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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented and extensible programming language. Python can run on many different operating systems. If you are developing software using Python programming language, then you can definitely use some help. A freelancer well versed in Python can handle your workload quite easily. To hire freelance programming help for Python post a job today!

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Projekt/Verseny Leírás Árajánlat/Pályamű Készségek Kezdete Vége Ára (EUR)
Customize Odoo 9 We are supporting a client that wants to customize Odoo to meet its requirements. It is for a service company. We are located in Bogotá Colombia. We would like to speak en spanish for better understanding. Regards, 5 PHP, Python, Django, Szoftverarchitektúra, ERP Apr 25, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €1591
CBIR system with Machine learning Looking to build a Computer Aided diagnosis system with CBIR application.. for this i have data features .. need to apply novel algorithm for the classification task .. and report it with technical paper writing..machine learning methods and mathematics is needed 2 Python, Matlab és Mathematica, Algoritmus, Műszaki írás, Gépi tanulás Apr 25, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €57
Bitcoin amount of 100$ needed exactly 0.011btc. Im ready to pay here for sure in advance milestone of 200$ including the fees ! Bitcoin amount of 100$ needed exactly 0.011btc. Im ready to pay here for sure in advance milestone of 200$ including the fees ! 2 Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Joomla, Python Apr 25, 2018 Ma2n 23ó €98
Need to do a project in Python Needs a very good python programmer 8 Python, Szoftverarchitektúra Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 22ó €20
Custom Chrome Extension - Binary Trading Robot. -- 2 Custom Chrome Extension - Selenium/Python Script or anything that works to act as a solid reliable robot for trading binary options with the [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] and [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] platform. You must be familiar with binary options and fully understand how [url eltávolít... 4 PHP, Python, Google Chrome, Kiterjesztések és kiegészítések, Selenium Webdriver Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 21ó €232
secured location based services using homomorphic encryption Step 1. Read about homomorphic encryption, research papers and use library/implement El Gamal or Pallier or any related algorithm. Add and multiply two integers in encrypted domain. Give a short demo and report. Step 2. Encrypt same number twice, you will get different results. This is because of the random number. Try to come up with a scheme to compare the... 4 Python, Kriptográfia Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 21ó €390
Edit a Django/Python/Windows IIS project I have a Django /Python/Pycharm /Windows IIS project. Can provide code. It has to continue to be in Django/Python/Windows IIS. It needs a few edits. Please see requirements attached. The work should not take more than 2 hours. 9 Python, Linux, Django, Szoftverarchitektúra, HTML Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 20ó €174
Machine Learning Classifier I am looking for expert in python has the ability to understand the code and writing the pseudo code. As well, has experience in machine leaning classifiers such as Naïve Bayes. 19 C programozás, Python, Algoritmus, Szoftverarchitektúra, Gépi tanulás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 19ó €92
Snap App Project I'm brazilian. I am a Product Manager at a large Brazilian company. I work with TI for 18 years. I'm 37 years old. I am looking for a developer to implement an android application, with knowledge in: openCV or other facial recognition tools; knowledge in languages ​​for application development (Javascript or other), SQLite and backend languages (Java, Python or other). The application ... 19 Java, Python, Mobile App Development, Android, Szoftverarchitektúra Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 19ó €16
Full stack developer to scrape content (python + aws) Please start the job offer with RD07 This project is divided into scrapping content(tv guide) from websites, add them to db and create APIS to connect the app to the server. *The crone job should work every 12 hours *items in DB should be replaced, *images should be stored on the server and generate URL for the image. a daily clean up for db for items that passed a day. *All tv guide... 9 Python, Webes adatgyűjtés, Szoftverarchitektúra, Amazon Web Services, API Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 19ó €29
Weblog data analysis testing The project is basically reading a weblog file and storing it in a database, a server connection code will be executed through command prompt to establish a connection to the front end which is written in angular js. The data will be displayed in columns after we login to the home page and will be displayed right under the columns after we login. The project package i uploaded is already wor... 4 Javascript, Python, Oracle, Teszt automatizálás, Angular.js Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 18ó €73
Python Apr 24, 2018 Ma9n 17ó
