Objective C is a powerful programming language that enables developers to create compelling apps and extend existing applications. It lies at the foundation of many popular iOS, macOS and tvOS apps, providing developers with an efficient, high-performance platform. An Objective C Developer can provide customized app solutions to meet nearly any requirement. From a user-friendly layout, to tight security protocols, Objective C can be used to create nearly any application with any feature set.

Here's some projects that our expert Objective C Developer made real:

  • Creating mobile applications with features such as authentication methods, tracking capabilities, displaying views, CarPlay integration and map route drawing
  • Developing social/shopping experiences akin to Uber, as well as in-app video sharing
  • Designing and building unique learning platforms to aid in mastering Asian alphabets
  • Adding functionality for google & apple logins for compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms

An Objective C Developer is capable of providing innovative solutions for custom app designs and any desired feature set with swift development timetables. Our developers are experienced in debugging so your project will be completed on time & within budget. With Freelancer.com, these professionals can be available to help make your app concept a reality. Post your project now and find the perfect expert developer for your project!

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    I have an app built using Expo WebView that runs on both iOS and Android. I'm looking for an expert who can assist me in setting up push notifications on the app. Key Requirements: - Implement push notifications on my Expo WebView application for both iOS and Android platforms - Notifications should be triggered by specific actions: new message, app updates, and event reminders Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of push notifications in Expo - Proven experience in setting up notifications for both iOS and Android - Experience with integrating push notifications based on user actions I'm looking for a professional who can complete this task efficiently and effectively. Please include any relevant experience in your bid.

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    I'm looking to hire a proficient app developer for creating a peer to peer marketplace app that will run seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms. Key Responsibilities: - Creating a user-friendly e-commerce application. - Ensuring the app is compatible for both Android and iOS. Skills and Experience Required: - Proven experience in e-commerce app development. - Knowledge of Android and iOS platform requirements. - Strong understanding of multi-language support feature is a plus, as I am still undecided on this aspect. Your expertise will help gain traction among a wider audience irrespective of the smartphone OS they use. Please apply if you have relevant experience with clear evidence of prior work.

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    I'm in need of an expert who can proficiently work with both SwiftUI and Objective-C to develop an application. The main purpose of the application is omitted, but I expect the selected freelancer to be able to work on a variety of potential project types. Key Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing applications using Objective-C and SwiftUI. - Ability to work on a variety of application types and functionalities. - Proven track record of successful application development. - Strong communication skills and a proactive approach in providing regular updates and addressing any issues.

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer to create a versatile application that can be installed on a variety of devices, ranging from smartphones and laptops to desktops and smart TVs. Here's what the project entails: - Compatibility: The app should be designed to work seamlessly on various platforms, including smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and PCs. - Broad Functionality: The app needs to provide a wide array of features to enhance user experience, such as: - Video Playback: Users should be able to watch videos. - Web Browsing: The app should allow for internet surfing. - Gaming: Incorporation of gaming elements. - Music Listening: Ability to listen to music. - Chat Communication: Inclusion of chat functionality. - Social Media Sharing: Users should be able to sha...

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    AI Chatbot Mobile App Prototype 6 nap left

    Seeking a proficient mobile app developer to create a cutting-edge prototype for a conversational AI model. This entails the following: Platform: The app should work harmoniously on both iOS and Android platforms. Key Functionalities: - Speech Recognition: This is pivotal; the AI model must swiftly interpret and react to verbal inputs. - Text-Based Chat: Apart from understanding speech, the AI should communicate effectively through written exchanges. - Adept Natural Language Understanding: The AI model should smoothly decode natural language to foster genuine, human-like conversations. Design Aesthetics: While functionality is important, I place an equal emphasis on design. I envision a sleek, modern design that balances usability with sophisticated aesthetics. Skills and Expe...

