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Research Writing is a highly sought after skill in various fields. It is a type of writing that involves deep analysis and examination of the data and facts to get to a meaningful conclusion. A Research Writer, armed with the right professional skills, provides research support by collecting data from various sources, carefully selecting the content for their projects, and editing and proofreading their final drafts. They are experts at finding reliable sources of information and presenting it in an organized, concise, and clear manner.

Here's some projects that our expert Research Writers made real:

  • Manufacturing detailed business plans for technology-based products
  • Analyzing literary works with pinpoint accuracy
  • Translating specialized concepts into written masterpieces
  • Crafting captivating magazine articles
  • Compiling comprehensive research papers on a variety of topics
  • Editing medical documents to adhere to high standards
  • Generating well informed essays on English drama
  • Rewriting existing documents to fit the customer's need

Research Writing is an effective tool to bridge the information gap and bring forth ideas into paper. With Freelancer.com's experienced professionals from various fields and academic backgrounds, you can make sure your projects reaches its intended purpose effectively. Post your project now and find the perfect Research Writer for your requirements!

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    I'm seeking a skilled writer in the healthcare field to create content focused on healthcare policy. The main aim of this project is to educate the public on healthcare policy matters. Key Requirements: - Understanding of Healthcare Policy: You should have a solid grasp of healthcare policy and its implications. - Public Education Focus: The content must be tailored to educate the general public on complex healthcare policy matters in a clear and understandable way. The ideal candidate should have prior experience in healthcare writing, preferably in healthcare policy. This project has no strict time limit, so you can work at your own pace to deliver high-quality, informative content.

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    I'm looking for a skilled writer with a passion for art and literature to help me with a cultural writing and information project. Key Responsibilities: - Write engaging, informative, and well-researched content related to art and literature. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a writer, particularly in the field of art and literature. - A deep understanding and passion for the subject matter. - Ability to conduct thorough research and present it in a clear and engaging manner. - Excellent written communication skills. - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines. Feel free to include examples of past work related to art and literature in your application.

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    I'm looking for a professional technical writer to provide high-quality assistance in the creation and revision of technical documents for my Research and Development Department/IVD Devices Manufacturing Department. Our aim is to ensure that all our documents are thoroughly checked and meet IVD quality standards and regulations. Key Accountabilities : - Create and revise Technical Documents including Protocols, Reports, Design - Input Requirements, and other Technical Documents related to Product Development and Design Control, and Manufacturing. - Manage the revision of design control documents; ensure the accuracy, adequacy and consistency of documents. - Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to understand different aspects of Product Development and provide writing knowledge ...

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    We are looking for a professional proofreader and editor with strong rephrasing capabilities to join our team. The role will primarily focus on proofreading and editing academic papers. As a proofreader and editor, you will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and clarity of the content, as well as improving its overall quality. The ideal candidate should have a keen eye for detail, excellent grammar and punctuation skills, and the ability to rephrase sentences effectively. Skills required: - Proofreading - Editing - Rephrasing - Attention to detail - Strong grammar and punctuation skills If you have experience working with academic papers and are passionate about delivering high-quality work, we would love to hear from you.

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    I am in need of an exceptional writer, proficient in Excel, to assist with the creation of my book. This technical writing task will involve: - Data entry and formatting - Formulas and calculations - Creating charts and graphs - Implementing advanced formulas The book's genre is based on Excel, aiming to educate readers from the basic to intermediate level about this tool. Therefore, your skill in data analysis, data management, and reporting is paramount. As an ideal candidate, you would have significant hands-on experience with Excel, along with a knack for turning complex information into engaging, digestible content. Be ready to simplify everything Excel, including its purpose and specific tasks in a language understandable to beginners and intermediate level users.

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    I am seeking an experienced individual to handle various financial and administrative tasks for my personal finances. Responsibilities: - Financial Management: Primarily, tracking and recording my expenses, as well as managing invoices and payments. - Document Organization: Organizing receipts and bank statements in an orderly manner. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in financial management and document organization. - Experience handling personal finances is preferred. - Meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills.

