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Software Development is a process of creating, maintaining, and auditing software and applications for specific systems. A Software Developer is a computer programmer who specializes in the development of software applications and systems of varying complexity, from enterprise standard applications to mobile and web applications. Depending on the project, Software Developers may be involved in designing interactive features, new products or designs, fixing bugs, or improving existing features. Ultimately the Software Developer will help create the software that helps client achieve their goals.

Here's some projects that our expert Software Developer made real:

  • Developing custom project/database management systems
  • Creating apps for iOS with APIs for trade simulations and tracking histories
  • Developing JAVA applications with student and course management components
  • Creating advanced particle plug-ins for Adobe After Effects
  • Parameterizing an internal classifieds system for Amazon (using Java)
  • Creating swiftUI views
  • Developing a detailed implementation plan with gantt chart.
  • Writing codes for FinTech
  • Creating inventory management solutions for forwarding services.

Software development is all about making the client’s digital dreams come to reality with tailor made coding solutions. Hire expert Software Developers on to realize any project you can dream up, big or small! Our team of experienced coders are ready to real your project in a cost effective and timely manner -- no matter what your needs may be. All you need do is post your project and our reliable experts will ensure your success.

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    I need a JavaFX expert to help me make my JavaFX code compatible with Scene Builder 2.0. Currently, it only runs in newer versions like 22. It's just a sliding button. All I am needing is the ability to get the JAR working in Scene Builder 2.0. The Code is already there for the sliding button - just don't know how to get it working in Scene Builder 2.0 so that I can use the custom control when I do my GUI designs. Key Requirements: - I am currently unsure about the needed version of JavaFX which is causing (I think) the compatibility issue with Scene Builder 2.0. - The successful freelancer should have extensive experience working with JavaFX & Scene Builder 2.0 and be able to solve compatibility issues with older versions. Deliverables: - The JavaFX code should be compatib...

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    I'm in need of an experienced (Who Previous experience in integrating the Amadeus NDC API) developer who can create a microservice that integrates the Amadeus NDC API into our existing platform. The primary function of this microservice will be to facilitate airline booking on our platform. The service is expected to perform basic data retrieval and display and order. The project will require the service to authenticate with the Amadeus NDC API via WS-Security. As such, experience with this API and WS-Security protocols is a must. Key requirements: - Fluency in GoLang - Previous experience in integrating the Amadeus NDC API IS A MUST - Proficient in WS-Security - Experience with implementing microservices, particularly in the context of airline booking systems. If you have a soli...

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    I need an API that transfers specific data, particularly customer information and sales transactions, from my PostgreSQL database to a cloud solution on a daily basis. Key Requirements: - Extraction of customer information and sales transactions from the PostgreSQL database. - Synchronization of data with a cloud solution daily. - SSL/TLS encryption to ensure transfer security. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PostgreSQL - Experience in API development - Familiarity with cloud solutions - Knowledge of SSL/TLS encryption protocols.

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    I am seeking a competent software developer to implement a digital solution for NID in Papua New Guinea. The objective of this project is to incorporate: - Biometric authentication: The chosen method is facial recognition which must be high-accuracy and robust against spoofing attempts. Platform Support: - Mobile application: You will need to integrate facial recognition and finger print into a user-friendly, intuitive mobile app. - Kiosk Terminals: The same facial recognition and finger print functionality is required for kiosk terminals. - Long term goal to be integrated or adopted by a blockchain technology and existing solutions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing biometric authentication systems, particularly facial recognition. - Stron...

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    Need an application that can run on Windows 10/11. Stage 1.) The application Should take input such as [Name, Phone Number, Photo& Generate a bar code/ QR Code] & Store those data also. Stage 2.) These must be printable in a fixed-designed format (will provide design for print) Stage 3.) Bar code / QR code will be scanned and on every scan, it must just provide the data stored in a database. Stage 4.) Will also need to store time of what time barcode/qrcode was scanned that will be stored as entry time & exit time. also will need all the details printable as , name, time of entry, time of exit, etc etc.

