PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. Alkalmazza PostgreSQL Developers szabadúszót


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    Needs to hire 2 Freelancers Flare is a real-time platform that brings together the fragmented ecosystem of emergency responders in emerging markets. We use real-time and managed data to coordinate emergency response to save lives. Described as the the 911 of the future, by Fast company, Flare uses modern technologies to save lives and make peace-of-mind accessible to billions of people living without access to emergency support. Fast Company Article: A database-centric backend is at the core of the success and functionality of our platform - and we're looking to grow the backend team with additional senior/experienced developers, fluent in database best practices, real-time big data management, system scalability, and, of course, writing quality production-ready code. This is open t...

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    Hello, it is necessary to create a convenient and versatile framework for the Telegram bot api using the php swoole extension. (Like: aiogram python)

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    # Task 1: Basic API Creation 1. Create an API endpoints /notes/ where users can create, list, fetch, edit and delete notes. 1. The note data model should contain user (author), text, and attachments (multiple files per note). 2. The note can only be created by an authenticated user. 1. The API should use token authentication specified in the HTTP header. 3. The notes can be filtered by the user and searchable by text. 4. Notes can be viewed publicly but only the author can edit or delete them. **Requirements:** - Django REST Framework as API Framework - PostgreSQL as data storage - Commit the code in Github/Gitlab # Task 2.1: Third-Party Integration 1. Using the same project as Task 1, create a new API endpoint/notion_notes/ where the users can create a note and save it in a Notion data...

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    Need a developer for creating form using Node JS, React and Postgresql

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    Looking for a 5+ years of Senior Front end developer Require Skills ✔ JavaScript, Typescript, React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js ✔ PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB ✔ Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, LESS, Sass

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    PLpgSQL help / tutoring 5 nap left

    Need some help with SQL and PLpgSQL. Max 1 hour effort i believe as I am keen to learn more and have a few questions.

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    I need to help me with a Python code to get the data from Postgres SQL server(It needs to run SQL queries on the server which has filters) and dump it into Databricks table. This has to be done in small intervals as the table is very very huge. Need to get data from 2018 to till date with probably intervals of 3months and append to same table. Once we get the data till date, from next time it has to be just incremental load from that last processed date.

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    Postgres- Schema restore script to implement in a DB

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    We have a map search feature on our existing website that needs some enhancements using Django backend and PostgreSQL (POSTGIS). We would like something similar to Zillow as much as possible using Google Map API. Thank you

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    Our Tech stack includes Postgressql, React, EC2 Instance. We are looking for a backend developer with atleast 5 years experience on a contract basis to complete the backend of our website The developers should be from Pune, Maharashtra, India

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    Discourse Forum App Extension 4 nap left

    This project is to build a plugin that extends the existing capabilities of the Discourse API. Below I have outlined the requests you can make to the current API along with the extended API fields we would like to add. This should be done in a plugin so we are still able to update the core application when they release updates. Details are in the attached file. We have in-house technical staff so please include some details on how you plan to accomplish the task if you would like to be considered. There will be additional extensions to the same plugin/API after the first job is complete.

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    Need someone with good knowledge in sql to load the data from csv into redshift.

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    Postgres-RDS 3 nap left

    Hi All, Sewking help to related to cloud formation _ Postgres RDS - I ‘have designed a cloud formation template to spin up the Postgres RDS of engine 13.3 , But once instance is up and running I need to log in to Postgres Res and execute some scripts to create a scheme and role, permissions which is where am Stuck Up . Can Anyone help me with solution?

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    Main duties include but are not limited to: Each team member is expected to become an expert in their respective domain and effectively communicate and quickly come up with solutions in a team-oriented setting. We are not only looking for smart people; we are looking for people that don't shy away from challenging problems such as reinventing social media. Responsibilities: What You Will Do You'll be working with a small, high-energy team in building a consumer-facing product that millions of people will use. As a backend engineer, you will play a key role in building and maintaining our API gateways, deployment pipelines, and database architecture. You'll have direct control of feature sets and technical decisions and will be able to see the direct impact of your efforts...

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    looking for a person who can Pull Data from Geotab that use for GPS tracking via API

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    I want postgresql 7.0.3 in a docker image that will be able to run on Ubuntu

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    I want postgresql 6.3.2 in a docker image that will be able to run on Ubuntu

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    Overview Working from the database you designed in Assessment A, you will produce a database using Postgresql together with a web interface. You will cover possible security issues and critically evaluate your work. You will demonstrate collaborative group working skills by contributing to a group discussion board (with both original posts and responding to the posts of others) to help other students with technical issues during their development. Tasks 1. Implement your database design in PostgreSQL. (20 marks) You will implement the Flight Bookings database produced in Assignment 1A in postgre. Your database tables must be created using SQL statements which must be detailed in your final report. You will also supply a supporting .sql file which can be run by the assessor in order to crea...

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    Se requiere módulo de Facturación Electrónica Ecuador Facturas Liquidaciones de compras de bienes y prestación de servicios Notas de crédito Notas de débito Comprobantes de retención Guías de remisión Ats

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    We are looking for a freelancer to do the following work for us: We have several databases in sde configuration, which are either postgresql or Microsoft SQL Server, and we want to perform the following operation: Every time an entity changes in a certain table that we define, we will receive an alert via a webhook or any other type of notification, and then we can run third-party software that will do the things we need. I tried many things, and I realized that in our enterprise version 10.9.1 ESRI has not yet released the option for webhooks on featurs, so ESRI's webhooks are out of the question for us. If you have an idea, and the ability to solve the problem for us, I would be happy to talk to you, Please leave a message. Thank you

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    Hello. I have a upgrade my CakePHP version from 2.2.2 to 4.x. If someone is interested, please ping to me. Thanks.