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    I'm looking for a seasoned and dedicated HR IT Recruiter to work with us on a long-term basis, focusing on the technology industry. Your role will be crucial in finding and attracting top IT talents to join our team. Key Skills and Qualifications: - Proven IT recruitment experience - Strong background in HR - Exceptional communication skills - Excellent negotiation abilities Your primary responsibility will be to source, screen, and interview potential candidates, ensuring their alignment with our organizational culture and technical requirements. You'll also be responsible for managing the full recruitment life cycle, from initial contact to onboarding. The selected individual should ideally be able to demonstrate a successful track record in IT recruitment and previous work...

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    I'm looking for a skilled writer with a strong understanding of SEO to produce engaging, informative, and keyword-rich articles for my technology blog. Key Details: - The articles should be structured as How-to Guides, helping readers with tasks like setting up smart home devices, troubleshooting common tech problems, or optimizing their network. - Each article should be around 1700 words in length. This is flexible, but your content should be detailed, comprehensive, and actionable. Your responsibilities will include: - Conducting thorough research on relevant technology topics. - Writing engaging, valuable, and SEO-optimized content. - Ensuring all content is accurate, well-researched, and free from plagiarism. Ideal Qualities: - Expertise in technology and a passion for writi...

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    I'm in need of a skillful Wikipedia writer, who can craft a biography page for a subject that is steadily gaining notability. This will be an in-depth page, covering the key areas in their life. Key Requirements: * The biography should cover all these aspects: Early life and education, career and achievements, personal life and influence. * The writer must have prior experience in dealing with subjects who are notable for their steady prominence in their respective fields. * Fluent in English and proficient in the Wikipedia writing style. Ideal Experience: * Experience in publishing Wikipedia pages about people. * A good understanding of the notability guidelines set by Wikipedia. * Familiarity and experience in researching subjects who are slowly gaining fame.

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    Freelance Opportunity: Social Media Marketing We are seeking a talented and experienced freelance Social Media Marketing freelancer to elevate our brand's online presence. If you have a proven track record of creating genuine engaging content, growing online communities, and driving brand awareness, we want to hear from you! Understanding the UK market is essential for this role. Responsibilities: • Develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy across platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) • Create and curate engaging content tailored to our brand and audience • Manage and grow our social media accounts by increasing genuine followers and engagement • Monitor social media trends and adapt strategies accordingly • Analyze perfor...

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    I am looking for a freelancer with expertise in financial analysis, preferably with experience in the automobile industry, to conduct a comprehensive comparison of the following Hong Kong automobile stocks: - - - - - The specific aspects to be compared include: - Selling numbers - Export numbers - R&D costs Additionally, successful freelancers must consider these factors in their analysis: - Demand - Management style - Technology maturity Detailed project proposals should be included in the application to showcase your understanding of the project and how you intend to execute it. Your proposal must highlight your approach, methodology, and the tools you intend to use in this undertaking. Demonstrated experience in similar tasks will be an added advantage.

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    I'm working on the final version of my thesis which is ready for submission. My only remaining problem as that the Chapter headings in the header sections are incorrect. Every time I change them and correct them, the track changes reverts to 'all markup' I make them all correct. Then go back to 'simple markup' and they are incorrect again. I have tried so many things, I would really like expert help. The document is 9 chapters, appendices and is 481 pages long.

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    I need an analysis that primarily focuses on the historical and developmental aspects of web-based dashboards in the clinical field. The research should include: - A thorough exploration of the evolutionary journey of web-based dashboards in healthcare, emphasizing their inception to current status. - Detailed case studies of specific clinical dashboards that have played a significant role in shaping the field. - A keen focus on academic journals, providing a research-rich foundation for the analysis. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in healthcare technology, with previous experience in academic research writing. Please ensure the produced content is engaging, evidence-based, and provides deep insights into the evolution of web-based clinical dashboards. Total task ...

