Python is a popular object-oriented, high-level programming language. Python developers are often hired to create dynamic software applications and websites that are simple to use and understand. Expert Python Developers can manage databases, develop server-side scripting, optimize accuracy and implementation of data analysis, development of Machine Learning models, automate mundane tasks and more.

At, clients have used the Python language to create customized project/database management systems, back-end for web applications, web scraping scripts to extract data from websites, bots to automate tedious workflows and more using the expertise of the Python Developers on our platform. Additionally clients have used data science in Python to create custom AI tools which enable faster and better decision making.

Here’s some projects that our expert Python Developer made real:

  • Customization of project/database management systems
  • Website automation via Scripting
  • Web scraping to collect data from websites
  • Creating efficient bots that automate tedious workflows
  • Data Science based tools to enable better decision making

Python is a powerful tool that provides limitless possibilities to those who can harness its potential and provides clients with access to expert developers in the field who can make their dreams come true. If you are interested in building something or have an idea or just a wild spark, why not take a chance and post your project on to hire a Python Developer today? Our platform is designed to provide clients with access to thousands of professional freelancers from all over the world, you never know who you will meet or the possibilities you may gain.

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    Olyan fejlesztőt keresek, aki tud nekem olyan programot írni, ami egy meglévő adatbázisból képes arcot felismerni IP kamerán keresztül. Legyen képes egyidejűleg legalább 5-6 kamerát kezelni. Tudjon API-n keresztül csatlakozni adatbázisokhoz. Teljesen új forráskóddal kell rendelkeznie. Windows alapú programnak kell lennie.

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    Hello, I need a python selenium program that registers an amazon account. Only there is one difficulty, there is a captcha that you need to go through. Can you please tell me if you can do it and with what tools

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    I am looking for someone to analyze networks of anime characters using graph structures and python. I want the analysis to use a combination of trees and other data structures in order to uncover insights from the anime networks. I understand that a variety of different programming languages can be used for this type of analysis, but I have decided that Python is the best choice. The goal of the project will be to map out and visualize the connections between anime characters, allowing us to learn even more about the story's characters and their relationships.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop an HMI touchscreen experience for me in the MicroPython language for the Raspberry Pi Pico platform. It is a single screen user interface. The development of this system will also involve utilizing all the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Pico platform, using micro python to create a fully functional HMI experience. The development should also take into consideration other technical aspects such as hardware time constraints, durability requirements, and aesthetic considerations. As this project requires expertise in the latest Raspberry Pi technologies, a comprehensive understanding of the platform, HMI coding, and MICRO Python is needed. I am looking to hire someone who has the ability to quickly understand my requirements, develop an effective ...

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    Data mining for a ML model 6 nap left

    Hello! For my project, I'm looking for someone who can gather data for my machine learning model. I want 1000 samples of html documents from different e-commerce stores that sell products. I don't care about what product it is, I only care that the price of the product and the stock of the product are clearly visible on the html page. You should be able to produce a csv file with three headers. 1) Html 2) The actual price 3) The actual stock (true/false) The data will be used to train a supervised model so it is extremely important that the labels are correct.

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    Complete Django Polaris Project 6 nap left

    I started off work based of this Please read before bidding . I would work one on one with the FL to finish this up

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    Need to get some data from website using advanced python and some api.

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    Es necesario desarrollar un programa que se ejecute en una raspberry pi con pantalla tactil y entorno gráfico a pantalla completa. Este programa tendrá varios botones que al pulsar enviará comandos o pulsaciones de teclado aun windows. Digamos que es un teclado virtual en una raspberry pi que actua sobre un windows ocnectado por red o por un puerto serie

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    Need a developer who can complete a project on machine learning ai proctoring model with facial recognition, video and audio recording, screen recording , lockdown browser feature for exam software (model can be integrated in app &website )

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    I'm looking for an experienced Technical Content Creator with expertise in the areas of C, C++, Java & python programing in video format and screen recording. This person should be knowledgeable in these subjects and be able to create effective content to be used across web-based platforms. You must have previous experience creating content, specifically content related to C, C++, Java & python programming. The content you create must be up-to-date and accurate in order to ensure user satisfaction. If you have experience in the field and are proficient in C, C++, Java & python programming then please apply for this job. Thanks for your interest!