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    Location-Based Friend Finder App 6 nap left

    I'm looking for a skilled mobile app developer to create a friend making application for iOS and Android. The primary goal of this app is to help users connect with new friends in their vicinity. Key Features: - User Profiles: Users should be able to create and manage their profiles. - Location-Based Search: A critical feature of this app will be the ability to find and connect with other users in close proximity. This feature should be precise and user-friendly. The ideal candidate for this project would have experience in developing similar social networking or location-based applications. A strong understanding of mobile app development, specifically for iOS and Android, is essential. Experience with geolocation and social networking APIs would be a plus. Please provide examp...

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    I'm looking to develop a comprehensive loan provider app that operates on both iOS and Android platforms. The key features of this app should include: - User Registration: A seamless process for potential borrowers to create an account. - Loan Application: An interface for users to apply for loans directly through the app. - CIBIL Verification: Integration of CIBIL verification system to assess the creditworthiness of applicants. - Loan Approval/Rejection Notifications: Real-time notifications to inform users about the status of their loan applications. I'm aiming to have the project completed within a month, so the ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Proficiency in both iOS and Android app development. - Experience in developing user registration and loan application...

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    Market Trend Alert Mobile App 6 nap left

    I'm looking for a seasoned developer to create a mobile app that provides alerts on share market trends. The app should be available for both iOS and Android platforms. Key features the app should include are: - User-friendly interface - Real-time market trend alerts - Reliable market data representation The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Experience in creating financial market-based applications - Exceptional skills in cross-platform mobile application development - A strong understanding of user experience. While work history is not compulsory, substantial experience in the above-mentioned skills will be beneficial. If you can bring these skills to the table, please reach out. Looking forward to shaping the markets with you.

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    I'm looking for a professional app developer to create a Vedic audiobook subscription app for both iOS and Android platforms. The app will have both free and paid tiers, with a 2-minute free access for all users upon download. Key Points: - Subscription Model: The app should include two paid tiers: lifetime and monthly subscriptions for accessing premium content. - Audio Quality: The preferred audio quality for the audiobooks is standard (128 kbps). - Payment Integration: The app should support multiple payment methods for the paid tiers, including Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile Wallets, and Direct Bank Transfer. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in iOS and Android app development. - Previous experience in developing subscription-based apps is highly desirable. - Familiarity with integrating v...

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    -user registration -public user profiles -user settings and editing profile -users can create their social groups/communities -likes, comment, sharing -e-commerce functions: users can create shops, share in stories, posts -live-streaming and real time chat -autonomous ad system for ecom functions -ai chatbot

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    I'm looking for a talented developer who can assist with multiple tasks related to my existing iOS app and help create new versions of it for the Macbook and Android. Key Tasks: - Implement an overlay tutorial in the app to improve user onboarding - Adapt the app screen to ensure optimal performance on iPad - Create a version of this app for Macbook and Android - Add new functions that enable the app to count points Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in iOS and Android development - Experienced with creating applications for Macbook - Familiar with implementing overlay tutorials - Able to optimize app display for different screen sizes - Skilled in adding new features to existing apps, particularly point counting functionalities

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    I'm looking for an experienced mobile app developer who can create an Android app based on interacting avatars. Specifically, the avatars in this app will serve as virtual receptionists for users. The primary goal for these avatars is to function as virtual receptionists. As such, I'm looking to integrate the OpenAI API into the app and leverage the technology for voice recognition. I want users to be able to interact with the avatars and have the avatars respond to them using voice recognition technology. Key Features: - Development of an Android app - Integration of OpenAI API for voice recognition - Implementation of interacting avatars as virtual receptionists Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in mobile app development, particularly for Android - Experience with AI integrations...

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    I need a proficient developer to create a garments selling app similar to Meesho or Myntra. The app must be deployable on both iOS and Android platforms. Key Features Required: - User Account Profile and Order History: Gives users the ability to manage their information and revisit their past order details. - Real-time Inventory Management: Instant updating of stock, ensuring customers see accurate availability - Detailed Product Descriptions: Helping customers make informed purchases with extensive information on each garment. Payment Methods Required: - Credit/Debit Card Transactions: An essential for quick and easy purchases. - Cash-On-Delivery: Providing old-school trust with a contemporary touch, this option appeals to a broad customer base. - UPI: A requirement in the d...

