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Natural Language is the language of all living things. It’s the way we, humans, communicate with each other and it’s also an area of science & technology, called Natural Language Processing (or NLP for short). A linguist, in essence, is someone that has the ability to bridge between language and technology. Despite common belief, linguists don’t just understand languages in terms of grammar and syntax, in fact they are particularly interested in understanding how words and sounds relate to concepts.

In addition to being able to understand a particular language or dialect, today’s linguists are expected to understand how language processing works in the context of machines. By using techniques from linguistics such as language modeling and parsing, a linguist can work with software engineers to build natural language understanding systems that can comprehend human dialogs or texts.

Here’s some projects our expert Linguists made real:

  • Developing effective ways to aggregate and organize resources from multiple data sources
  • Uncovering meaningful insights from large amounts of raw text data
  • Automating natural conversation between humans and computers
  • Creating novel algorithms for personalized text classification
  • Building lexical ontologies with sentiment analysis capabilities

The possibilities displayed above demonstrate how the right combination of linguistics and technology can breathe life into abstract ideas like understanding human communication and languages. Powerful implementations such as automated personal assistants or intelligent question answering systems would not be possible without the work of a capable linguist.

At we have team of highly qualified linguists ready to take on your project. We are excited to invite you to post your project and hire a Linguist so you can create your own natural language processing solutions today!

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    I need a python programmer to work on an NLP project. This is a personal and customized project for which I will provide data other details and Need a programmer to write a code and deploy it.

    €103 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a developer who can help me create a chit chat story using entities and slots in Rasa ML Application for social interaction purposes. Although I have an idea of what entities and slots are needed, I need help with creating them. The chit chat story should be a simple conversation and easy to follow. The ideal candidate should have experience with Rasa ML Application, natural language processing, and chatbot development. They should also be familiar with entity and slot creation and have a good understanding of social interaction use cases. Good Knowledge on Rasa application is mandatory

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are running an adult community for generative artificial intelligence where images are generated from natural language descriptions/prompts directly in the browser. Models, LoRA, Embeddings plus wide variety of Sampling Methods, upload of reference images and finetuning options as well as a public gallery make the platform fun to use and the results stunning. Msg me for the URL. Models currently in use: - Realistic V3 - Grapefruit (Anime) - Anime V2.5 - UberRealistic - Realistic Creative We are looking for an AI and tech enthusiast who as fun working with adult images and AI and will keep us ahead of the curve of cutting edge technology in AI.

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    Looking for Bermudian natives who speak English fluently to record 100 short sentences for a language learning app. The sentences should be simple everyday phrases that are commonly used in conversation. Need 3 males 3 females There are two parts recording for every participant. First part is reading sentences, the second part is simulate the answer of voicemail. The first part is reading 40 sentences for each person. Each sentence need to read at least 25 seconds. The second part is simulate the answer of voicemail. 60 topics each person. Please imagine the scenario and leave a voicemail for the perosn listed on specific topic, the time length should be at least 15 seconds. For example, the scenario is listed in below: Tomorrow is your football match in Portugal at 6 p.m. Your s...

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    Ensemble of XLM-R classifiers [Python Code] I am looking for a freelancer who has past experience in text classification. The purpose of this project is to create an ensemble of XLM-R classifiers with an accuracy level of 75% and above. The training data is a parallel corpora in two languages and the model should make predictions on test data in either language. The programmer should suggest an appropriate ensemble method to boost the performance. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Python code - Experience in text classification - Knowledge of XLM-R classifiers - Ability to work with ensemble methods The successful freelancer will be expected to provide a detailed project proposal outlining their approach to achieving the desired output.

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    We are an Australian market research company that will be running a project in Paris. We require translators that are able to watch a focus group live (in french) and translate to English verbatim to a group of english speaking clients, in real time. Focus groups will run for 2 hours, and interviews will run for an hour each. Days will consist of either 2 focus groups (10am and 5:30pm), or two interviews (1pm and 3pm). You can apply to do two focus groups AND two interviews in one day. If you are interested, please reach out with your hourly payment rate. Thank you.

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    Fune-tuning t5 1 nap left

    Hi . I have a dataset to summarize texts. I need fine tuning by a pre-trained T5 model to set the dataset and show the measures loss validation&loss train&rouge1&rouge2&rougeL&rouge sum ... with the ability to choose the model after training for summary... I have code similar to what is required

    €131 (Avg Bid)
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