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    I'm looking to develop a service that will allow businesses to easily generate .DEC files for their informative declaration of operations with third parties (DIOT), which is required for submitting to tax authorities. Currently, the generation of the .DEC file is done through a java-based graphical desktop application for Windows. This application is contained in .jar files, so the classes can be used to inherit, import, etc. Key Requirements: - .DEC File Generation: The primary function of the service is to generate .DEC files, containing transaction details and tax identification numbers, ensuring full compliance with tax regulations. Deliverables: -Complete source code of the service. -Detailed technical documentation. -User manual for configuring and using the service. -Unit and...

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    I'm in the process of building a project on Codeblocks using wxWidgets library. I've installed all the necessary dependencies for wxWidgets but I'm encountering numerous errors in the compilation process. The Windows 11+mingw+codeblocks20.03+wxWidgets3.1 or 3.2 was working fine and I developed many GUI projects. Month ago, I upgrade mingw to a new version, and since then, compiling previous good project issue lots of errors, like undefined reference to wxString, etc. It looked like couldn't find the wxWidgets libraries. I followed the to re-setup Codeblocks and wxWidgets, all not working and also tried uninstall Codeblocks and then install it again, still failed. The wxWidgets was build with monolithic=0, shared=0 Key requirements: - Expertise in Codeblocks and wxW...

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    I'm in need of a desktop software specifically tailored for Windows that's designed for data processing, with a specific emphasis on financial data. This project will necessitate a deep understanding of data structure and finance, so it would be best if you have: - A background in software development, particularly for Windows operating systems - Experience in creating data processing software - A solid understanding of financial data and its nuances. Your main responsibility will be to develop a software that can effectively and accurately process financial data. Additionally, knowledge in data security will be highly valued, as the software will be dealing with delicate financial information. If you have a strong background in these areas, I'd be enthusiastic to discuss...

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    Hotel Channel Manager Development 5 nap left

    I'm looking to create a channel manager for my hotel SaaS company. This project is intended for the existing business and will involve integrating the channel manager with online travel agencies (OTAs) and enabling direct bookings from the hotel's website. Key functionalities required for the channel manager include: - Inventory Management: The system should allow me to efficiently manage the availability of rooms across all connected platforms, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of overbooking. - Rate Management: I need the system to support the dynamic adjustment of room rates based on demand, seasonality, and other factors. - Booking Synchronization: It is crucial that the channel manager synchronizes booking information in real-time, updating across all platforms...

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    Digital Marketing Client needed 5 nap left

    I'm looking for a professional who can acquire more than 20 clients monthly for my digital marketing agency. The ideal candidate will have strong expertise in lead generation, target audience analysis, and campaign management. Key Responsibilities: - Generate high-quality leads that convert into clients - Conduct thorough target audience analysis for various industries including Healthcare, Real Estate, E-commerce, and other sectors Desired Skills: - Proven track record in lead generation and client acquisition in digital marketing - Strong understanding of Healthcare, Real Estate, E-commerce, and other sectors - Excellent communication and negotiation skills If you have a passion for driving business growth and can deliver tangible results promptly, I'd like to hear from yo...

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    I require a talented software developer to design a windows software capable of controlling and collecting data from universal testing machines. The software should be able to: - Control Tensile, Compression, and Flexural testing machines. - Harvest data related to Load, Stress, Strain, and Displacement. - Relay this data into comprehensible graphical and numerical outputs. Experience in developing scientific or engineering software, capabilities in data visualization, and familiarity with universal testing machines are paramount for this task. Perfect understanding of key testing metrics (load, stress, strain, displacement) is a pre-requisite. If you've experience controlling hardware tools via software, that will give you a considerable edge.

