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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented and extensible programming language. Python can run on many different operating systems. If you are developing software using Python programming language, then you can definitely use some help. A freelancer well versed in Python can handle your workload quite easily. To hire freelance programming help for Python post a job today!

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[Chinese Language] Keyword extraction from text Hi all You must be a Chinese speaker to do this. This is machine learning with Python 3.x. If you are given a block of text in simplified Chinese, I need you to extract the most important keywords from the text. Each keyword should include it's associated probability score. We will provide you with training data (texts + their keywords). Any questions, please ask. 4 Python, Gépi tanulás Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €521
Researcher in Deep Learning, Convolutional and Deep Neural Networks & Machine Learning;. I am looking for a high quality researcher and academic writer in computer science and vision who has scientific knowledge in deep neural networks and machine learning ..I am looking for an expert in deep learning neural network, machine learning and python, who is knowledgeable in triplets network, alexnet, ResNet architecture and python libaries, training the network and extracting key features ... 7 Python, Tudományos kutatás, Szellemírás, Gépi tanulás, Neural Networks Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €519
Train existing photo recognition library using my own images on cloud I want to train an existing photo recognition library such as inception with my own images and labels using transfer method on a cloud gpu service, a run and documentation of method to be replicated as required 7 Python, Gépi tanulás, Neural Networks Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 23ó €112
a chm manual for python 3, in Chinese a chm manual for python 3, in Chinese [Removed by Admin] 4 Python, Fordítás, Szoftverarchitektúra, Egyszerűsített kínai (Kína), Angol (US) Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 22ó €5
scraping hidden data from websites python Hello, i need a web scraper for two websites. I need to get the info of the upcoming products and add to the data base. I need this kind of data: pid, sku, link, image etc.. I prefer that the project will be done in python. Gui isnt necessary. I need notification via slack or discord when product contain some of my keyword. If You already done this project contact me with the details. If interest... 14 PHP, Python, Webes adatgyűjtés, Szoftverarchitektúra, Adatbányászat Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 22ó €52
sensor module for find id of the product IS that i attach that every single sensor to my products when i put inside of the box it auto detect the id and give me in my point os sale page 5 PHP, Java, Javascript, Python, Mérnöki munka Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 22ó €74
Crawl Weixin (WeChat) and Weibo data Hi all I would like to be able to build up a database of Weixin and Weibo posts. You would use scrapy to do this. The data would be saved via the Django ORM. We would run the crawls regularly (possibly once per week), and only new data would be saved in the database. We would need to save the timestamp, message, username (if possible). Must be able to save both English and Chinese. Ideally y... 13 Python, Webes adatgyűjtés Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 21ó €809
Object detection Make a small code that will Detect object and improve it and make it more precisely 4 Python, Gépi tanulás, Arcfelismerés, Image Processing, OpenCV Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 21ó €23
Facebook API Help Hi! I need help with someone walking me through how to access my Facebook Ads API through my business manager. I want to be able to pull down the images and then upload a new post using image hash. I want to do all of this in Python 4 Python, Facebook Marketing, Facebook API Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 21ó €93
Custom Arcgis xml tools add data and export Custom tools in arcgis for add data information (string) and export it to xml format, with predefined xml scheme, freelancer must be have the Arcgis version 10.1 or above . maximum 1 weeks with 150usd budget [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] 4 Python, Windows Asztal, Szoftverarchitektúra Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 21ó €122
Twitter Bot Quickly Hello, I need a Bot that can pull tweets from a specific user on twitter and insert into a single cell of google sheets next to the twitter handle. Her is sample link here: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I prefer this done quickly. 10 PHP, Python, Webes adatgyűjtés, C# programozás, Szoftverarchitektúra Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 20ó €32