Need a Script when can Count amount of Traffic sent on a Link HI, I need Someone to design a script which can identify the amount of traffic sent to a particular URL in realtime. Traffic will be sent via server to the domains and need a dashboard for tracking that currently how much traffic is being sent in realtime, how much is sent till now and when X amount of traffic is sent on the link Link should be automatically removed from the server. 5 PHP, Javascript, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, MySQL Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 17ó €70
Translating natural english language to C++ code in Python The program should take English sentences such as "Use the 'iostream' library. Create a 'car' function that is of type int. It should take no parameters. Inside this function, create an array 'A' that gets filled up with numbers from user input. Sort that array using merge sort. In the main function call 'car'." This should be turned into c++ so... 19 C programozás, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, C++ Programozás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 17ó €505
Instagram Helper 2 A web-app, an instagram marketing tool that will not use the instagram API but headless browsers to access Instagram. There will be many instances of headless browsers needed, one for each user of the web-app. Deployment of this kind of an app should only be done through Amazon Web Services, as far as I know, because of the system resources (RAM) it will require . AWS seems the only feasibl... 11 PHP, Javascript, Python, Linux, Amazon Web Services Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 16ó €1052
Pathfinding Using A star algorithm Path finding using a star algortihm with a moving obstacles 1 Python Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 15ó €31
3b/ Python script needed for GIMP(image manipulation program) - SIMPLE first of all- GO STEP BY STEP not to miss anything. print it out if you need. 3 small scripts for GIMP image manipulation program requirement 2> it must be .py file, script which we only put in folder with other scripts (all scripts are like this) requirement 2> in menu of Gimp it should be shown and possible to run from there like other scripts requirement 3> i need a command what ... 1 C programozás, Python, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, C++ Programozás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 15ó €29
i need python expert for automation work i need python expert for automation work 16 Python, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, Shell script Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 15ó €9
Scrape 5200 clubs info from sport site Looking for someone to scrape a sport site for 5200 clubs. 7 fields for each club. Budget 15$, Deadline- 24 Hours Only place bid if you are agree. 10 Java, Python, Visual Basic, AJAX, Webes adatgyűjtés Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 15ó €8
python script needed .py for GIMP - SIMPLE i need 3 small scripts for GIMP image manipulation program it must be .py and in menu of Gimp and i need a command what to write to execute script should be executed with command like this, something similar (this case might be wrong): 1) "C:/ProgramFiles/GIMP/[url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] C:/PICS/ [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a... 0 C programozás, Python, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, C++ Programozás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 14ó -
Cryptocurrency Miner Looking for someone that can build me a Silent Cryptocurrency Miner, .BAT or EXE file that uses CPU and GPU to mine. Must be able to run in the background silently, so if you need to create the file as a BAT file, I'll be able to convert it to exe later on. If my computer restarts the miner should restart automatically. Currency must go to my wallets automatically. Doesn't need to... 6 Python, C# programozás, Szoftverarchitektúra, C++ Programozás, Bash Scripting Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 14ó €182
ADS7952 ADC I'm trying to use an ADS7952 ADC with a Raspberry Pi. There are no libraries available for the ADC so it's making my task very difficult because I also do not have the ADC on hand as I'm working remotely with others. I found a driver for the ADC but it is in C language and I would like it in Python. I have no useful experience with coding to complete this task. The ADC has 12 channe... 13 C programozás, Python, Elektronika, C++ Programozás, Arduino Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 14ó €453
Crypto Signals Need one BOT for cryptocurrency signals This bot need check exchanges: bittrex and bitfinex (USERS CONFIG) Bot need works with: TELEGRAM, DISCORD, WHATSAPP and TWITTER (SEND SIGNALS TO ALL THESE APPS - USERS CONFIG) All configs need fully customized. Like, 1day check, or 15 minutes check ... how much candlesticks analyse etc .. example of telegram post: Trade Update: MTL/BTC :pushpin: M... 6 Python, node.js, JSON , Docker Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €130
Build a simple Android App that uses a third party API I need a very simple Android App created. I have access to a train API and I want to show when cancellations were over the last 7 days. I currently have a semi-working Python script that does this and I can provide you access to this as well as the API. - Simple GUI - From Station, To Station, Date and submit button - Return tickbox if journey is both ways - In between each search I would lik... 38 PHP, Java, Python, Mobile App Development, Android Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €220