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    As a business owner in the fashion industry, I'm looking for a specialized mobile application developer to create a dynamic online shopping platform for iOS and Android. This app will focus primarily on selling fashion apparel, boasting features that will enhance user engagement and increase conversions. The ideal candidate for this project should: * Have substantial experience and a strong background in mobile app development, particularly in eCommerce. * Demonstrate proficiency in both iOS and Android platforms. * Be able to implement personalization features like recommending products based on user preferences, shopping history etc. Key functionalities for the app: * User friendly shopping platform. * Personalization feature for product recommendation. * Integration with payment ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a messaging app with unique features that set it apart from existing apps like WhatsApp. Key Features: - Voice and video calling - Group chats - End-to-end encryption - Status and news updates - Health tracking capabilities Target Audience: - Teenagers - Professionals - Elderly Platform Specifications: - iOS - Android - Web - PC The chosen developer should have prior experience in developing messaging apps, as well as the ability to implement custom features. Expertise in data encryption and multi-platform development is highly desired. A keen eye for user experience and a solid understanding of varying user needs across different age groups is crucial.

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    I'm looking for a Flutter developer to create a social networking app for me. - The app should include user login and registration features to keep the community secure and personalized. - I want the app to support push notifications, to keep users engaged and informed about the latest activities happening within the platform. - In-app purchases will be a vital part of the app, to let users enhance their experience and support the app. The app should be compatible with iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficient in Flutter Mobile App Development - Experienced in creating social networking apps - Familiar with implementing in-app purchases - Knowledgeable in designing secure login and registration systems - Ability to integrate push notificatio...

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    Necesito una aplicación que pueda gestionar usuarios (alta, baja modificación, datos personales, direcciones, datos bancarios) y que pueda tomar y almacenar fotografías. Sobre dos fotografías reales del usuario (frente y posterior) y con varias fotos de una equipación deportiva (frontal, posterior, lateral) necesito generar una imagen rotatoria 360º realista de la persona vestida con esa equipación. Además necesito poder elegir usar sólo la camiseta o sólo el pantalón o ambas prendas. Las fotos de la equipación deportiva deben poder obtenerse de una página web pública a través de criterios de filtrado y poder recuperar un array de diferentes equipaciones con varias fotos cada equipaci&oa...

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    I need a mobile app focused on tracking stolen bikes. This app should be able to perform the following functions: - GPS Tracking: The app should have GPS tracking functionality to help locate stolen bikes. When a bike goes missing, the app should be able to track its location in real-time. Ideally, the developer would have experience in mobile app development and GPS integration. Experience with security features to prevent unauthorized access to the app would also be beneficial. Prior experience in developing apps focused on stolen item recovery would be a plus.

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    Hi! I'm in need of a technically sound app developer who can help me create an innovative application that can convert names into Arabic calligraphy. The finer details of your tasks include: 1. App Integration: Create a utility in the app to accept names written in any language and automatically convert them into Arabic calligraphy. You should be adept at linguistic processing and capable of handling a wide range of languages. 2. Dynamic Choices: I would like to offer users more than three different styles of Arabic calligraphy. Knowing about Arabic calligraphy and being able to implement this efficiently would be beneficial. 3. Image Export: Enable users to export their customized name in Arabic calligraphy as an image. You must be experienced in implementing this kind of function...

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    Requirements Accessibility Features: The app should work through both voice commands and normal touch input. The app should read everything that happens on the screen to the users. Modules: Visual Assistance: Users take a photo and GPT describes the scene or reads it to them. Job Listings: Integrate with WooCommerce and WordPress APIs. Convert product fields into job fields. Include job categories (from WooCommerce categories). Include fields for required experience and duration. Indicate if the job is affirmative for disabled people. Voice Commands: Enable voice command activation by saying “See U App,” similar to “OK Google.” Users should be redirected to the appropriate screen upon voice command. Open the camera by voice command to take a photo for visual assi...

