician who has a strong background in console modifications and repairs. Specifically, I have a PS4 pro that requires both soldering repairs and hardware modifications. Your work on this console should be a permanent solution - I'm not interested in temporary fixes. The project involves: - Soldering repairs: You should be adept at soldering and capable of fixing any issues that arise in this domain. - Hardware modifications: You'll need to not only identify the appropriate modifications that need to be made to the console but also carry them out. I'm also interested in installing a Teensy 2.0++ as part of the hardware modifications. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven experience with consol...

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    I'm seeking a well-experienced developer who understands STM32 and IoT. This job focuses primarily on Ethernet connectivity to achieve optimal functionality. While not necessary I will favor developers who have the hardware at hand and can test themselves before finalizing the project. Any prior experience in Embedded development, File transfer, Network communication would be an added bonus. Key objectives are as follows: - Establish Websocket connection to public domain - With Wiznet W5500 and STM32 microcontroller. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Wiznet development - Proficiency in STM32 development - Extensive experience with Ethernet connectivity - Understanding of data transfer speeds and protocols. - STM32 and W5500 modules at hand Your job will be ...

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    I'm looking to develop a hardware system for a fitness rig that involves real-time human movement tracking. The system should be a combination of microcontrollers and computer vision technology, specifically using Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi. Key Requirements: - Real-time Movement Tracking: The primary functionality of the system is to track human movement accurately and in real-time. This involves capturing and processing data on various physical activities. - Minimalistic and Functional Design: I envision a setup that is small, lightweight and unobtrusive. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency with Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi is a must. - Experience with computer vision, machine learning and human movement tracking is highly desirable. - Understanding of ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual to design a PCB and program a chip for our RFID system. The focus of this project is on two key aspects: - **Wireless Connectivity**: Your expertise in designing wireless systems is crucial for this project. The RFID system needs to communicate with our central hub seamlessly, so ensuring a reliable wireless connection is a priority. - **Energy Efficiency Optimisation**: The system to be developed should be as power-efficient as possible. We need the RFID system to function optimally while conserving energy, ensuring long-term sustainability and performance. **Specifics of the Project**: The project is specifically for an RFID system, which comes with unique challenges and requirements. Since the system will not require encryption for secure dat...

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    I'm in need of a skilled PLC programmer with experience in Siemens systems for an assembly line automation project. The system is an integral part of our broader industrial automation initiative. Key Project Components: - The project involves optimizing and automating our assembly line processes. This includes streamlining the control and monitoring of processing machines and ensuring the efficient control of machinery. Key Responsibilities: - Design and develop the PLC control system in alignment with our assembly line automation needs. - Program the system for optimal performance, ensuring reliability and efficiency. - Integrate the PLC system with the rest of our industrial automation setup, to create a seamless, cohesive system. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in programming Si...

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    Se trata del desarrollo de un sistema electrónico de control, basado en Raspberry para la lectura de sensores (Spo2, PH, temperatura, espuma, etc) y el control de sistemas de (calentamiento, bombeo ingredientes, agitación, bombeo aire) , utilizará una tablet y un panel de Thingsboard como interfaz de control y monitorización. El trabajo consiste en el diseño de una PCB de integración modular de los elementos y la programación del sistema de control así como las pruebas y puesta en marcha.

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    Circuit Schematic 4 nap left

    I need a circuit schematic for the attached circuit

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    I'm in need of a programmer who is skilled in C++, Python, and has experience with PIC Kit 2 microcontroller. The job entails both programming the PIC Kit 2 and working on a specific project involving its application. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C++ and Python. - In-depth understanding of microcontrollers, with specific experience in PIC Kit 2. - Previous experience in programming PIC Kit 2 specifically. - Ability to work on a project involving PIC Kit 2. -Ability to understand PLC logic along with programming. Please note that I'm looking for someone with a strong background in these areas, as the project may involve complex programming tasks. If you believe you have the necessary skills and experience, kindly reach out to discuss the project in more detail. ...

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    I have a C project on CCS that controls motor speed using DRV10970EVM board and LAUNCHXL-F280049C board. I'm looking for a skilled developer to help me customize this code. Key modifications needed include: - Reading the motor speed - Enabling user input via UART interface - Allowing the user to set their desired motor speed using the UART Ideally, you'll have experience with: - C programming, particularly in the context of microcontrollers like LAUNCHXL-F280049C - Motor speed control systems - UART communication - Embedded systems development Your task is to make these modifications to the existing code, ensuring that the system remains stable and reliable. I have a document with more detailed explanation i can send as well.

