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    Need help developing a telephony application using Python. It will be necessary to develop internal and external services and rework the existing code base, as well as implement new functionality in accordance with the TOR. You will need to work with PostgreSQL and built-in procedures. The direction of the web, both backend and frontend. TensorFlow, Caffe and neural networks, OpenCV. Git/mercurial, redmine, Django, Flask will be used. Knowledge of algorithms and data structures is required

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    Veterans only if you're not having a big experience in the field, kindly dont waste time required to make a similar website and it's functionalities

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    Would like to have a website that can clearly demonstrate our vision, idea and prototype. The website can be in wordpress and the total pages can be 5-7 pages. Prior work with startups websites and simple, but effective web development would be great. Any questions please ask Skills and expertise: Landing Page Adobe Illustrator WordPress Web Development Web Design Content Writing Python Graphic Design HTML Prototyping In attached files are contents along with some relevant pictures.

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    Mendix Trainer 6 nap left

    We are looking for a freelance mendix trainer. Mode : Online Duration : 50 Days

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    Expert in Ruby -- 4 6 nap left

    I am looking for an expert in Ruby

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    1. Iterating new features/ bug-fixing for a website built using Django Wagtail 2. Styling required pixel perfect comparing to mock-up 3. Responsiveness in very important 4. Experienced to CSS/ HTML/ JavaScript 5. Code review required/ must follow team working convention Must have Django Wagtail Fullstack experience

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    Melissa is a marketplace focused on cyber security solutions. It aims to increase security within the organisations by navigating them to the right solutions and tools to detect, eliminate and respond to threats; empower buyers to make the right security choices by providing education resources, playbooks and market research. Melissa will cover all the aspects of cyber security starting with solutions and recommendations and finishing with guidance material and trainings.

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    Have to schedule residential controllable appliances based on the availability of resources (solar energy, virtual energy) with the help of decision made by reinforcement learning decision making algorithm (Markov decision process)

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    Melissa is a marketplace focused on cybersecurity solutions. It aims to increase security within the organisations by navigating them to the right solutions and tools to detect, eliminate and respond to threats; empower buyers to make the right security choices by providing education resources, playbooks and market research. Melissa will cover all the aspects of cyber security starting with solutions and recommendations and finishing with guidance material and trainings.

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    Need a bot to place orders long/exitlong/short/exitshort in Exchange "" through Tradingview alerts? I have my pine script ready.

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    We have a admin panel to be made on flask python. The person should be having knowledge of PHP as well as the task needs knowledge of that as well.

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    I need help coding an algorithm or syntax to commit myself to abide by the rules. I need to manage and limit the amount that I am allowed to trade and lose per day. The ThinkorSwim Api is connected to Visual Studio Code. Are you available to work with me on this project per hour or at a fixed price? Note: 95 % of coding is already developed, I just need help on the risk management constraints or if statement Level I: On level I, the maximum share amount that I can buy is 500 shares and the maximum that I am allowed to lose is $100 dollars(500 x 20 cents = $100). Level II: On level II the maximum share amount that I can buy is 1000 shares and the maximum that I am allowed to lose is $200 dollars(1000 x 20 cents = $200). Max Loss per Day Level I $300 & Level II $600? Depending on t...

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    Write Python script 6 nap left

    Require python script to run from pycharm (preferably single file) on local, with basic comments in script. Script will interface with API on a trading platform. The script shall have inputs as follows: Buy: Buy ON (toggle on or off), currency, amount, beat_top_of_orderbook_by_amount, place_if_lower_than_another exchange's highest buy price by x amount (true or false), refresh_frequency (e.g. every 0.5 seconds it checks and re-places order if required) Sell: Sell ON (toggle on or off), currency, amount, beat_top_of_orderbook_by_amount, place_if_higher_than_another exchange's highest sell price by x amount (true or false), refresh_frequency Buy can be on by itself, or Sell can be on by itself, or Both can be on at the same time. In case amount is not enough in account, it sha...

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    I have a django application and want to enable ADFS authentication on it. Two scenarios I want to achieve. 1) if user is in same network/domain of the django application then he should get automatically logged in (SSO) 2) if user is from other domain/ external network then he should get option to enter user and credentials of this domain and our adfs should be able to talk to their domain and authenticate them. Note- you can use django-auth-adfs module which definitely solves first one but not sure about second Question:- do you have such exisiting setup ? Tell me how would you solve this ?

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    we are looking for a developer who can create a search bot for databases which we can customize by ourselve. This bot needs to crawl various websites and has to observe them permanently so that as soon as a new product arrives that this product is detected.