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    iOS Developer 5 nap left

    I'm looking for an iOS developer to create an app that will automatically capture the user's device ID at launch, utilizing the captured data for personalized user experience. Key requirements include: - Automatic Device ID Capture: The app should be able to automatically identify and capture the device ID upon launch, without requiring user input. - Personalization: The captured device ID will be used to personalize the user experience. This could involve tailoring content, features, or notifications based on the specific device. The ideal candidate will have experience in iOS development, particularly in integrating device ID capture and utilizing it for user personalization. A strong understanding of data privacy best practices is also essential. If you have experience in si...

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    I am in need of a skilled iOS and Android developer to create a secure messaging application. The primary feature I'm looking for in the app is end-to-end encryption. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an app for both iOS and Android platforms - Implement real-time messaging features - Ensure the encryption of the messages - Optimize the app's performance to provide a smooth user experience The project is time-sensitive, and as such, I am seeking a developer who can commit to delivering the project ASAP. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in iOS and Android app development - Proven experience in creating secure messaging apps with end-to-end encryption - Familiarity with real-time features and optimization techniques for app performance. If you have the expertise and...

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer who can create a news feed application for Android and iOS that specializes in real-time corporate announcements filed on stock exchanges. Key Features: - Development for both Android & iOS: The app should be accessible on both platforms to reach a wider audience. - Real-time Stock Exchange News Feed: The primary feature of the app will be a news feed that displays up-to-the-minute corporate announcements from stock exchanges. - Inclusion of All Corporate Announcements: The app should provide coverage of all types of corporate announcements including earnings, mergers & acquisitions, and management changes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Android and iOS development. - Prior experience in creating real-time news feed appl...

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    iOS App Popup & Dropdown Fix 5 nap left

    I require a skilled iOS developer to address two issues in my app. - The popup within my app is not functioning correctly. Specifically, the IDs generated for the items in the popup list are not matching the corresponding data. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in iOS development. - Experience with handling popups in iOS. - Understanding of data matching within dropdowns.

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    I'm in need of a skilled Flutter developer with an advanced understanding of iOS-related build errors to assist with integrating an iOS project into a Flutter plugin. You need to have expertise in resolving build errors, particularly those encountered during iOS integration. Familiarity with Xcode and CocoaPods is necessary. Key Requirements: - Expert-level experience in Flutter - Proficiency in resolving iOS-specific build errors - Strong understanding of Xcode and CocoaPods Your primary tasks will include: - Addressing the current build errors - Ensuring smooth integration of the iOS project into the Flutter plugin Your assistance in this project is critical, and I am hopeful that with your expertise, we can resolve these build errors swiftly and efficiently. Note : The issues n...

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of an experienced Objective-C developer to update the existing iOS app. Key Points: - The primary purpose of the app will be discussed upon hire. - Specific features, design specifications, and other details will be provided. - I expect the developer to have solid experience with Objective-C, iOS development, and a good understanding of mobile app design principles. The ideal candidate should be able to translate high-level requirements into functional code. Looking forward to reviewing your proposals!

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    SOS GPS Device Development 5 nap left

    I'm in need of a skilled technician to help me create a small, discreet SOS GPS device. The GPS SOS will be incorporated in a very chic jewelry collection. This device needs to have an emergency button and be capable of notifying an emergency contact through various means. Key Features: - Compact design: The device should be small enough to be a charm on my jewelry designs. - Emergency button: This button should be easily accessible for the user, and capable of triggering an SOS alert. Double or triple tap. - GPS Location tracking: The device should be able to provide the user's location to the emergency contact. - Emergency contact notification: In case of activation, the device should automatically contact an emergency contact using the chosen methods below: - Phone cal...