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    I'm looking for an Arduino expert to setup an Opta PLC that can effectively monitor temperature readings. The system should be able to: - Receive inputs from different temperature sensors and digital inputs. - Monitor a vast range of temperatures from below freezing to above 90°F. - Send email notifications of temperature readings and changes every hour for remote monitoring. The perfect freelancer for this project is experienced in programming Arduino Opta PLCs, utilizing sensors, particularly those for temperature, and setting up efficient email notification systems. Beside technical proficiency, good understanding of thermodynamics would be a plus, but is not a requirement. The end-goal is an efficient and reliable remote temperature monitoring system.

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    Task description I am in need of a competent freelancer with proficiency in arduino, particularly for STM32 microcontrollers (specifically the NUCLEO-G491RE model) and ESP32 microcontrollers (specifically the ESP32-DEVKITC-32UE). It needs a certain amount of inputs and outputs to begin with, but also minimum 2 outputs with PWM-control or analog 0-5V, as the motorcontroller of choice works with PWM or 0-5V inputs. Also 2 analog inputs 0-5V for 2 kinds of safety edges. Find also the list of peripherals in the attachment. The pulse generated by the motorcontroller won’t exceed 500 Hz with our current motor/motorcontroller configuration. (see peripheral list: section motorcontroller) In total we need to have: Digital inputs: 12 Digital fast inputs (counter): 2 Analog inputs: 2 Digital o...

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    I am looking for an experienced engineer for an exciting venture involving the creation of automated platforms with a medium size between 1-2 meters. These platforms are expected to carry a weight of around 100kg and gently move at a slow pace of 1cm/sec along predefined paths, creating an ethereal and almost magical motion effect. Key aspects of the project include: - Designing the platforms to accommodate smooth indoor floors; these are the expected terrains where the platforms will be operating and the design should incorporate elements friendly to an indoor setting. - The platforms should be able to function through an electric power source. This means your experience in electrically powered machinery is a necessity. You should ideally possess a strong foundational knowledge of e...

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    I'm in need of an Arduino expert who is adept at programming a small Arduino circuit to control LEDs, a motor, and sound. It will be integrated into a small, Matchbox/Hot Wheels-sized fire truck. The LEDS will flash alternately to represent the emergency lights. The motor will power the back wheels and the sound will play through a small speaker as a siren and horn. Here are the requirements for the project: I believe the Arduino MKR Zero would be a good fit since it has the integrated micro SD card holder and sound processing capabilities. It also has an integrated battery charger. The Arduino needs to be powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery like 3.7 Volts. - Control LEDs: I believe I can get by with two white 3mm LEDs. I will install fibre-optics to transfer the lig...

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    I'm in need of a freelance electronics engineer with experience in LTSpice to design a voltage converter for me. - Purpose: The desired converter is a voltage cuck converter, meaning it should be able to change the voltage of the input signal. - Output Characteristics: The voltage output should be adjustable, allowing for flexibility in use. The output voltage range is 240 - 346 volts. - Maximum output current is 87 A. - Maximum rate of change of inductor current is 34.5 - Maximum Power is 30 kW. - Input Voltage Range: The input voltage range should be 330 to 550 volts. - Switching frequency is 150 kHz. - The project is only a simulation in LTspice. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Experience in LTSpice and a proven track record of designing voltage converters. -...

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    I am seeking a professional and capable freelancer to create a home automation system using Arduino technology. The system should incorporate some form of MIDI control for traktor Dj software - **Expertise Required** - Strong knowledge of programming Arduino. - Prior experience in home automation design and implementation. - Proficiency in achieving interoperability between different smart home systems. - Familiarity with MIDI controls. - **Key Features** - The use of knobs, faders, and buttons on the MIDI controller to enable intuitive interaction with different systems. - Lighting control: an easy-to-use and versatile system to control various lighting fixtures around the house. Please provide examples of similar projects you have completed previously.

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    I require an IoT expert to create an advanced system for a parking boom barrier. The end result should be a fully functional, IoT-enabled device. Key areas of functionality to be incorporated are: - Automatic vehicle detection - Real-time data monitoring - Mobile app integration The automatic vehicle detection system should be implemented using: - License plate recognition - RFID tags - Sensors for detecting vehicle presence The ideal candidate for this project should have demonstrable experience in IoT device creation, sensor technology, mobile app integration, and real-time data monitoring. Knowledge in license plate recognition and RFID tags usage is a huge plus. Your expertise will be vital in bringing this project to life.