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    I am in need of assistance in developing some Phyton code for an algo trading system. I want the asset class being traded to be primarily futures. The time frames to be considered should be flexible but overall should have a more short term outlook. Finally, the amount of systems that should be produced by the algo trading algorithm is just one. This project requires a knowledge of the Python programming language and experience with creating algorithms for automated trading. If you feel you have what it takes to successfully carry out this project, please reach out to me so that we can discuss further details and begin the project. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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    I need help in coding an optimization algorithm in python language for PI controller

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    Collect data and evaluate the performance using code on Multi-Join Query Optimization Using Ant Colony Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm. At least 6 Tables in the data. I have added a Paper. You have to follow ACO and GA as given in it. No need to Perform a Combination of Both.

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    Expert in Machine Learning ( LSM) 6 nap left

    I am looking for an expert in python with machine learning. Also using LSM.

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    12 árajánlat
    Infrastructure as service project 6 nap left

    Experienced infrastructure and security engineers needed to help build cloud-based infrastructure as service products.

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    16 árajánlat

    I need help in developing a flask website. this will involve some basic CRED tasks from firebase real time database. I will also require help in making the front end for the same

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    5 árajánlat
    Website scraper 6 nap left

    I am looking for someone to develop a website scraper for my business. The scraper needs to work on a Mac platform and should be able to fully automate the data collection process. Specifically, I need the scraper to collect business emails from websites. The scraper must be reliable and accurate. I will provide details on the targeted websites and results that I expect from the scraper. If you have prior experience in developing website scrapers, I would like to hear about it. Please let me know the timeline and cost for this project. Thank you.

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    I need a custom pre-order module for Odoo Enterprise Version 16. In short, the module will allow the website visitors to pre-order products that the pre-order feature is enabled for them. For detailed requirements, please refer to the attached file.

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    11 árajánlat

    add, update and delete shifts reminder message bulk message inkart add site and auto location direction etc.

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    12 árajánlat

    My project is about putting together a website using Python combined with a specific design that I have in mind. It won’t require too much work, as I have the code needed for it already but need it put together. I am looking for an experienced software developer with the knowledge of Python and website development who can help me bring my idea to life. The size of the project is small, so I believe that completing it should not be too big of a challenge.

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    I'm looking for a software engineer to develop a unique artificial intelligence court case judgement prediction and lawyer hiring app in Flutter. The application will be powered by Python and TensorFlow, the two most popular programming language and AI library. We'll be hosting the application on the leading cloud platform AWS, to ensure it performs optimally and is secure. The project requires a software engineer with significant experience working on AI projects, as the application requires a sophisticated level of customization. Source code of the project will be our property. There should be three panels. Admin Panel on Web. Admin can block or unblock any user or can modify any feedback or ratings given on any partner profile. Admin can reply or close any support ticke...

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    Handwriting to Text detection 6 nap left

    You have to make a project using Deep learning with various functionalities. 1. handwritten digits to printed digit 2. handwritten alphabets to printed alphabet 3. handwritten word to printed word. It should also have a front end to work with rather than IDE

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    Python developer for Algo trading 6 nap left

    I am looking for an experienced Python developer with a minimum of 4 years of experience to work on a project involving algo trading. Specifically, the developer will be creating my strategies from scratch for trading stock options & indices. Experience in working with other algo trading strategies. The ideal candidate should have strong technical skills with Python.

    €251 (Avg Bid)
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    8 árajánlat
    AI for crypto trading bot 6 nap left

    I am looking for somebody that knows how to utilize AI to develop an artificial intelligence based crypto trading bot that executes trades on binance The AI will need to read and study the history of charts of certain crypto pairs that I identify and learn when to buy and sell. Long and spot trades only. Please provide your proposals and proof of similar projects you made.

    €653 (Avg Bid)
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    8 árajánlat
    Python Aff4 developer 6 nap left

    I'm looking for a python developer who can debug the current script quickly and move forward for the long term engagement. The candiate should have the experience in Aff4 packages.

    €505 (Avg Bid)
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    25 árajánlat

    Machine learning model in jupyter notebook using KNN for real estate

    €12 (Avg Bid)
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    11 árajánlat
    Trophy icon Chat GPT4 - Chatbot 29 nap left

    How to use Chat GPT4 as a Chatbot and negotiator? With given info. We have a report about our product and prices. We want Chat GPT4 to talk with clients and negotiate with them based on that info. We want to feed in our report about our product and Openai GPT4 to use it and respond accordingly. We don't want to set up long Chatbot configurations. Text it solution out system. Looking for a simple and quick set-up.