    €4675 - €9350
    €4675 - €9350
    38 árajánlat

    I'm seeking a proficient iOS developer to create an innovative app that tracks real-time game statistics and delivers these details through a lock screen notification system. Key Project Details: - App Features: The app needs to include real-time game statistics and a lock screen notification system to keep users updated on their bets. - Design Preferences: I'm looking for a clean and minimalist design. The app should be easy to navigate and visually appealing. - Football Coverage: The main focus of the app will be on major international leagues and specific tournaments. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in iOS app development, particularly with extensive experience in real-time data integration. - Prior experience with lock screen notification systems or similar featu...

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    I need a developer with experience in Apple Watch: I want to conduct a proof of concept. I need to create custom complications using Xcode (e.g., a circular complication with a step counter, background image, and icon). Xcode and Apple do NOT allow creating .watchface files but DO allow creating custom complications. This allows using the Watch app on iPhone to use a native watch face and customize it with our complications. Then, that watch face can be shared from the Watch app. I want to test the feasibility of creating custom complications, sending them to the iPhone, and then to the watch. It is important to consider the latest Apple updates regarding WatchKit and Widget Extensions. Thank you. Nico Castro

    €105 (Avg Bid)
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    22 árajánlat

    I'm looking for an experienced iOS Developer to build an app with several features. Key Functionalities: - Social media integration - In-app purchasing - Push notifications The target audience for this app ranges from teenagers to seniors, so user-friendly interface and efficient functionality are must-have qualities. Preferred Skills Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, or related area from an accredited institution and one year of experience dealing with designing, developing, testing and deploying production grade applications, familiarity with Android frameworks, familiarity with multiple package managers such as Cocoa Pods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager. Successful candidates will have a good attention to detail, a de...

    €30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking to develop a mobile pose estimation app for iPhone and Android that focuses on real-time tracking, specifically for gait monitoring for patients. Key Features: - Real-time tracking: The app should accurately track and analyze the patient's gait in real-time. - User-friendly interface: The interface should be simple and user-friendly for patients to interact with. Target Audience: - The primary audience for this app is patients. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in mobile application development for both iOS and Android. - Proficiency in pose estimation technology and real-time tracking. - Experience in designing user-friendly interfaces for easy patient interaction. - Knowledge of gait monitoring and experience in developing similar health-related apps would be a p...

    €453 (Avg Bid)
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    140 árajánlat

    I am in need of an experienced app developer who can create a shopping app for both iOS and Android. The main target audience will be general consumers. Key Features Needed: - User friendly interface - Secure payment gateway - Smooth navigation - Well-organized product categories Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Proven experience in developing shopping apps - Strong proficiency in both iOS and Android development - Familiarity with design software and UX/UI for a smooth and responsive app - Understanding of secure payment gateway integration If this sounds like you, please bid with examples of your previous work in app development, particularly shopping apps.

    €31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need a highly skilled and experienced iOS app developer to build an app that can scan goods and calculate their environmental impact. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a user-friendly mobile app for iOS. - The app will need to cater to consumers as users. - It must have functionality enabling it to scan goods. - Post the scanning process, the app should be able to calculate and present these goods' environmental impact. Ideal Experience: - Strong proficiency in iOS app development - Prior experience with designing user interfaces for mobile devices - Experience integrating with scanner APIs - Familiarity with environmental databases would be an advantage Important Note: Currently, I don't have a database of goods with their respective environmental impacts. Hence, I wil...