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    I have a task titled “Healthcare Research - Research Report on Palliative Care - 25%“. You only need to work on the methods (500 words), Results/Findings (1500 words) and discussion (1200 words) sections. Hence a total word count of 3200 words. The work will be checked through Turnitin, hence there should be no similarity or AI-use flagged out. This task will require you to carry out qualitative analysis of the data (given in the form of interviews), especially using "grounded theory" 3200 for the sections that have been mentioned to you. However there is the option of doing the other sections as well. 1. Only 3200 words 2. If all 5000-words are to be written

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    I need an experienced and detail-oriented writer to help me create a comprehensive research report. Key Tasks: - Conduct a thorough review of existing literature on the topic. - Provide an annotated bibliography of the literature reviewed. Ideal Candidate: - Should have prior experience in creating research reports with an emphasis on literature review. - Must be able to provide an in-depth and well-critiqued annotated bibliography. - Strong research and analytical skills are a must. Please submit samples of your prior work for review. Good

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    Diverse Sports Content for Website 6 nap left

    As a sports enthusiast, I'm looking for a skilled content creator to develop engaging and informative content for my sports website. The content will cover a variety of sports including football, basketball, tennis, cricket, NFL, and baseball. The key requirements are as follows: - News Articles: I need timely and well-researched news articles on the latest happenings in the sports world. These should be engaging, original and relevant for my audience. - Game Summaries: The freelancer should be able to provide concise and clear game summaries for various matches. These summaries should capture the key moments and outcomes of the games. - Player Profiles: The player profiles should be rich in detail. They are expected to include detailed statistics and career history, as well as per...

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    I'm looking for a detailed analysis of both political and economic trends. The objective of this project is to examine political trends, pinpoint economic tendencies, and gather data on exclusives specific to certain regions/countries. The project involves: - Analyzing government policies: Identifying changes in laws and regulations and examining their impact on the trends. - Studying economic indicators: Evaluating data such as GDP, employment rates, inflation rates etc. to uncover economic trends. - Monitoring political events: High profile political events can significantly affect trends, requiring a comprehensive understanding of these occurrences. - Focusing on specific regions/countries: This analysis isn't global. Please specify your expertise on certain geographic locat...

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    We seek a highly skilled and motivated Independent Investigative Journalist to join our team. The ideal candidate will be adept at uncovering the truth behind various fraud cases, conducting thorough investigations, and producing compelling journalistic reports for publication across multiple platforms. Responsibilities: Investigate Fraud Cases: Examine and analyze various fraud cases, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Conduct Interviews: Interview critical stakeholders from all sides of the issue, gathering crucial insights and perspectives. Document Review: Thoroughly review all pertinent documents related to the cases under investigation. Report Writing: Craft detailed, engaging, factual reports that captivate readers and maintain journalistic integrity. Publi...

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    I am seeking a professional who can review my statement of purpose for my Master's in Computer Science application within a week. I am looking for comprehensive feedback including line-by-line edits. Key Skills and Expertise: - Strong background and experience in reviewing and editing Statements of Purpose - Understanding of what admissions officers look for in a successful application - Experience in Computer Science or similar field is a plus - Familiarity with highlighting research experience and interests in academic applications Your feedback should be detailed and focus on ensuring that the statement of purpose meets the specific requirements of my chosen field and that it effectively highlights my research experience and interests. I am not looking for a basic review but r...

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    Submersible Enclosures Research 6 nap left

    I'm looking for a thorough research on submersible enclosures aimed at storing load underwater. This research will be focused on the 0-30 meters depth range. Key Components of the Research: - Material Science: The research should delve into the various materials used in the construction of submersible enclosures. This should include the advantages, disadvantages, and effectiveness of different materials when submerged. - Pressure Resistance: The study must emphasize the need for pressure-resistant design in submersible enclosures. It should cover the physics of pressure at different depths, and how enclosures are engineered to withstand these pressures. - Bulkheads Technology: The study must include bulkhead connections both pass-through and connectable on bulkhead for ethernet data,...

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    I am in need of a skilled designer who can edit my personal letter. My main requirement is to correct any grammatical errors within the letter. The purpose of the project is to enhance the overall quality and correctness of the document. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in grammar and punctuation - Strong attention to detail - Previous experience in editing personal documents I look forward to receiving your bids.

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer who can help my business enhance its brand awareness. This is a key objective for us, and we believe it will lead to increased customer base, improved brand recognition and a better social media presence. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a comprehensive brand awareness strategy: This should include a range of activities that will help us reach our objectives. - Implement the strategy: Once the plan is agreed, the successful freelancer will be responsible for executing it. - Analyze and Report: Regularly analyze the effectiveness of the strategy and prepare detailed reports for us. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in brand awareness strategy and execution - Understanding of various demographics and how to tailor strategies to them - Excellen...