    €138 (Avg Bid)
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    Project regarding greedy Algorithms 6 nap left

    Using a random number generator, generate 100 possible items for the basket. The items should have random weights between 1 and 600. Use the dynamic programming algorithm to compute the exact optimal solution for the set of 100 items. Note that the solution is a weight, wj, where 0 < wj <= 1000. Use the greedy approximation algorithm to compute an approximate solution using the same set of items. Run this set of steps 10 times, keeping track of the high, low and average values. Also, keep track of the running times for both algorithms.

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    14 árajánlat

    Lets have a chat about my project but u dont bid here if ur budget is high

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €6 / hr licitátlag
    14 árajánlat

    We have a complex API about data scraping/data extraction. We have started to create it but it's not all well structured. Looking for a highly experienced worker that already has experience in building an API documentation. If you can give proof of previous work experience, it will be highly advantageous. If you have a software dev with great ability to document and skilled in web scraping, dom, selenium, xpaths, css, that would be really great too.

    €168 (Avg Bid)
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    14 árajánlat

    Need to attach file and hit button to import. Create form with attach file option. Hit a button File is imported into data table Notification import is done. Need to time data stamp data. Don't allow duplicate entry if dispatch date is already imported. Example file and how it looks in access are attached.

    €125 (Avg Bid)
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    25 árajánlat

    need someone to help with my current saas project. This will be my second fase. I need someone to help me build an automation tool for instagram and other social media. That when a client comments on a post, likes a post, shares a post, replies to a story, that the automation tool sends a DM to the person that commented Just like this

    €123 (Avg Bid)
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    13 árajánlat

    As a client, I am looking for an intermediate level of programming expertise for a project involving Python with AI and Blender. This project may include 3D modelling and rendering, though it is not yet certain. Machine learning algorithms will not be included at this time. The successful freelancer will possess a great deal of experience in both Python and Blender, as well as a background in AI. I am hoping to find someone who will successfully help me bring my vision to life.

    €78 (Avg Bid)
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    2 árajánlat

    See attached. We are looking for someone proficient in web based application development. We will do either hourly or fixed price, for hourly quote your rate and expected number of hours to achieve the first stage outlined, for fixed state your amount and the length of time it will take you for the first stage.

    €577 (Avg Bid)
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    38 árajánlat
    Interactive WhatsApp Chatbot 6 nap left

    I am looking for a capable freelancer to help me create an interactive chatbot for WhatsApp. The chatbot should be able to handle both single tasks and multiple tasks, and should utilize AI-driven technology to best serve my needs. The project will involve researching existing technologies and working with me to create a complex and intelligent solution. As such, I require a freelancer with a strong background in developing chatbot solutions and artificial intelligence. Any coding and testing will be done under my supervision. Experience of working on other chatbot systems such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, etc. is a plus.

    €191 (Avg Bid)
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    15 árajánlat
    Video Encryption and Decryption 6 nap left

    We basically want to encrypt the video on the encoded frame level, ie (I, P, B frames) we want to bit manipulate frames before they go into the Huffman encoded stream. A custom encoding will be applied to the frames then they go to Huffman and the reverse on the decoder. Import the file and encode the frames using Mpeg Inside the Mpeg decoder, we should isolate the packets and isolate frames of the three types we should then encrypt the frames with the encryption function then we should have the encrypted data repackaged the MPEG encoder should finish the job and continue with the process of writing them to the file The decryption should follow the same approach; then put it in reverse. Extras: The encoding key will be a quadratic chaotic map (this is very easy the achieve once we have an...

    €205 (Avg Bid)
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    13 árajánlat

    I am looking for someone to create a simple TikTok followers scraper in Python. I need to be able to enter a TikTok profile's username and then the script will scrape all its 5000 followers and save them to a txt file. That's it.

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    16 árajánlat

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to help me with a project for personal use. I am looking to install Postgres 9.5 and Odoo 8 in an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual environment. This is a project which I am hoping to have completed quickly and efficiently. Experience with Postgres and Odoo is required, as well as familiarity with virtual environments and Ubuntu systems. If you feel you meet these qualifications, please get in touch! odoo8 in python vertual environment with the install same modules in other pc and wkhtmltopdf version

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    2 árajánlat

    Hello, I am looking for a freelance developer who can build a P2P OKX bot using Python. This bot needs to be able to handle multiple currencies and also have an interface for manual price adjustments, when needed. If you’re interested in helping me out with this project and feel confident that you have the skills and experience needed, please submit your proposal in order to discuss further details. Thank you.