    €30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a seasoned professional to assist me in resolving issues with my app and guiding me through the production process. Key Requirements: - I need someone who can identify and fix the errors that are causing my app to crash. - Your experience in this field is paramount. Please share your past work and demonstrate your expertise in similar projects. - I am looking for someone who can guide me through the app publication process, specifically on the Google Play Store. Notes: - The project includes resolving errors, guiding through the production process and helping publish on the Google Play Store. - The fee for the project is fixed and non-negotiable. - If you are capable of publishing the app from your own account within 2 days, I'm willing to pay extra for this se...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    Cutting-Edge Aluminium Design App 4 nap left

    I'm looking for a skilled app developer who can work on a unique project for my aluminium windows and doors production company. The project should be developed for both iOS and Android platforms. Key responsibilities will include: - Building an app with a Material calculator for precise production. - Inclusion of a material database, for convenient access to relevant information. - Ability to design windows and doors using built-in tools in the app. Ideally, you should have a robust background in e-commerce, a sound understanding of relevant app development tools, and a knack for intuitive, user-friendly design. Experience within the building or materials industry could be advantageous. Your aim is to create an efficient, easy-to-use tool that integrates multiple aspects of the...

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    I'm in need of an experienced iOS developer to create a custom WebView application that includes the following features: - **GPS Location Tracking**: The app should track the user's location only when the app is in use. - **Disable Screenshot Feature**: Implement a mechanism to prevent users from taking screenshots within the app. - **Integration with Existing Website**: The app should display the content of our existing website. This project requires solid experience in iOS development, particularly with WebView, GPS tracking, and security features. Knowledge of handling location data and integrating web content seamlessly is key. The ability to ensure the application's performance and usability is also crucial.

    €137 (Avg Bid)
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    Senior iOS Developer - MVVM Expert 4 nap left

    I'm looking for a senior iOS developer with a solid expertise in MVVM architecture to join our team. The ideal candidate will spend approximately 4 hours daily on our long-term project. Requirements: - Proficiency in Swift programming language - Intermediate level experience with Swift - Strong understanding of MVVM architecture - Ability to work at a senior level on an ongoing project Your role will primarily focus on programming, including implementing the UI and integrating APIs. You'll also be responsible for testing and fixing bugs, ensuring the project is running smoothly. The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of best practices, be able to work well within a team and is committed to a long-term project.

    €153 (Avg Bid)
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    82 árajánlat

    need people to help our company handle the customer‘s order. you have to be a Australian apple user and daily use it. using our internal promo code to help customer recharge game coin. every single order pays 5 dollars. every day can make 10-40 orders. 0 risk

    €26 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    52 árajánlat

    I'm seeking a talented mobile app developer with experience in simultaneous iOS and Android development. The app should facilitate chat functionality and provide a platform for sending and receiving funds linked with mileage. Key Features to Develop: Seamless chat feature prioritizing text messaging, complete with an efficient backend A transaction system facilitating fund transfer with mileage integration Cash App integration for payment processing Previous experience with similar types of apps would be advantageous. Strong proficiency in cross-platform development and backend creation is paramount. Additionally, a successful track record with payment gateway integration and an understanding of the Cash App API is essential. Boost your bid with any experience you have in geoloca...

    €3890 (Avg Bid)
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    91 árajánlat

    I am in need of a talented mobile app developer who can build a comprehensive application for both iOS and Android platforms. The primary goal for this app is to facilitate the delivery of goods to our customers. Key requirements: - The app should be compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems - You must have extensive experience in developing mobile applications from scratch - Your proposal should be detailed and showcase your previous work in the field Your proposal should include: - A detailed timeline of the development process - Cost estimates based on the current requirements - Previous work samples that are relevant to the project.

    €143 (Avg Bid)
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    19 árajánlat

    I'm in need of an experienced Objective-C developer to create an iOS app. Key Points: - The primary purpose of the app will be discussed upon hire. - Specific features, design specifications, and other details will be provided. - I expect the developer to have solid experience with Objective-C, iOS development, and a good understanding of mobile app design principles. The ideal candidate should be able to translate high-level requirements into functional code. Looking forward to reviewing your proposals!