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    Herramienta Pinterest para Peinados 5 nap left

    Descripción del Proyecto Estamos buscando un desarrollador experimentado para crear una herramienta que recopile automáticamente peinados nuevos de plataformas de redes sociales como TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, y YouTube, y los suba a nuestra plataforma de chatbot. La herramienta debe incluir funcionalidades de scraping de datos, uso de APIs, clasificación mediante aprendizaje automático y una interfaz de usuario para visualizar los peinados y tutoriales. Además, la herramienta debe integrarse con la tecnología de ModiFace para mejorar la personalización y simulación de peinados. Requerimientos del Proyecto Data Scraping y APIs Utilizar técnicas de scraping para extraer contenido relevante de blogs y sitios web de bel...

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    C# to VB.NET Desktop App Conversion 5 nap left

    I'm in need of a highly skilled developer who can help me convert an existing C# desktop application including thid party (DevExpress and Infragistics) to VB.NET. Key Requirements: - Expertise in both C# and VB.NET - Experience working with desktop applications - Strong understanding of the .NET framework The project is already identified and the purpose of the application will remain the same after conversion. The nature of this project is more technical, so the ideal candidate should have a good understanding of programming language syntax and software architecture.

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an intermediate level helicopter cockpit simulator. This simulator is meant to train maintenance engineers, therefore it should simulate several system faults that might occur in real life. Key Points: - You should integrate system faults like engine failure, electrical system malfunction, hydraulic system failure, avionic failures and landing gear retractions. - The simulator is targeted towards training maintenance engineers, so the interface should be user-friendly and should have a good level of feedback to help them learn from their mistakes. - The simulator should not just indicate the faults but also provide a comprehensive understanding of the systems and how they work. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing simula...

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    I'm in urgent need of a software that can download specific types of attachments from the DevOps platform. Key Requirements: - The software should be compatible with all common DevOps platforms - It should be able to specifically target and download Documentation files. This is a time-sensitive project, and the faster I can get this software up and running, the better. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in developing software compatible with DevOps platforms. - Prior experience in creating tools that target and download specific types of attachments. - The ability to deliver projects on an urgent timeline.

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    I want to build a web app Where people could post the properties they want to sell and buyers could message them in the App Buyers could sign up and, like Tinder, get properties they could book showings for So there should be a buyer sign up that qualify them on what types of properties they would want And a Seller Sign up that takes them through the process of listing their home themselves It would be ideal to connect the app to the MLS so we could use those properties to start! I would want this to be North American Wide. So connecting to properties in the States and in different provinces in Canada Ideally I would want this to be an IOS App but I would like to see 2 different quotes

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    I'm seeking a software developer to create a customized software solution for my tour operator business. The software should include the following key functionalities: - Booking Management: The software should allow my administrative staff to efficiently manage bookings, including creating new bookings, updating existing ones, and tracking payment statuses. - Customer Database: A comprehensive database that stores and manages customer information, including contact details, booking history, and any special requirements or preferences. - Inventory Management: The system should help in managing and monitoring our tour resources like vehicles, guides, and other necessary equipment to ensure smooth operations. It's important to note that this software doesn't need to integra...

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    I’m seeking a seasoned professional with robust skills in Java to bring my software development project to life in the Technology sector. As an ardent freelancing professional eager to stay ahead of industry trends, I need to tap into your experience to aid me in these objectives: - Development of a highly functional software in Java. - A solution that is seamlessly interoperable across platforms. - Application of the latest methodologies and best practices intrinsic to Java. Ideally, you are a professional with an extensive background in software development, with a specific expertise in Java. You’re also knowledgeable about modern development methodologies and how to effectively execute them in building software that's both secure and highly functional. You have a prov...

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    Hi, I please need a golf-related software program developed to accurately determine a rotation point location along the length of a golf club. The club movement in question takes place before a swing even begins, where golfers commonly move a club in a manner that creates a rotation point along the length of the club. In essence it divides the length of the club into two sections. The point location can vary significantly from golfer to golfer and is a crucial measurement that needs to be found. Club movements during the period can range from being much quicker than anticipated at first thought, to so small and subtle that they are barely noticeable unless specifically looking for them. The entire club as a whole is also generally moved around during the period, making it more difficult ...