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    python npyscreen -- 2 6 nap left

    prerequisite : good knowledge of npyscreen OS : Linux CLI only Please run/look at attached script. When you scroll down the menu and find the device you would SSH to, you press 'enter', then the script should break out with a SSH session to that hostname or IP address. This should break from bash/shell in Linux. The SSH sessions is towards switch and routers which does not support certificates. The already implemented search function needs to stay intact. Default/shell username The password should be preloaded with environment variables in bash: Maybe use the 'sshpass' like this to launch the SSH session 'sshpass -p $PASSWORD ssh $DEVICE_FROM_PYTHON_LIST'

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    Web scrape synopsis of 100 books 6 nap left

    I have a mysql table (products) which are all books with an empty description field. I want the description field to be filled by the synopsis of each book. We need you to send us back the exported table filled with descriptions for each book and the script you used to scrape them

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    Hi I have an optimisation code (branch and fix coordination) written in GAMS. The code by itself is 30-50 lines excluding the data lines. Give me bids please

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    Hi , Am looking for a project code(preferably using JAVA/AWS) to Convert any type of PDF to its respective json

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    Necesito Módulo de facturación electrónica para Ecuador integrado con ERPNext Toda factura sea autorizada por el SRI Autorizacion de retenciones Autorizacion Notas de Crédito Autorizacion Guias de Remision Autorizacion Notas de Debito Los XML sean validados. Los XML deben ser firmados El comprobante sea enviado al SRI Consulta Autorización del comprobante Se genere el PDF en el backend para envio al cliente

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    Lead Scraper 6 nap left

    Scrape leads for ecom and supplement industries

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    Looking to add a product sales and inventory module for a salon booking app. App is MERN stack in microservices architecture. Inventory module doesnt need to be MERN based. Prefer someone who can customize existing open source apps or has previous experience with this work. You will need to build this as a microservice in GRaphQL

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    Java coding 6 nap left

    - Read and write file in java(android) - Several operation in java

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    1. I need to build a Terminal app with python. 2. Develop a list of features that will be included in the application. It must include: - at least THREE features - describe each feature 3. CREATE an application which handles errors. 4. Include Variables , Loops, Import module/s , 5. Implement simple functions 6. Utilize input and output in a simple program 7. Create a help file for a user to utilize the features of the application. 8. DESIGN tests for main features of the application. 9. UTILISE operating system or IDE features which facilitate the execution of the application. 10. Explain the logic of the program

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    I have 2 of this libraries searched on google. Try to make it work i can because some this lib libnvinfer.so.7 is new and dont have this old lib avaliable. Linux Version is Ubuntu 22.04 with NVIDIA drivers installed GTX 660. Another lib: I need create a webservice fresk / gnunecorn one route to compare 2 photos and tell-me if the person on photo is the same person. Autentication using barrier token need be implanted. the key will be on source code of aplication. ROUTE ONE: https://address/facecompare METHOD: POST i will pass 2 images for the service you need download the images make compare and returns if people match or not. REQUEST SEND: { image_1: "", image_2: "", tolerance: 0.6 // if aplicable acording with used lib } { ima...

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    Looking for someone with experience in developing software. I will only accept verified developers and real bids. Contact me for more info, I'm not accepting bids without talking first about the project and what I want to achieve.

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    19 árajánlat

    You must live in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Latin America, or the Caucasus. I am seeking a high school student or a university student to help me build an Internet of things (IoT) device using MicroPython on the ESP32. (ESP32 is a microcontroller just as Arduino is a microcontroller). Why don't you need any experience? I would rather work with someone who is inexperienced yet very intelligent, rather than someone who is experienced yet not very intelligent. I will ask you a question, which you must answer correctly, to prove to me that you are very intelligent. You must be able to work 5 days each week for 1 hour each day. You may choose the 5 days that are convenient for you. You may work at any hour of the day (or night) that you would like.

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    Design and develop care app 6 nap left

    Development for a mobile (iOS & Android) application for an patient care service provider. By applying, please let us know what experience you have in this field.

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    97 árajánlat
    Italian football 6 nap left

    I need to build a dataset with Italian leagues stats on weekly matches scores from 1990 to 2021

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    43 árajánlat

    - All modules should be unlocked. Keyword: Monolith - Most important reports (graphical) should be added in the areas home page, CRM, accounting, HR, projects, sales, support, website, knowledge. - Most important email templates for customer communication in support and customer contact ... - Different roles employees, customers, partners ... furthermore we would like a long term cooperation for further changes docs etc....

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    7 árajánlat

    We are looking for Senior IT Developers / Architects to work on internal projects on part-time basis and also to assist our consultants. Skills:- Quartz framework,

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    14 árajánlat
    Scrap Flashscore -- 2 6 nap left

    Hi everyone. I need a program in my computer that scrap flashcore and send me an alert to my gmail when in tennis match the players goes to a third set (or five in case of GS). Thanks.