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    Candidate We require a coder to code a website that will be built by us on the Wordpress platform. We will build the pages and the graphics ourselves, but need the services of a coder to make the vision a reality. Here is a full mockup of the website: Skills / task requirement: Web based database: PostGreSQL. mySQL, SQLite etc Coding to update: 1 million pixel overlay image Coding to update: Bricks sold / % of total Coding to create a form that enters data to database Code to send .PDF "certificate" to recipient email address Code to create a recipient page (after successful payment) using a linkID Code to communicate with stripe api triggering the sending of PDF to email / Creation of recipient linkID page Full testing in stripe test mode Purpose This project was devise...

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    we have a web api application that is installed and running on a server (postgres is installed on same server). the idea now is to run same webapi on the second server(install postgres also there). and make it redundant for the primary server. so whenever a data is written on first server it will be automatically replicated to the secondary and in case primary server is down.. secondary will take place till primary is back up again

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    Looking for a developer with good knowledge in Flutter (with Dart), TypeScript, NodeJS, Firebase (functions, firestore, database) and also elasticsearch, postgresql

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    Tengo un proyecto con 61 archivos .py en models y 53 en views. Lo quiero dividir en carpetas separadas por clase, por ejemplo, todo lo de contabilidad en un solo módulo, inventario en otro módulo. Una vez realizada la separación por carpetas se pide instalar en Odoo 15 (todo el ambiente será proporcionado por nosotros, ya está listo y es un repositorio independiente sin datos). El código se realizo para Odoo 13, se necesita instalar en Odoo 15 solucionando los problemas que aparezcan al instalar los módulos (por ejemplo, dependiencias a archivos que cambiaron de nombre)

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    We develop an Agritech platform, that can track nodes and estimate their location, speed, behaviour and movements. We need your help implementing and optimising algorithms in our Python-based implementation. Responsibilities Work with our helpful team, who guide you through the existing codebase to the sections, that need work. You will be writing SQL and Python to develop algorithms and analyse data. Qualifications Excellent demonstrated Python and PostgreSQL skills. Bonus, if you have Docker / Kubernetes skills Bonus, if you can write or want to learn Rust programming language. We are looking for someone to join our team long-term (6 months + ongoing contract extension). We expect you can work 8 hours per day / 5 days a week. We expect you can work at least 4 hours from that with us (...

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    Fixing a Web App 2 nap left

    Need someone with strong experience in Strapi and Node.js to link users with different attributes in our project. Past experience must be shown during your bid otherwise we will not consider your proposal. Other skills required: MERN stack development with experience in Strapi , PostgreSQL and HMTL 5. Note: no payment will be given until full evidence of results.

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    I am looking for a skillful and experienced developer to develop 6 pages using these technologies e.g., web API, React JS, Postgres, HTML, SASS, bootstrap, etc. This is an end-to-end project that needs both front-end and back-end development. The application needs to work on Digital Ocean. Other details will be provided via the chat once interest is shown.

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    Mail Server PHP $100 1 nap left

    Let's setup our mail server. Pronoor mail has its own php web portal that is working as Now we will install the same web portal as Its a low budget but high plan task.

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    E-Learning Web Application 1 nap left

    Example of the referance i would like to have is "udemy"

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    Library system 1 nap left

    I would like someone who have a good understanding of node js to build online library systems preferred location is Ethiopian

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    Spring boot rest service 1 nap left

    I need a java developer who knows spring boot data jpa to develop a rest service. Backend system will use postgesql as database and an 3rd party service for generating and sending one time password as sms. Service also will connect to another erp solution to get detailed datas about products. I want developer to complete main template of the backend service including role based auth system and make it possible for junior developers to be included in the project. Developer is only responsible for starting the project and completing 7 endpoints. Also for the future depends on the projects status we may work with him again by an hourly budget

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    We need someone who has experience in strapi and nodejs to link up the user with a few different attributes in our project. please show your past experience during your bid. otherwise, we will not consider your proposal thanks

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    need an experienced PostgreSQL DBA for oracle to PostgreSQL migration project.

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    need an experienced PostgreSQL DBA for oracle to PostgreSQL migration project.

    €3109 - €6218
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    we are looking for an expert developer in .net core to migrate a backend project written in web api .net framework to .net core. the project must be rewritten and fully functional.

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    OVERVIEW Please read carefully and completely our project description below and make sure to address ALL of our questions/requirements in your bid. WHO WE ARE We are a small startup company working on a platform that will help our customers greatly increase their productivity. The platform will allow users to create workspaces that are fully configured (for the user’s major function) and that will help them to highly automate day-to-day activities – all done through a web-browser. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE We need help in developing a feedback module that is a part of our platform. The module uses go lang/gin/gorm/viper tech stack on the backend and react/ts on the frontend. The backend persists its data in PostgreSQL and interacts with other services of the platform using REST A...

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    Looking for PL/SQL Developer 17 óra left

    Looking for PL/SQL Developer who can do 3 simple procedure

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    postgree db to sql server 14 óra left

    postgree db to sql server

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    Hi, i want to make a Python and PostgreSQL base subscription page where users can use from 4 plans and pay via meracdopgo. Thanks

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    1) A GUI for welcome screen where we have the name of app and about the app (in 500 characters) with option to login or register*. Registration will require the necessary inputs name, address, sector, purpose, area selection starting from state to district to block, mail id and/or mobile number. Verification of mail id and/or mobile number would be required thru OTP over the mail/mobile number or activate link otherwise. 2) Second Screen should conform the success or failure in Login based on server side records‟ varification. And recover password option in case of wrong or forgotten password should be provided through OTP over mail and/or mobile. 3) The successful login is must for data collection over the ground. However, after the login, the data collection should be facilitated ...

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    A legjobb PostgreSQL közösségi cikkek