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    Hello I'd like you to create an ePaper module PCB used for an electronic shelf tag based on the ESP32 chip. This device is similar to what you would find at a modern retail store, dynamically updating the tag as prices change. Attached are schematics and references for my desired components. I'd like to use the new ESP32-C6-MINI-1-N4 unit as the main controller, as I'm very familiar with ESP programming already, and want to take advantage of its many connectivity options including BLE, Zigbee, and Thread. The ePaper display itself will be the Pervasive 2.13" display using the ZIF25 connector and SPI protocol. Schematics and additional reference details are attached, please read these carefully to ensure the ePaper display module functions accordingly. It will be powe...

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    I'm in search of a robotics expert with advanced experience in working with Vex V5 parts. The goal of this project is to build a robot that strikes the right balance between speed and strength, specifically for a high school robotics competition. Key Responsibilities: - Building a competitive robot that can excel in a high school robotics competition - Optimizing the robot for a balance between speed and strength Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in working with Vex V5 parts - Previous experience in high school robotics competitions - Strong understanding of robot design principles Communication for this project is crucial, and I would prefer to have in-person meetings to discuss progress and updates. Please consider that you must be able to meet in person in Connecticut west haven USA...

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    I am in need of a skilled individual who can establish a connection between an Arduino (ESP 8266) and Firebase. This connection is essential as it's intended to control and monitor environmental sensors remotely. Key Requirements: - Impeccable expertise in Arduino programming and configuration, specifically the ESP 8266 module. - Proficiency in Firebase setup and integration. - Experience in real-time data collection and storage. - Prior work experience in remote device monitoring and control. The project entails the following key aspects: - Establishing a secure and reliable connection between the Arduino (ESP 8266) and the Firebase platform. - Programming the system to enable remote monitoring and control specifically for environmental sensors like temperature and humidity. - Ens...

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    I'm looking for experienced circuit designer who can design sensing circuit for RTD temperature sensor. Sensing should be done by STM32F103 microcontroller ADC. There should be 8 channels for RTD temperature sensor. I need Schematic design and sample code to read temperature value. Only bid if you have experience with RTD temperature sensor.

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    Lithium Battery Level Indicator 2 nap left

    I'm looking for a skilled programmer who can create a battery level indicator program for an Lithium Battery. The program will be used to interpret battery level data and display it via LED indicators. Key Points: - Device: The program is specifically designed for an Lithium Battery; thus, knowledge of embedded systems is must needed, which includes both Hardware & Software Design - Programming: Proficiency in C/C++ is essential for this task as it is the preferred programming language. - Display: The battery level will be depicted through LED indicators. Experience with LED technologies or similar display systems is advantageous.

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    I'm seeking a skilled programmer to assist in developing a taekwondo scoring system. The project entails crafting code for a system comprising one master and four slave devices all to be programmed using Arduino. Wireless communication between the devices will be facilitated through the ESP-NOW protocol. The job entails several key responsibilities: For the SLAVE devices coding : 1. Each slave device should feature an initialization green LED that indicates successful wireless communication with the master device. 2. Additionally, each slave will have two LEDs, one red and one blue, which will illuminate when specific buttons (B1 to B3 for blue team, R1 to R3 for red team) are pressed by the user. 3. With a total of six buttons per slave device, each responsible for assigning marks ...

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    I am working on a project to develop a wireless sensor for vibration analysis. I have already defined some components of the system. I need someone with experience in electronic component design to help me evaluate the chosen components and assess the feasibility of applying these components in a prototype. This person will be responsible for the PCB's technical design (Gerber and CAD) and prototype testing. The hardware design must consider hardware and firmware (software) limitations. My initial idea is to use a Seeed Studio microcontroller controlling different types of accelerometers. If the person has a better approach, I have no problem following their advice. Below is a list of the components I am considering using in this project: Sensors: Microcontroller: Board...

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    I am seeking a professional electrical engineer who is well-versed in MMC programming, especially for the DSP 28377D. Using Matlab and CCS Key Responsibilities: - Debugging and improving the existing code - Ensuring all tasks are executed correctly post code optimization Ideal Candidate: The proficient candidate for the role is someone with proven expertise in MMC programming and a deep understanding of the DSP 28377D. An engineer who can effectively debug and refine the current code to ensure all tasks are successfully carried out is highly sought after. The primary objective here is ensuring error-free code execution. In addition, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and dedication to task completion are crucial.