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    I'm looking for an experienced researcher who can assist me in finding top-rated, organic or natural products in the Health and Beauty category (herbal/ nutritional/green/fruit powder) on Amazon. This for Indian market for sourcing and selling. This task involves detailed analysis and a keen comprehension of current market trends. I want to study the demand and sales trends. You can go ahead and quote accordingly based on your expertise. Thanks Key Responsibilities: - Identify high customer-rated products. - Focus on natural or organic items. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive background in product research. - Excellent analytical and trend analysis skills. - Understanding of the Health and Beauty market. The project timeline should fall within a month from now. I appreciate your diligen...

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    I am looking for a U.S. based highly skilled proofreader with an excellent understanding of punctuation, subject-verb agreement, spelling errors, and the appropriate use of past or present tense. Your role will involve: - Thoroughly proofreading a 61,000-word hardcopy novel manuscript. - The manuscript will be sent to you via mail. I will cover the mailing costs. - Implementing proofreading based on the APA style guide. - It's crucial that you have strong skills in identifying and correcting grammatical and spelling errors, and ensuring subject-verb agreement. With your bid, please include your experience with proofreading novel manuscripts, particularly if you have extensive experience in APA style. Being meticulous, having a keen eye for detail, and possessing a fundamental unders...

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    ITR 2 Filing Assistance Needed 6 nap left

    I'm looking for someone with extensive experience in filing ITR 2 returns to help me out with my tax filing for the Assessment Year 2024-25. Here's a bit more about what I need: - **Documentation Ready**: I have all the relevant documents in place and organized for filing my ITR 2. - **No Foreign Income**: I have no income from outside India to report for this assessment year. - **Deductions to Claim**: I have investments under Section 80C and a medical insurance premium under Section 80D that I'd like to claim deductions for. I have trading income also Ideal candidates for this project should have a strong understanding of the Indian tax system and a proven track record in filing ITR 2 accurately and efficiently. Please share your experience with similar projects whe...

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    More details: What is the word count requirement for the essay? 500-1000 words What specific information about your journey to becoming a doctor would you like to include in the essay? Motivations and aspirations What key points do you want to highlight about why you chose this specific university to continue your medical education? Quality of education program

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    As an HR professional with an eye for detail and a knack for recruitment, I am in need of a freelancer who can help me in recruiting customer service professionals for my organization. Your primary role will be to post job offers online and manage the initial candidate interactions. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting and posting compelling job listings on appropriate platforms - Reviewing and shortlisting candidate applications - Scheduling and coordinating candidate interviews Ideal candidate for this role should: - have prior experience in HR recruitment, especially for customer service roles - be proficient in using job portals and social media for job postings - have excellent communication skills for managing candidate interactions - be familiar with tools like Outlook Mails, Zoom, a...

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    I have a drafted manuscript for an original article that aims to inform the general public about the causes of neonatal mortality. The article should be written in a formal and scientific tone. I already drafted the article but have comments I cannot work to incorporate now. The document is 15 pages, however its only a revision that I need to incorporate reviewers' comments Key Requirements: - Revision of the existing manuscript - Incorporation of relevant references - Ensuring that the writing style remains formal and scientific - Timely delivery of the revised manuscript Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in medical writing, particularly in the field of neonatal care - Demonstrated experience in academic or scientific writing - Ability to incorporate references eff...

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    I need a social media manager who can help with content creation and posting for my healthcare-focused pages. I'm looking for someone who has a good understanding of healthcare or vestibular knowledge. They will be tasked with creating and posting educational materials and engagement posts on Facebook and Instagram. Ideal candidate for this job should have: - Experience in content creation and posting on social media - A background in healthcare or vestibular knowledge is highly preferred - Understanding of social media engagement strategies - Ability to create educational content This is an ongoing project with a potential for long term collaboration. If you have the right skills and knowledge, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm in need of a detailed and accurately portrayed case study focused on personal injury to an already disabled person, especially about rear-ended car accidents that occurred at traffic light resulting in further back & neck injuries with the inclusion of the final settlement amount, and docket number. Important parameters for this project would be: - In-depth analysis of a real-life car accident scenario in the Philadelphia, PA region. - Comprehensive data collection and synthesis. - Legal and medical background understanding to ensure an accurate representation - defendant sustains diasabiliy status due to the extenuating difficulties with sitting due to back ijuries - defendant would otherwise be making approximately 96k/yr as a part time licensied loan signing agent The ...