    €166 (Avg Bid)
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    10 árajánlat

    My project involves the development of a web application that uses Django as a platform. The project will use a specific version of Bootstrap-5. As such, I am looking for a developer with experience in Django and Bootstrap 5. I need someone who can code earth pressure coefficient calculation formulas (active, passive and earth pressure at rest) in django-python, create the nesessary models for the inputs and storing the analysis results. Create user forms for entering the data and templates for displaying the calculation results. The fourmulas are already programed in excel, you need to convert them to python code and preprate the necessary forms for user input and templates for output of results.

    €154 (Avg Bid)
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    36 árajánlat

    I am looking for a talented Python Flask developer with a strong understanding of security. The developer should have intermediate experience in both backend development and security-oriented tasks. I need someone who can provide thoughtful solutions and guarantee the proper protection of sensitive data. This job is suitable for someone who can come up with innovative ideas to secure the product and outstanding debugging skills. I believe this project will be the perfect opportunity to grow your portfolio and experience.

    €89 (Avg Bid)
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    12 árajánlat

    s the creator of our application is taking on a new job and has to stop working on the project, we're looking for a dev to support our python based application. Main focus is support work if the app goes down and troubleshooting errors that appear. We are also looking to potentially add new functions in the future too. The app is for a music promotion shop and connected with both shopify and spotify API. It is a order fulfillment tool, the core function is adding & removing songs from playlists on Spotify based on the orders we receive through our two shopify stores. You can find more details on the app in the attached document. You will receive a base payment of $50 per month to be "on call" and an hourly rate of $20 for any work. Occasionally, we'll also have...

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €19 / hr licitátlag
    25 árajánlat

    An automatic timetable generation system using a genetic algorithm with a login page and database connection. The system should be designed to meet our unique requirements and must include a secure login page that ensures only authorized users can access the system. Additionally, the system should have a database connection that stores and retrieves relevant data. The system should be designed in a way that it can generate timetables automatically based on the available data. Here are some of the key requirements for this project: Secure login page that restricts access to authorized users only Database connection and management User-friendly interfaces Genetic algorithm Output as pdf/excel Thank you.

    €69 (Avg Bid)
    €69 licitátlag
    3 árajánlat

    I want to present some specific simulation about a body which moves on spacer fabric , and I need python expert to build this simulation (with given simulator - ipc ) . DM for more information and pictures to the wanted resultes

    €330 (Avg Bid)
    €330 licitátlag
    21 árajánlat
    Snapchat bot 6 nap left

    Hi, I'm looking to create a bot for snapchat marketing. The bot would need the following features: - send snaps or link - send a friend invite accept a friend invite - send a welcome message - send a bulk mass dm - use different ip/login multiple account I'm also looking to have a twitter/Instagram one built. Please get in touch if you can build something like this

    €184 (Avg Bid)
    €184 licitátlag
    11 árajánlat

    We have requirement to develop a website for programing language C/C++/Java/Python Interview questions Answers.

    €29 (Avg Bid)
    €29 licitátlag
    9 árajánlat
    Big Data Specialist on AWS 10 óra left

    We're looking for an experienced Big Data Cloud Specialist to join our team for a short to long-term assignment. If you've got the experience to drive the next generation of large data solutions on AWS, and leverage modern technologies to solve large scale, complex data storage and processing solutions for consumer based applications, we'd like to hear from you.

    €2211 (Avg Bid)
    Kiemelt Sürgős
    €2211 licitátlag
    4 árajánlat

    My fund is stucked in trust wallet due to auto withdrawal bot I need a developer who stop my auto withdrawal bot Or give a script which pay gas fees from another wallet My budget is 20$-30$

    €9 - €28
    €9 - €28
    0 árajánlat

    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me with my project - Image Segmentation. The specific images I need segmented are photographs. I already have a machine learning algorithm in mind that I would like someone to put into action. I require more than 7 images to be segmented. If you have the expertise necessary for this task, please contact me for more details.

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    12 árajánlat

    Will write python cross-compiler for Intel 8008 massively-parallel network with Data-Driven MQTT messaging. Freelancer should have recent experience with tensor application of Maxwell's Equations in anisotropic materials with large magnetic permeabilities.

    €515 (Avg Bid)
    €515 licitátlag
    25 árajánlat

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