a simple selenium script i need a script to test some webs 14 Java, Python, Firefox, Google Chrome, Selenium Webdriver Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 20ó €26
Google Popular Times Visualization We are a hotel developer who is trying to utilize Google popular times to better understand the popularity of a given destination and its surrounding area. Please see this GIF. The end goal is to create something like this. We want to visualize the popular times of the surrounding area given a GPS coordinate. : [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] You can use this library fro... 0 Python, Kartográfia & Térképek, Térinformatika, Google Cloud Storage Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 20ó -
Porting a Python site to PHP We have a site developed by a 3rd party written in Python (Django) that we would like ported to PHP (preferably Zend Framework 3). The frontend is written in AngularJS. There are architectural issues with the existing site that needs to be rectified. We have in-house PHP developers that are available to assist. The site is a portal that needs to communicate with an internal system via a REST API. 37 PHP, Python, Angular.js Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 20ó €4448
I would like to hire a Python Developer Mình đang làm một project liên quan tới online reviews trên trang Zomato Australia. Hiện giờ mình đã có trong tay 1 triệu review texts và mình đang tìm người có thể sử dụng Python chuyên sâu để giúp mình viết phần mềm phân tích data này. Những việc cần làm để phân t... 22 Python, Szoftverarchitektúra Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 20ó €86
Excel Connector to Odoo v11 I need a conector that will extract the data with one click from my Odoo 11 postgress and generate the reports requested in Excel, the reports needed are Sales by product Sales by sales agent Purchase by product Inventory movements by product Project Taks open by project and by employee 12 PHP, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, ERP, PostgreSQL Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 19ó €160
Build me a scraper I would like a basic scraper to scrape data from [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] I would like you to allow me to input "keyword" and "city, province" I would like the scraper to scrape Business name, website,email, Phone Number, Additional Phone Numbers, Business started, Type of Entity, Contact Information, Business Category, Additional Information, Pro... 41 PHP, Python, Webes adatgyűjtés, Szoftverarchitektúra, Adatbányászat Jun 20, 2018 Ma6n 19ó €106
Import contacts Data into Eloqua segment using python. I would like to run campaign using Eloqua. 4 Python Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 17ó €11
machine learning expert I need person expert in ML to write research paper 36 Python, Kutatás, Műszaki írás, Tudományos írás, Gépi tanulás Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 16ó €378
excel works There are 120 sheets. The task is employee cost in ROR company. I need excel expert . The project must be in 5 days I am very busy. 37 Python, Adatbevitel, Excel Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 15ó €317
Quantopian Tutor Looking for developer with experience in Quantopian. Must be willing to tutor and teach the ropes of the platform. Ability to meet in person is preferred. Experience with Python a plus. 3 Python, Algoritmus, Statisztika, Pénzpiacok, Statisztikai Elemzés Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 14ó €78
Write a python3 module Write a python3 module named [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] which can be imported and used as in the sample [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] program. The module should provide the function named 13 Python, Programozás, Computer Science Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 14ó €6
Matlab Exercise - open to bidding I have a set of 2 exercises , one has to be done by coming Tuesday and the second one after 2 weeks. 29 C programozás, Python, Matlab és Mathematica, Algoritmus, Szoftverarchitektúra Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €70
Correlation of 2D Materials The aim of the work is to develop a tool for correlative topography and kpfm analysis of 2D material surfaes in the form of a software package in programming language ( Python,...) testing and also extensive description of properties of 2D materials I suggest you to collect this information in the table in which you group the properties (eg. optical, electrical, mechanical). You should also point ... 1 Python Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 13ó €108
Selenium Multi-thread Script As the title mention, I would need a multi-threaded selenium script. I would be running this against 500,000 internal address, hence the threaded part. The script would need to bypass certificate errors, an example would be for it to run against: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] and screen shot the page. if you and I visit the page now it will say insecure connection,... 15 Python, Szoftvertesztelés, Teszt automatizálás, Golang, Ruby Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 12ó €156