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    48 árajánlat

    I'm in need of someone who can take my creative ideas and mold them into tangible projects with the potential to increase sales and raise brand awareness. You will be tasked with: - Scouting and identifying potential opportunities. - Taking my abstract ideas and turning them into concrete, actionable projects. The ideal freelancer for this project will have a strategic mind and a knack for spotting opportunities. Experience in project management and commercial strategizing is a must. Furthermore, I'm looking for someone who can not only develop these projects but also evaluate their potential impact on my business' sales and brand awareness. Please, only those with a proven track record of similar work need apply.

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    As someone who is seeking expert insight, my analysis goal is focused on data that I've compiled and simplified into plots and graphs ready for examination. I'm requiring an accurate and detailed study of my data, with your findings and interpretations structured into a comprehensive report. What I need you to do: * Analyze my data compiled in detailed plots and graphs * Compile your results and interpretations into a clear, structured report The ideal person for this task will have: Knowledge of gut microbiota in calves * Proficiency in data analytics * Excellent report writing skills * Experience with PCA, heat maps, and bar charts Feel free to reach out if you require more clarity or have any questions. I look forward to working with you and unraveling the potential ...

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    As a mid-level professional actively seeking new job opportunities, I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to elevate my LinkedIn profile and resume. To increase my chances of landing job interviews, I'm looking for help in the following areas: - Craft an attention-grabbing profile headline. - Rewrite the 'Summary and About' section to accurately portray my skills and experiences. - Revamp the 'Experience and Education' sections with a professional touch. Ideal candidates have successful experience in HR or recruitment, with a proven track-record of enhancing job seekers' LinkedIn profiles and resumes. The goal is not just to list my previous roles and responsibilities but to help prospective employers see the valuable contributions I can make to their organ...

    €93 (Avg Bid)
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    74 árajánlat

    I'm seeking a Strategic Business Partner to assist in the development of innovative projects. The project is in the field of project management. Key aspects of our collaboration will include: - Contributing to the design and execution of the project - Assisting in creating a strategic action plan - Ensuring successful implementation Successful applicants should have: - Proven experience in project management - A solid understanding of the technology industry - Exceptional communication and problem-solving skills The ideal candidate will be able to bring their experience to the table in a professional and results-driven manner. This is an exciting opportunity for someone looking to make a real impact in the field.

    €14 - €23 / hr
    €14 - €23 / hr
    40 árajánlat

    I am seeking a professional who can create a comprehensive turbo inspection report for my car. The document will need to be formatted as a PDF. Key components of the report should include: * Detailed damage assessment * Information on any part replacements * Thorough performance analysis of the turbo Additionally, the report must consider the following: * Comparison of the car's performance pre and post turbo installation * Outline of the turbo installation process * Description of any modifications made to the car specifically for turbo compatibility * In-depth analysis on potential issues arising from a turbo ring not properly fitted Ideal freelancers for this task would have a deep understanding of car mechanics, especially with turbos, and strong report writing skills. Experie...

    €470 (Avg Bid)
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    46 árajánlat

    I am seeking a beginner-level world news reporter who has an understanding of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the Levant (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine). The ideal candidate for this role would be capable of delivering accurate and informative news pieces that cover the key areas of: - Politics - Economy - Culture and society The ability to speak and write fluently in English is non-negotiable. Previous experience in covering global news, especially within the Middle Eastern context will greatly benefit your performance in this role. A strong interest in gaining a deeper understanding of this diverse region would also be beneficial. Though you are not required to be an expert in world news reporting, possessing a thirst for knowledge and a tenacious work ethic is vit...

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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    31 árajánlat
    Non-Fiction Book Proofreading 6 nap left

    I'm in urgent need of a professional proofreader for my non-fiction book. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in delivering high-quality proofreading services. Key Requirements: - Proofreading experience specifically with non-fiction books - Ability to meticulously correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typographical errors - A keen eye for detail and the ability to maintain the author's voice and style - Strong understanding of APA or MLA citation styles - Quick turnaround time as the project is needed ASAP If you're an experienced proofreader, familiar with non-fiction writing and can turn projects around quickly, please include relevant experience in your application.