hadoop admin need proxy support for hadoop admin 2 Python, Linux, Big Data Sales, Hadoop, Map Reduce Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €17
Whatsapp Chat-API PHP Hi! I want hire chat-api expert who can build php application for me using chat-api. I have given link below for it. [url eltávolítva, lépjen be a megtekintéshez] More information in chat. If You have well experience in it, Please write " I can do " so I can contact You. Thanks 10 PHP, Python, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, MySQL Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €185
website ,Linux,Python,Software development I have multiple forms which need to be used on separate projects, projects are dedicated to sites, sites are dedicated to clients. Users are captured in the system and selected per project based on permission they can fill out certain aspects of the forms. Forms need to be pushed to Box Forms need to be able to be filled out and make Form 1, Form 2, Form 2 and captured on a matrix table t... 3 PHP, Python, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, HTML Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 12ó €4
Building a Communications Service API & Backend (Email, SMS, Push Notifications) Looking for experienced back end developers who have experience building highly modular and efficient service layers and backend frameworks. This project is a gateway module to a series of modules that are to be developed so we're looking to establish a 6-12 month relationship with a developer or agency. Details: 1. Service Layer: RESTful API to enable sending of emails, sms and push n... 9 Python, PostgreSQL, Ruby, RESTful, Backend Development Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 12ó €2784
Build Analytics tool Build an analytics tool for an existing database for recommendation 4 PHP, Javascript, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, Google Analytics Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 11ó €88
implement a series of system calls in Linux kernel The outcome of this project is to implement a series of system calls in Linux kernel to report memory management statistics 2 C programozás, Python, Linux, UNIX, Hálózati Adminisztráció Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 10ó €20
python - Lattice matrix Hi I need to develop a small program in python which takes a matrix as input, run lattice and shows the first and second level of that matrix 10 Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, Gépi tanulás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 10ó €55
Modifying code (python) help needed for a small ROS project Looking for experienced in Pythos, ROS programmer for a one time small project. I need you to write the code to control the mobile robot, which has MD25 controller. I have created workspace and package in ROS. The task is to write nodes using the Simple Service and Client relationship so robot executes next three commands: -to move -to reset encoders -to read encoders -to move robot with ... 1 Python, Robotika Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 10ó €136
QT Developer Required Hello, We have a development made in QT and need to be made an .exe out of it inclusive some very minor changes required on the software. We need you to work on especially QT. Budget $100 13 C programozás, Python, Delphi, Szoftverarchitektúra, C++ Programozás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 10ó €92
i need Omnet++ help , if you have experience read details then please contact me I need these additional results to add on already done project in Omnet++ and sumo in three different scenarios (Urban,Highway,Traffic jam): 1-Average number of handover vs average velocity 2-Handover decision delay vs average velocity i need these results to validate my project im Using Omnet++ 5.1 , Sumo 0.30.0 ,veins-veins-4.6 payment will be divided on milestones and would be better to b... 5 C programozás, Python, Mérnöki munka, C++ Programozás, Programozás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 10ó €224
daily, hourly scrape of xml files into postgres database I am part of an energy company that uses public data to make trade decisions. We are beginning to trade the Texas, USA market called ERCOT. I have a Postgresql database on a google cloud computing machine. I need someone to create a scripts, in Python or R, that puts these xml files onto the db server. I need these scripts to be able to run as a chron job in R. A close description of the task i... 15 Python, Linux, PostgreSQL, Webes Szolgáltatások, Scripting Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 10ó €132
LED Light Strip Pulse Prototype Python program that illuminates an LED light strip in a particular way. I need a program that performs the following: 1. Feature: On a single digital RGB LED strip (approximately 20m / 60ft long), illuminate four separate sections of the strip where each section is about .3m / 1 ft long. 2. Feature: Allow user to control independent "movement" of the four illuminated LED sections to... 8 Python, Elektronika, Szoftverarchitektúra, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 9ó €165