Technical writer for Linux and Python content This job is going to be a little bit of a lot of things. Technical writing with strong Linux background as you'll be required to perform the Linux and Python tasks that you are writing about each week. 1. You'll be tasked with creating blog content on the subject of Linux, Python, and IT Security. You'll be provided with a list of reference content and you'll basically just ha... 11 Python, Linux, Műszaki írás, Szellemírás, Article Writing Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 12ó €6
Project for Hafiz Tariq G. -- 18/06/20 00:23:42 Salam alaik tarik I am developing an ecommerce ionic app with a nodejs api and mongodb I need to integrate Facebook account kit with login passwordless. I received datas to my ionic app but do not know when sending token to the api how to treat data send token to Facebook and store the user in mongodb Brotherly 1 PHP, Java, Javascript, XML, Python, Jun 19, 2018 Ma9n 12ó €13
Python Algorithms I need someone to do 3 python algorithms for face recognition one using the SVM metodology, another one with the KNN metodology and finally the fuzzy ARTMAP, I will need all the package this will be compared and the best will be load into a Raspberry. Necesito que alguien me apoye realizando 3 algoritmos en python para reconocimiento facial uno con la metodología SVM, otro con la metodolog... 18 Python, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, Gépi tanulás Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 11ó €143
Test Xbee Network with modbus sensors and web interface + mysql. We are testing a simulation facility that has a xbee network with a windows server and several kind of sensors. We need develop and configure the network, sensors, user interface and a DB (mysql). Documentation must be write. Knowledge on Python Scripts for Digi Xbee, Modbus configuration and testing, Web Interface (any tool) Attach a file with a pic of network. All the work is going to be done v... 21 Python, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, MySQL, Arduino Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 11ó €3641
Mobile development -- 2 I need a responsive website. I would like it designed and built. Need Application Developers who could build apps on python. 8 Python, Mobile App Development, Gépi tanulás, Kiterjesztett valóság, Mesterséges intelligencia Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 11ó €102
Project for Li Qun Z. Hi Li Qun Z., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 PHP, Java, Javascript, XML, Python, Jun 19, 2018 Ma9n 10ó €9
Trading on Bitflyer I'd like to make tool to trade automatically on BitFlyer. 1. Can trade on Bitflyer 2. Can place orders for three accounts 3. Can order with the specified logic If you have an experience about this, bid 9 C programozás, Python, .NET, C# programozás Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 9ó €419
Odoo/Openerp payment method and shipping method customization. Have to made few basics customization related to payment method and shipping method. Want high quality solution. Rest of details will share with the bid winner. 6 Python, Webdesign, HTML, Payment Gateway Integration Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 9ó €6
Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Sentiment analysis, Text Analytics, Forecasting Analytics 13 Python, Statisztika, Statisztikai Elemzés, Twitter API Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 8ó €20
ERPNext Customization for Attendance module Hi, We need to develop a small ERPNext module, Can you please confirm if you can do and the pricing. The requirement is: We need to create a module which will expose an URL like cams-attendance/new-entry and handle the following parameters . stgid->service tag id, means machine id, userid->alpha-numerical user id (max: 9 digit) att_time->timestamp of attendance date & time att_type-... 2 PHP, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, ERP, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €169
FIX PROXY - stop scraping working on Amazon Server FIX PROXY stop scraping working on Amazon Server through "stormproxies" in 4 Website: scraping update daily and copy results on S3 - ONLY EXPERT that accept project- I final release only after 1 scraping week without problem 13 PHP, Python, Webes adatgyűjtés, Szoftverarchitektúra, Amazon Web Services Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €154
exchange multi coin (trade) in Odoo version 8 Objective: Create a module for Odoo 8, Multi Currency Exchange Trade Important: This project requires experience with Odoo. Please apply only if you have these skills! Approach: Derive the system of modules in exchange for currencies with the following resources: Wallets - Accept any cryptocoin from anyone on a page. - Icon Name Symbol Balance Deposit Reserved Actions Orderbook - View the ... 12 Javascript, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, ERP, Odoo Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €2650