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    115 árajánlat

    I am looking for a fluent Chinese speaker to help me interview and take detailed notes for a written biography. The gentleman being interviewed is 80 years old and speaks English and Chinese. Patience is required. Some requirements: to be recorded and shared via Google Meets 2. Each session has a minimum of 30 minutes; video is helpful, but not necessary. 3. Accurate recording of facts and details 4. Patient, good communicator. Ability to interview in a natural conversational way. 5. Summary notes of the conversation are to be written in Mandarin for review. Notes: 1. All notes are to be kept on a shared google docs folder 2. Storytelling and writing creativity are not necessary at this point. The first phase is fact finding of historic time of events, people involved, and interesting ...

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    10 árajánlat

    I'm in need of a skilled academic writer with a strong background in history. The essay I require must specifically focus on the events and impacts of World War II. The ideal freelancer for this project should be able to: - Conduct thorough research and incorporate credible sources to support their arguments. - Demonstrate a clear understanding of the historical context of World War II. - Craft a well-structured, concise, and engaging academic paper. - Use proper citation and referencing styles. This essay should not only present the facts of World War II but also provide insightful analysis and interpretation of its significance. The length of the essay and specific aspects to be covered will be discussed in detail with the chosen freelancer.

    €29 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    90 árajánlat

    This project requires an expert on Artificial Intelligence, specifically in Machine Learning for an in-depth, highly technical article. The final work will be for IEEE ACCESS, thus a thorough understanding and proficient knowledge on the topic is necessary. PLEASE BE AWARE that this project will have only ONE SINGLE MILESTONE which will be released upon IEEE Acccess LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE FOR PUBLICTION PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER to BID if you do not agree with this condition on milestone. Your responsibilities will include: - proposting a title for the article - Doing comprehensive research on advanced aspects of Machine Learning, - Structuring the information in an engaging, easy-to-understand, yet highly technical manner, - Ensuring the content meets IEEE ACCESS standards. Ideal skills and e...

    €245 (Avg Bid)
    €245 licitátlag
    27 árajánlat

    I'm looking for an expert who can help me evaluate the performance of three digital forensics software - Autopsy, FTK, and Magnet AXIOM. KEY REQUIREMENTS: - The primary goal is to evaluate the performance of these software applications. - Please include your past work for us to evaluate. - The specific aspects of performance that you would like to evaluate are Speed, Resource usage, and Stability. Your evaluation should focus on at least 4 features that are common in the 3 software. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in digital forensics. - Experience in evaluating and comparing software performance. - Excellent analytical skills. - Strong communication skills. Looking forward to reviewing your proposal.

    €89 (Avg Bid)
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    9 árajánlat

    I want to create an options paper in Microsoft Word with detailed financial analysis. This will include multiple options, their pros and cons, and visualized data using bar charts. I expect a comprehensive understanding of the financial sector and the ability to translate complex data into clear and compelling arguments. Key requirements: - The paper should be focused on financial topics. - Each option should have in-depth analysis, citing relevant sources. - Cost benefits, staff cost and fte loss/gain - Graphs should be presented as bar charts. - The document should be clear, concise, and polished. If you have previous experience in conducting financial analysis, writing options papers, and creating compelling data visualizations, I'd love to hear from you.

    €70 (Avg Bid)
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    65 árajánlat

    I'm seeking an experienced writer with a knack for news reporting, who can delve into a recent event in Morocco and focus on its social implications. The piece should be engaging, informative, and written for the general public. Ideally, freelancers placing a bid should have: - A background in journalism or a related field - Excellent research skills - Familiarity with Moroccan culture and society - High proficiency in English language Your task will be to research and produce a compelling news report, shedding light on how this event has influenced Moroccan society. The target audience is the general public, so the article should be written in layman's terms without compromise on analytical depth.