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    I'm in search of an expert proficient in EtherCat and C programming for a project involving firmware updates via an EtherCat network. Mainly dealing with binary files, it's crucial that you know your way around them. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a C code for file reading and writing. - Transfer firmware updates between EtherCat-enabled devices (specific device details will be shared later). - Monitor file changes post firmware update on an EtherCat network. Ideal freelancer would have: - Proficiency in C programming especially dealing with EtherCat network. - Understanding of binary file handling. - Experience with firmware update processes. - Expertise in network-enabled device communication. So, if you have hands-on experience with EtherCat, firmware updates and a wil...

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    I need an expert who can implement a protocol for sending the saved logged data files (about 200MB, on SD card, in .txt format) over two ESP8266s without connection to the internet in the shortest possible time. It is better if the protocol is FTP, but others are accepted, too.

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    I'm in the process of completing a college project that focuses on AI and Machine Learning. The AI/ML algorithms are in place but I'm in need of an IoT expert to help establish a robust Arduino-based connectivity solution. Key project requirements: - Completion of IoT connectivity: I need someone who can work with Arduino and establish a reliable IoT connectivity system. - Troubleshooting existing code: The project is partially done, and there might be some debugging required. - Documentation: I'm also looking for someone who can provide clear documentation of the implemented IoT solution. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong Arduino and IoT background: An expert in IoT systems and Arduino programming. - Familiarity with AI/ML: While not strictly necessary, a good underst...

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    I'm seeking to develop a robust safety system for a large, multi-leveled mine. The device should be capable to scan gas concentrations even without specifics on the gas type. Consequently, experience in developing wide-spectrum gas detection tools would be advantageous. Key Responsibilities: - Understanding the features and architecture of the LoRa module for effective data return to base station. - Developing a scalable solution suitable for a large, multi-level mine configuration. - Leveraging the provided materials for development. Please note these materials will be sent to your location. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working with LoRa modules. - Experience in designing safety systems for mining environments. - Knowledge in gas detection technology and engineer...

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    I need someone skilled in Arduino for a robotics control project centered around security. Here's what I hope to achieve: - Integration of Arduino with an existing access control system. Ideal skills would be proficiency in Arduino programming, experience in security system control, and knowledge in automation. Your proposal would stand out if you have handled such tasks before and can complete the milestone within the budget of 2k INR. Looking forward to a successful collaboration.

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    TMC5160 - ESP32 library 1 nap left

    Creating a library to control the TMC5160 using only the SPI bus. The library must be ESP32 compatible and will not use other similar existing libraries for other TMCs. It must include: - basic functions for motor setup and movement, positioning - advanced functions such as CoolStep, StallGuard2, SpreadCycle and StealthChop2 - sensorless operation to find home position (StallGuard2) - the library must not block additional ESP code during motor running and control (delay commands etc) and must support running of multiple motors simultaneously (using CS signal) - deploying the library in VS Code + PlatformIO The library functionality will be tested on a TMC5160 BOB + NEMA 8 (8HS15-0604S).

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    I'm looking for an expert to help me set up a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to control AC motors on a test bed. Specifically, the motors to be controlled are AC, and the primary goal of the HMI will be to adjust the motor parameters. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in setting up HMIs for industrial control systems - Experience with AC motor control - Knowledge of KEB F5 drive control is highly beneficial Communication Protocol: As I have no specific preference for the communication protocol, I am open to suggestions based on your expertise and experience in this field. Please provide details of your relevant experience and how you plan to approach this project in your proposal.

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    As a technician experienced in soldering on industrial-grade electronic devices, I am in need of a skilled individual capable of working on circuit boards for repairing damaged components. Key Responsibilities: - Soldering on circuit boards to repair damaged components. - Prioritizing quality and precision in your work. - Ensuring the reliability of the soldered components. Ideal Skills and Qualifications: - Proven experience in soldering on industrial electronic devices, particularly circuit boards. - Proficient in the use of soldering tools and equipment. - Familiarity with best practices for repairing damaged components on circuit boards. - Attention to detail and a commitment to quality work. - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines. If you have a track record of successf...