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    TD API Back Tester 6 nap left

    I need somebody that is familiar with the TD Ameritrade API, Python framework, and back testing trading strategies that I can work 1 on 1 with to complete a project. I would like to write the bulk of the script, but I need some support, guidance, and possibly some programming solutions and library modifications developed along the way. Somebody I can summon as needed to give full support to my project to drive it to completion and that I can pay by the hour.

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    11 árajánlat
    Scrap data details from dashboard 6 nap left

    Hello, We need to scrap data from dashboard, with multiple page

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    Route Optimization Interface 6 nap left

    Inspiration for this project is based off We are looking for a simple proof of concept project. GET Work Orders via authenticated API call (we can include a sample call). Data includes: -Work Order ID -Address -Assigned User Logic: Each Assigned User has a route. If no assigned user, choose the most efficient user from a route perspective. Output: A CSV and on screen map/route view of: Work Order ID | User | Address | Travel Time to Location We would prefer to use the Mapbox API but open to alternatives if a solid case is made for them. We use Flutter + Django. Preference is given for solutions that use these. Please start your bid with your favorite fruit to show you took the time to read the project scope.

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    47 árajánlat

    Only Python&NLP experts should contact me for this project. Details will be discussed with chatting for Privacy reason

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    online banking management system 6 nap left

    online banking management system Source Code mysql php python fund transfer, credit card api rest curl, bank to bank account transfer api rest php python bank to bank account transfer api rest php python integration

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    31 árajánlat

    I would would like a Meta trader 5 expert advisor created. The expert advisor will use Machine Learning and Neural Networks to determine position sizing in the forex market. The advisor is just a money management system. The programmer must have experience with Forex trading, meta trader, and machine learning

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    22 árajánlat
    Facebook login like and share panel 6 nap left

    Facebook login, like, share, Grup Bot and Advertising Program. Hello, I would appreciate if friends who can do the same program that I have described in the video offer. Since my budget is limited, it is important to have an affordable price. I think the panel is programmed based on Python, Selenium. In addition to the panel, there are 1-2 features that I would like, I will specify this. There are 2 links that I want to click automatically when I enter Facebook, I will indicate this to the programmer. My programming knowledge is entry level, so if the coding programmer writes explanation lines for the commands between the codes, it is important for him to intervene in future problems. The friend who will make the project can change the image, do it with different decorations and customiza...

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    11 árajánlat

    this is a simple project, just using an API to collect the live tweets and checking if it is fact or not using google fact-check API

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    21 árajánlat

    1) photo 1: make the whole rectangular area work as an 'upload button', remove default upload button 2) photo 2: show 'download' button AFTER all the file processing is done 3) photo 3: show output from the terminal on website (while the file is being processed)

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    23 árajánlat

    we need someone with apple developer account to transfer our python py file(a python kivy interface program) to ipa/apk/exe the python file is attached below

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    2 árajánlat

    We are looking for a talented coder to remove haze from our images. The coder should be good at OpenGL / OpenCV and familiar with shaders. Please don't hesitate to enter to this job.

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    Programa de puntuación v2 6 nap left

    Necesito alguien que domine python y preferiblemente que sepa sobre patinaje artístico. (figure skating)

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    15 árajánlat

    We are looking for a Python resource who is having minimum 3+ years of experience. He/She needs to be well-versed with pdf documents using Python 2. Able to extract data from documents/textract/worked on similar activities.

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    27 árajánlat
    Python expert wanted! 6 nap left

    Hi, I need someone to fork it for me and make modifications for report export section * Limited only to word document export * My default logo * My default text and some formting to optimize the tables Modifications are minimum so its not a complicated project.

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    80 árajánlat

    From internet take a python code for R-CNN for object recognition and adapt it to another public dataset You have to submit the link of the source code, final code and specify what has changed It has to be done within 24 hours.

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    13 árajánlat

    I need someone to fix already existing code which is currently using easyocr, pyautogui, and tesseract for OCR labelling tool. This code currently takes a screenshot of the screen, and captures 3 boxes (windows). Then it will type twice and click three times. The indicator will then pop up in a red light green light indicator. This indicator captures the text on the screen and will change red to green based on that text change. The first box captures the text and displays it on the indicator, which should be done accurately. The second box captures a number text, both counting the changes on the indicator and displays the number captured. The third box does the same as the second box. All boxes when detecting any changes will play a sound. I need the indicator fixed. The code is alread...

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    58 árajánlat

    The website is a privately accessible merchant trading platform where users put the prices of their electronic devices for sale and sometimes in large quantities. I would like a bot that watches my listings and updates my listing price in order to remain the lowest seller (given a floor price). Because the website is private, I will be sending you HTML pages to work with.

    €231 (Avg Bid)
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    46 árajánlat

    implementing an AI agent for playing a two-player game, and is intended to give exposure to planning in the presence of an adversary with a budget on the computation allowed before performing a decision (move).

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    A legjobb Python közösségi cikkek