Small Web App (Prototyping) Hello developers of, we are looking for a developer for our web app (prototyping)! It should be an app for newly opened stores in the area and a kind of rating system for them. The app should have a login and registration window, a dashboard, a profile page and a page where you create ads. In the registration process you should be able to distinguish whether you are a business own... 16 Python, CSS, HTML, Web Development, Flask Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €198
I need a script that is related to the telegram. I'll explain the details in a chat. 13 Java, Javascript, Python, Android, C# programozás Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €39
Website product scraper custom for my website I need a tool that will allow me to scrape another websites inventory to give me the following: 1. Ability to scrape SKU. 2. Ability to scrape title. 3. Ability to scrape Description. 4. Ability to scrape Images 5. Ability to scrape price 6. Ability to scrape product ID number. Also, need tool to be able to reprice the item by a percentage. So, any URL inputted, and it will scrape the pr... 46 PHP, Python, Webes adatgyűjtés, Szoftverarchitektúra, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 6ó €11
Project for Harsh G. have a small but annoying problem. Is related with signin: The app works perfectly as intent and directly after installation. But whan it is started as app, it dies immediately. 1 C programozás, Python, Mobile App Development, C++ Programozás, , Adattudomány Jun 19, 2018 Ma9n 6ó €22
Petrol Managment System Integrate odoo with .net , In that we provide pos for petrol pump and centralize system for multiple station 18 PHP, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra, ERP, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €34
Full Stack Developer About Utrum: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] is a decentralized curation platform for crypto reviews, analyses, and market predictions. Relying on a unique blend of crowd wisdom, Ai, and community governance, Utrum Platform will address the serious trust problems plaguing crypto-investing. [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] Utrum has a utility token ass... 36 Javascript, Python, MySQL, node.js, Vue.js Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €17
Looking for consultion about data deep learning , fuzzy logic and data regression Hello, I am looking to hire someone with high knowledge about deep learning and data regression , such as fuzzy logic . applying and implementiong a fuzzy expert system. Below is the sample short questions and answer . If you can answer those questions. I would like to hire you for 4 hour's real time ( specific date and time will be told after awarding )with the hourly rate. Note i will be p... 3 Python, Gépi tanulás, Adattudomány, Computer Science Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €15
Python Rest api with oauth I need rest api in python with oauth 2.0. Rest api is used to save data in one table that's it. It's quick task for experience person. I need unit test case as well 11 Python, Django, Szoftverarchitektúra Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €111
add the visual interface In the existing python script, add the visual interface, requiring simple and easy to use. 9 PHP, C programozás, Python, Szoftverarchitektúra Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €35
Creating Mining Pool For My Coin I made a new altcoin based on Dash and need to create mining pool for customers. I want to discuss developers who has experience in dash fork and mining pool. Are you ready? Please start your proposal with three dots and let's get started. I want to discuss trustworthy cryptocurrency developer. 14 PHP, Python, C++ Programozás, Bitcoin, Blockchain Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €1020
Devops assesment online Devops core test with linux(rhel6), python and Puppet. 4 Python, Rendszergazda, Linux, Szoftverarchitektúra, Ubuntu Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €29
Scraping Ebay Sellers I am looking for an app, which can scrape all available ebay sellers. Either on a Windows or a Linux machine. It should automatically fetch all categories, sub categories, sub sub categories etc. and then scrape them. It should simulate human behavior (making random pauses in the scraping process, switch user agents etc.) The code should either be written in Python or Node.js and I want the comp... 24 Python, Webes adatgyűjtés, Szoftverarchitektúra, Amazon Web Services, node.js Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 5ó €149
Python/Django Developer Hiring an experienced developer to work full-time on a variety of interesting and challenging projects. We are building a rich web-based trading application and this contract includes multiple sub-projects. Skills: Python, Django 53 Javascript, Python, Django, Szoftverarchitektúra, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Ma6n 4ó €18
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