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    Jewellary ERP Software Development 4 nap left

    I'm in need of a customized ERP software that can handle inventory management, accounting, human resources management, and billing, tailored to the needs of a large team of 51+ users. While we do not require mobile access, it is essential that the software is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive for desktop use, ensuring it can be easily adopted and utilized across the organization. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing and implementing customized ERP solutions - Strong understanding of inventory management, accounting, human resources management, and billing processes - Experience in creating user-friendly desktop software interfaces - Ability to cater to the needs of a large user base. We have multiple stores

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a bidirectional video and audio conference system. The system should feature: A detailed requirement profil is existing and can be provided as a first step Here are some topics: Sharing a live video- and audio file from a teacher to all or to a number of students Sharing a live video- and audio signal form student to teacher Sharing a stored video- and audio signal from teacher to student Live video signal by Full HD Video cameras, to be connected by USB2 Ideal candidates would have prior experience in developing similar systems and a strong understanding of freelancer work processes.

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    ERC20 Contract Deployment -- 2 4 nap left

    Need a dev to Teach me how to Deploy an ERC20 contract on testnet and how to trigger the functions. Should be extremely easy for a developer to do this task.

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    I'm looking for an adept professional with a sound understanding of Turbo C, DOSBox, and assembly language programming. My ultimate purpose is to run older DOS programs and debug code using these tools. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Turbo C and DOSBox - Skilled in Assembly and C language programming An understanding of the Windows operating system is a must as I am using Windows for executing these processes. Also, as I am at an intermediate skill level, I anticipate guidance that takes into account my current knowledge base. Your role will not just involve the technical aspect but also mentoring me to ensure I understand how to use these programs proficiently. Therefore, patience and excellent communication skills will be advantageous.

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    I'm in the process of establishing a new digital marketing agency. I'm seeking a partner with diverse skills, who can assist in offering an array of services designed to cater to small businesses, startups, and larger corporations. Key Tasks: -provide clients. -follow up clients. Ideal candidates will have clients in onboard, so that we can start working right now.

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    English or Spanish. Busco a alguien que pueda desarrollar un servidor, principalmente busco que pueda hacer canales de texto con alcance de bloques diferentes, que configure plugins presentes, y ayude a encontrar plugins para otros usos, para mas informacion contacar.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create a specialized software for converting 2D medical imaging data, such as DICOM files from MRI & CT scans, into high detail 3D models in STL format. The software should be Windows compatible and operate in a semi-automated manner with user input. Key Requirements: - Development of Windows-compatible software that can convert DICOM files to STL format. - The software should be semi-automated, requiring user input during conversion. - The generated 3D models should have a high level of detail, ideally capturing the intricacies of the original imaging. - The software should allow for image segmentation and analysis -The software should be written in Python, preferably Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in developing Windows so...

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer to create an accounting software tailored for small businesses in the Cameroon market. The software should have features and capabilities similar to Zoho, but customized to meet the unique needs and business practices of local small businesses in Cameroon. Key Features Required: - Invoicing with customizable templates - Expense tracking with the ability to categorize expenses - Bank reconciliation to ensure accurate financial records - Expense, Sales and Project tracking - Budget management - Tax calculation and reporting - Manual Journals for adjusting entries - Inventory management - Payroll system - Comprehensive reporting system - Multi-language support for both English and French Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in account...

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    I need a lead generation expert who can deliver results quickly. The leads should be targeted towards the software development and mobile app industry. Key responsibilities include: - Identifying and engaging with potential clients within the software development and mobile app industry. - Providing high quality leads that are likely to convert. I'm looking for a professional with: - A proven track record in lead generation, particularly in the software development and mobile app industry. - Excellent communication and negotiation skills. - The ability to deliver results quickly, as I'm looking to get started on this project ASAP. You will get commissions for successfully closed leads as per mutually agreed terms.