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    Seeking someone with skills in Arduino and MIDI technology. Your task will entail creating a connection between LoraMidi AtMega1284P and Arduino IDE. The main objective here is to control MIDI devices using this interface. What I Need: - Develop a way to control LoraMidi AtMega1284P using Arduino IDE - Enable wireless transmittance of MIDI data - Develop a custom LoraMidi communication protocol Ideal Freelancer: - Proficiency in Arduino IDE - Familiarity with LoraMidi AtMega1284P - Experience in MIDI technology There is not a strict deadline for this project, and we can prioritize quality deliverables over speed. Please submit your proposal detailing how you intend to accomplish the indicated tasks.

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    I'm seeking an experienced Electrical Engineer to help with the integration of device communication protocols. Key Responsibilities: - Implement communication protocols for integration - Ensure the device can communicate seamlessly with other systems Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in power electronics and inverter hardware design - Experienced in integrating device communication protocols - Strong understanding of electrical engineering and power systems This project will require a high level of technical proficiency and attention to detail. The successful candidate will have a proven track record in similar projects and be able to deliver high-quality results within the agreed timeframe.

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    FPGA firmware emulation 1 nap left

    I need a custom firmware for my 35t squirrel that emulate another device (sound card)

    €27 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Programa arduino con sensores 1 nap left

    Programa para crear un radar con arduino, que imite un radar real, con un sensor de ultrasónico Hc Sr04, un servo Sg90, un botón interruptor, un buzzer, una pantalla oled 0.96 o similar. Con el interruptor debe cambiar el modo del radar: pantalla con distancia, con líneas y distancia, grabar en memoria y representar el entorno, etc.

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    UHF RFID Reader Design & Build 4 óra left

    We seek a professional, seasoned RFID SME to help design/build an embedded RFID reader for 8xx-9xx MHz frequency range. Please specify the RFID chip for reader you intend to use & why. It must be software defined and provide active digital support for it and peripherals. Please list the features you will provide over and above typical features available in other competing products. The output power, frequency & all other parameters should be software adjustable via web server. Default factory settings set option. Review the attached sketch. Green dotted outline is out of your scope. Once interface to green part is defined, we shall have you review it as a change. We are in RFID business deeply for several years. More details (if needed) can be provided to shortlisted persons only....

    €7124 (Avg Bid)
    €7124 licitátlag
    7 árajánlat

    We are currently working on an exciting project and are in need of a freelance service for the development of an ESP32-based solution. PART OF THE PROJECT AND SOME PARTS OF ITS CODES ALREADY BEEN DONE. I'm seeking a talented IoT engineer for the development of an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and control device. This project will focus on managing and controlling energy consumption and environmental aspects at a property-level precision in an industrial setting. Key Job Responsibilities and Deliverables: - Design and develop an IoT device capable of monitoring, controlling and analyzing energy consumption and environmental management for an entire property. - Implement IoT solutions with MQTT, AWS, LoRaWan & Datalogger technologies. - Establish industrial proce...

    €799 (Avg Bid)
    €799 licitátlag
    48 árajánlat
    EV Brake Rotor PCB Design & Testing 2 nap left

    As an electrical engineer, I'm looking for a specialist who can creatively help me in the test of the prototype and design the electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) board to convert output to charging input of 84v li ion also input 58.6v as we drive around in the electric vehicle (EV). - Electronic PCB board Design * The key purpose of this project is to engineer the electronic PCB board design, taking the prototype EV brake rotor with magnets, and pie shape copper coil collectors into consideration. * I desire the designed PCB to have an efficient charging system, capable of converting charging input to 84v li ion also input 58.6v. - Prototype Testing * When it comes to testing the prototype, the overall effectiveness of the design is my area of focus. I want to evaluate...

    €1267 (Avg Bid)
    €1267 licitátlag
    7 árajánlat

    I aim to develop a solution that will facilitate data communication between an Arduino UNO and a SIM7600E using AT+COMMAND. The primary data in focus will be temperature sensor readings. Key Responsibilities: - Setting up a reliable connection between Arduino UNO and SIM7600E - Implement AT+COMMAND for effective communication - Design a protocol for transmitting temperature sensor data Ideal Skills: - Solid knowledge of Arduino - Proficiency in handling SIM7600E - Experience in implementing AT+COMMAND - Understanding of sensor data transmissions. Please ensure you can efficiently deliver on these requirements, and provide the mentioned sensor data communication before placing your bid.

    €164 (Avg Bid)
    €164 licitátlag
    29 árajánlat

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