Convert a python program to vhdl Hi, I have opencv python programs want to implement them on the ZYNQ SoC. To be in precise want to implement custom object detection(using opencv, tensorflow) on to ZYNQ board. And also converting the python program to VHDL/Verilog. 9 Python, Verilog / VHDL, Szoftverarchitektúra, CUDA, Arduino Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 9ó €247
Python Programmer Must be very good knowlege in python programming with topic modelling and classifier 24 Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, Gépi tanulás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 9ó €184
Explain Python codes Write a report about python code and classifier 9 Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, Jelentésírás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 8ó €19
Apparel store Management System The store will have a scanning device which will scan the customer for their measurements. The clothes will be shown to the customer in a monitor based on the measurements. 5 Python, Illustrator, Angular.js Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 8ó €763
PDF scripting Need to script a radio button to point information from one page to other pages. 15 PHP, Javascript, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, HTML Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 8ó €106 Live Video Stream Recorder Programmers read before you bid..... Post in your proposal someplace the term "flash video" and/or "rtmp". No other bids will be considered if they do not have the above words. I have posted this project about 4 times, accepted bids, paid up front 1 once and have nothing to show.... I need to know that you can and will complete the project and you want to work on it. ... 7 PHP, C programozás, Python, Linux, C++ Programozás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 8ó €448
Video Course Author at Packt Publishing Hi, my name is Nishit. I am an Acquisition Editor with Packt, a Developer Skills Platform. We have published nearly 6000 books and videos so far, providing IT professionals with the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done. We are currently planning on video courses on various technologies and are looking for professionals who can author the course. As an author, you would be required ... 4 Java, Javascript, Python, Gépi tanulás, Full Stack Development Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 7ó €1107
Web development I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build a website for my small business. Coding a layout - Coding the back end and display data in the front end - user membership details - true false switching of remote devices from front end. 118 PHP, Python, Webdesign, Szoftverarchitektúra, HTML Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €105
Programming Tutor Required Programming tutor required for a beginner programmer hobbyist. You must have experience of building database applications from scratch. The payment will be made for Skype or other screen sharing remote sessions. 8 ASP, Python, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 6ó -
Blockchian Project Fork form Litecoin (Laste Version) Block-chain = Public Block-chain Consensus = Proof of Work (POW) Algorithm = Scrypt Total Coin Supply= 50000000 Block Time = 35 Seconds Block Size = 8MB Decimal= 8 digits Pre-mined= 10000000 Mining= Yes Explorer= Yes Wallet = Windows, Mac Support to join Exchange Market = Yobit or Market Cap 26 PHP, C programozás, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, C++ Programozás Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €1515
python sending credentials to WINDOWS AUTHENTIFICATION Step 1 error: Alert Text: None python sending credentials to WINDOWS AUTHENTIFICATION Hello , i've got an error in python selenium mozilla . I need script to sending credentials to windows authentification 5 Python, Linux, Webes adatgyűjtés, Szoftverarchitektúra Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €19
Urgent required Python banking project This project requires the creation of a computerized banking system for Uni Bank. Uni Bank is a safe and convenient place to keep your money. The system allows the creation of new accounts, authenticate account holders, and also manage their credits and debits. The users of the Uni Bank system will interact with it like customers use an ATM. When an account is opened with the bank, the bank ma... 3 Python, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €33
Erpnext Developer Need an Erpnext open source developer according to my requirements. This full project will be series of sub projects and the payments will be done according to the completion of sub projects basis. 11 PHP, Python, Webdesign, SQL, HTML5 Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €183
Create software for website analytic testing We are testing an analytics program. I need you to make a program/robot to simulate real user activity. The software will load proxies, log on to my website with a username and password. The software will visit the specified links and then perform whatever task the user has specified The software will also spend a random amount of time (45 seconds to 5 mins?) on the specified link, scrolling th... 9 Javascript, Python, Szoftvertesztelés, Weboldal tesztelés, Szoftver fejlesztés Apr 24, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €152
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