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    I'm seeking an experienced game designer who can create a game-ready, third person shooter character using motion matching in Unreal Engine 5.4. Please, read it first: -Please show a sample of your portfolio with relevant projects. If you have no experience in unreal engine 5, its blueprint systems and motion matching, please do not bid on this project, Thank you a lot for your understanding! Key Details: - The game will be in pc platform. - The project will be built in unreal engine 5 using motion matcing feature. - The aim is to create a fast, responsive animation system. - We are aiming for a realistic character animation system. Features to be implemented: - Locomotion system - Ik legs adapting to the terrain, - Ik hands able to adust to the item on hand - Traversing syste...

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    Web application 2 nap left

    School Management System (SMS) Project Documentation Overview The School Management System (SMS) is an integrated platform designed to manage various aspects of an educational institution efficiently. The system encompasses user management, course and class management, admissions, attendance, grading, communication, financial management, library resources, examination management, and statistical analysis, including predictive analytics for student success. ## Key Features 1. **User Management** - **Administrators**: Complete control over the system. - **Teachers**: Access to classes, grades, and attendance management. - **Students**: Access to courses, grades, and assignments. - **Parents**: Monitor children's performance and attendance. 2. **Course and Class Manageme...

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    This project involves building a robust and intuitive property inspection app on Windows Powerapps. The successful freelancer will combine expertise in PowerApps app development with property management insights. Key Requirements: - Develop an app for property inspections - The app should feature property information input, photo capture, and an inspection checklist - The app should seamlessly sync and save data on Office 365 Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience with Windows Powerapps - Knowledge of property inspection workflows - Proficiency in designing intuitive user interfaces - Experience with Office 365 integration.

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    I have a simple pinescript code that I've already written in TradingView that I need converted to Ninjatrader 8. The pinescript is quite basic, involving simple indicator. I don't require any additional features in the Ninjatrader 8 version that weren't present in the original pinescript. Key requirements: - Convert a basic pinescript code to Ninjatrader 8 - Ensure the conversion is accurate and error-free - No need for any additional features Skills required: - Expertise in TradingView pinescript - Proficiency in Ninjatrader 8 - Understanding of basic indicators and strategies in trading systems

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    We need to create a rendering tool for a steel building. We have a current tool but do not have the unity file to edit so will be a complete rebuild. Will need to replace current features plus the additional ones below Current Features: ● Create, Save, Open New Projects ● Ability to merge and place multiple buildings together ● Ability to adjust building size ○ Width: 8’ - 200’ ○ Length: 10 - 500’ ○ Height: 8’- 40’ ○ Roof Pitch: 1:12 - 12:12 ○ Bay Spacing: 10’ - 40’ ● Ability adjust colors ○ Roof Color: (Hawaiian Blue, Crimson Red, Saddle Tan, Desert Sand, Rustic Red, Light Stone, Fern Green, Burnished, Koko Brown, Charcoal, Polar White, Cobalt Blue, Ash Gray, Black, Galvalume, Pink, Purple) ○ Wall Color: (Hawaiian Blue, Crims...

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    I need a developer to create an automated candidate screening system named HR-GPT. This system will help to streamline our interview process by analyzing candidates' CVs and Job Descriptions, and generating summaries, ratings, and interview questions. Key Features: - The system should be able to analyze both PDF and Word files, and extract the relevant information from them. - For CVs and Job Descriptions, the system should extract work experience, education, skills, certifications, courses, and any other relevant information provided. It should also be able to detect gaps in the candidate's career path. - Based on the extracted information, the system should generate summaries, ratings, and interview questions, and send this information to the interviewers. Ideal Skills: - Pr...