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    90 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can help me with integrating in-app ads in both Amazon app and Microsoft game app. The ads should be of the interstitial and video types. I'm open to suggestions on how you think the integration should be done, whether that involves native, SDK, or API integration. Key requirements include: - Implementing Interstitial and Video Ads: You should have prior experience in integrating these types of ads in mobile applications - Familiarity with Mintegral (Mobvista): Experience with this ad network is a plus - Microsoft Game App Development: Prior experience working with in-app ads in Microsoft's game app is strongly preferred - Creative Problem-Solving: I need someone who can think of the best way to implement these ads in both applicatio...

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    29 árajánlat

    ENGLISH : Seeking Professional Developer for AR Application to Try Clothes, Makeup, and Furniture Description: Hello, I'm looking for an experienced developer to help bring my mobile augmented reality (AR) application project to life. The application aims to allow users to virtually try on clothes, makeup, and furniture in their real-world environment. Key Features: Virtual clothes try-on: Overlay virtual clothing on the user's live image. Virtual makeup try-on: Apply different makeup products (lipstick, foundation, etc.) in real-time. Furniture visualization: Place 3D models of furniture in real space to visualize integration. Required Skills: Proven experience in developing AR applications (ARKit, ARCore, etc.). Ability to integrate real-time try-on features. Understanding of ...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    19 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a skilled app developer with a strong portfolio of past work to create an app for iOS. Key Requirements: - Proficient in iOS app development - Strong portfolio showcasing past successful projects - Ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively Note: Please include your past work in your application, so I can review your experience and see if it aligns with my needs.

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    21 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a skilled app maker to develop a comprehensive e-commerce application. Key Features: - User Profiles & Accounts: The app should allow for easy user registration and personalized accounts to enhance the shopping experience. Requirements: - Proficiency in app development for both iOS and Android platforms. - Experience in creating and managing e-commerce applications. - Strong understanding of user experience and interface design. - Ability to integrate secure payment gateways. - Capability to deliver a high-quality project within a reasonable timeframe. I am flexible with the timeline, but the quality of the end product is my top priority. Feel free to reach out if you have the expertise and skills required for this project.

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    84 árajánlat
    Mobile Action Game Developer Needed 3 nap left

    Hello I am running my own digital agency and realized theres not enough game developers in my country and I will like to add this to the service I provide to my clients. Please share to me the games that you have done, whether I can test and what was the budget for these games to understand. Also, would be helpful if you can share to me the running cost for having mobile games in app/ios stores Key Project Requirements: - Genre: The game should fall under the action category. This means that the developer should be able to create thrilling, fast-paced gameplay that keeps players on the edge of their seats. - Platform: The game will be designed for mobile. The developer should be well-versed in optimizing games for this platform to ensure smooth performance and an enjoyable user experie...

    €755 (Avg Bid)
    €755 licitátlag
    98 árajánlat

    Looking for a experienced app developer for Ios/Android to help build/guide the building of a retro Tower climbing app for phones/web. Game will include pixel art, soldier/gods upgrading, and updates every few weeks

    €1441 (Avg Bid)
    €1441 licitátlag
    19 árajánlat

    I have an existing Flutter application that I'd like worked on. I need someone skilled in adapting applications for television platforms, specifically LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen. The Flutter application already supports two primary functions: - Streaming video content - User logins and profiles The exported application should retain these functions. Additionally, this project involves not just the exporting process but also compiling the apps for LG and Samsung, and subsequently adding them to their respective stores. Ideally, I'm looking for a candidate who is experienced with the operating systems of both TV brands, and can provide clear, efficient solutions. Knowledge of Flutter and an understanding of design principals for larger screens will be highly appreciated. Let&#...

    €2166 (Avg Bid)
    €2166 licitátlag
    78 árajánlat
    server and database 3 nap left

    I need you to create a server and a database in the cloud to receive data packets from my equipment, the packet data will need to be interpreted and converted from hexadecimal to ASCII, I need to leave everything ready for a query via power bi

    €122 (Avg Bid)
    €122 licitátlag
    46 árajánlat

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