    €337 (Avg Bid)
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    Marketing Team 6 nap left

    I'm in need of bright, ambitious individuals to join my team and make an impact with their unique contributions. My primary concern is building a robust team consisting of a Marketing Specialist, a Social Media Manager (SMM), and a Designer. Join Our Exciting Startup Journey! Are you passionate about gaining valuable experience in an American startup? Do you have a desire to contribute to groundbreaking projects and grow with us? We are a dynamic and ambitious startup seeking altruistic enthusiasts from around the world to join our team! Who We Are: We are a burgeoning startup with a vision to revolutionize our industry. While we are still in the early stages, we have grand plans for growth and success. This is an opportunity to be part of something big from the ground up. What W...

    €123 (Avg Bid)
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    37 árajánlat

    I am seeking a dedicated professional to manage online sales, create marketing strategies, analyze sales data, and manage our online presence. Your responsibilities will include: • Management of online sales platforms, ensuring they stay up-to-date and operate smoothly. • Development and implementation of marketing strategies to increase visibility and sales. • Conducting analysis on sales data to identify trends and adjust strategies accordingly. • Overseeing our social media, primarily focusing on Facebook and Instagram. Ideal applicants should have experience with online sales, marketing strategies, sales data analysis, and social media management. Proven ability to optimize sales and create engaging social media content is vital. Experience with Facebook and Insta...

    €96 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a conference paper on strategic management ( should explain approaches and models ) within 48 hours. The paper should be engaging and informative, focusing on a particular aspect of strategic management. Additionally, I need a PowerPoint presentation that explains the paper slide by slide. Also do provide QnA for the ppt. The presentation should be in-depth and comprehensive. The paper would also be published hence should be plagiarism free and need plagiarism report. Your application should emphasize your experience in writing academic papers within the field of strategic management. Ideal candidates will have: - Proven experience and expertise in strategic management - Strong academic writing skills - Experience in creating engaging and informative PowerPoint presentations - A...

    €76 (Avg Bid)
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    I need assistance with a multifaceted project centered on AI, wearable technology, particularly smart watches, and their implications for diabetes and blood sugar management. I have everything ready, I just need to do a little research and combine it with the information I have. It will be between 25-30 pages. The tasks will include the following: - Conducting thorough and accurate research. - Writing and editing articles based on the research. - Programming smart watch applications. The ideal freelance professional for this work should comfortably navigate the intersection of AI, health technology, and diabetes management. Expertise in academic research, professional writing, editing, and programming, particularly within Phayton and Jupiter studio environments, is highly preferred...

    €129 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm requiring technical assistance to help reset my ZYXEL WAC6103D-I router. I'm currently experiencing issues with my WiFi signal, and I believe a proper reset may be the solution. I have the original manual and any necessary documentation for assistance. Your tasks will include: - Guiding me through power cycling my router to see if that solves the issue. - Providing step-by-step instructions to properly reset and configure my router. - Ensuring that the WiFi signal is correctly coming from the router. Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth knowledge of ZYXEL routers, specifically the WAC6103D-I model. - Experience in troubleshooting router and wifi connection issues. - Ability to guide non-technical individuals in performing technical tasks. - Clear, concise communicati...

    €119 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a competent researcher to assist with my PhD work in Electronic Banking, focusing specifically on data analysis. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting Inferential Analysis: I need help with conducting inferential data analysis. You must have experience in this specific type of analysis and be able to interpret the results correctly. - Providing Insights: The ideal candidate should not just perform the data analysis but also provide insights based on the results. These insights should be well-founded and contribute to the overall quality and depth of my research. Ideal Skills and Experience: - PhD or equivalent experience in Banking, Finance, or a related field. - Proven experience in inferential data analysis within the banking sector. - Ability to convey complex findings i...

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    -----------------Long Term Project-------Total budget for the project----- $2,000 Budget---------------------------------------- -------------------Quote MUST be----------PRICE PER BLOG----------Sample blog attached-----$2,000 Budget--- Please keep in mind that the goal of this blog is to provide a fresh and thoughtful perspective on the AMORC monographs, and evaluating the writings of Pierre S. Freeman. ___________________________________________________ I'm in need of a skilled writer to create a blog that will analyze the AMORC monographs and the writing of Pierre S. Freeman. The blog should primarily focus on the philosophical teachings, practical exercises, and meditation techniques of the AMORC monographs. The analysis should be based on personal experiences with these tea...

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