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    TV App TV Smart App erstellen 1 nap left

    Guten Tag, wir benötigen eine Software bzw. eine App die wir selber auf einen Smart TV aufspielen können. Die App muss nicht im Shop erhältlich sein. Die App muss folgendens können: - Erkennung bzw. Analyse von Werbung. - Auswertung Anzahl von Werbung. - Einspielung von Werbetexte und Clips Wir freuen uns auf die Umsetzung.

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    I'm seeking a professional with mastery in Smartsheet to assist in completing 2 developed workflows. Build DashboardsLanding Pages and help roll out solution to end users.

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    Build an ERP System for an LLC 1 nap left

    Based on the information provided, here's a detailed analytical description for the ERP system tailored to your LLC's needs. This document can be shared with your developer to ensure all requirements are met. --- ### ERP System Requirements for LLC #### Business Overview Your LLC engages in the sale, supply, and installation of IT equipment, car spare parts, and medical equipment. Most of your business comes through tender applications (90%), with the remaining through referrals (5%) and walk-ins (5%). #### Key Processes to Manage - Sales - Inventory - Accounting - Human Resources (HR) - Customer Service - Expenses - Procurement #### Current Systems and Tools - Free invoice generation tool for invoicing clients and customers - Existing inventory list that...

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    I am looking for a skilled Python programmer with a background in competitive programming on websites like Leetcode, Codeforces and Codechef to create medium-level competitive programming questions. No need create solutions Key Responsibilities: - Designing and structuring a set of medium-level questions. - Focusing questions on Data Structures, Algorithms and Dynamic Programming. - Providing the question details and constraints. - No need to create the solutions, you'll be solely focusing on creating questions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Python programming skills. - Extensive experience in competitive programming. - Familiarity with question formats on Leetcode, Codeforces, and Codechef. - Deep understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, and Dynamic Programming. - Abil...

    €12 (Avg Bid)
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    11 árajánlat
    VST Plugin Developer 1 nap left

    We are looking for a developer for a a VST plugin, a freelancer with expertise in audio software development is required. Specifically, the ideal candidate should have: Proficiency in C++ or the JUCE framework Experience with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Knowledge of VST, AU, or AAX plugin formats Familiarity with audio engineering concepts

    €417 (Avg Bid)
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    14 árajánlat

    This is a React native project. App is already made just some ui improvements and backend changes

    €1232 (Avg Bid)
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    65 árajánlat

    As a professional e-sports player, I'm seeking a skilled programmer well-versed in creating custom cheats for Counter-Strike 2. For this project, the following features are a must-have: - Aimbot / Aim-assist - Wallhack - ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) - Bhop - Triggerbot - Radar - Sound ESP - Stream / Screenshot proof Crucially, the cheat should be virtually undetectable, ensuring I can use it with confidence in both practice sessions and competitive matches without worrying about banning. Proficiency in anti-cheat technologies and a proven track record of creating secure cheats are a massive advantage. Knowledge in seamless user-experience and smooth integration within the game is preferred, but my key focus is on security and reliability of the cheat. The bid should include testi...

    €373 (Avg Bid)
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    9 árajánlat

    I am seeking a talented and experienced software developer to create an integrated software platform for a school management system and an English language lab. Your job will involve the following aspects: - **School Management Software:** While I haven't specified the main features, my expectations are that the software will efficiently manage attendance, gradebook, and timetable scheduling. - **Language Lab Software:** The language lab software should include specific functionalities such as pronunciation practice, listening exercises, and speaking exercises. - **Platform Compatibility:** It's essential that both the school management and language lab software are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Web (browser-based) platforms. Ideal candidates for this job will have: - P...

    €428 (Avg Bid)
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    19 árajánlat

    Looking for an experienced systems analyst to assist me in organizing, developing, and managing the technical documentation for our electronic medical records system currently in development. Responsibilities: - Creating templates for various document types - Writing user manuals and guides - Updating and maintaining existing documentation Key Elements in the Technical Documentation: - System architecture - Data flow diagrams - User stories - System requirements - Acceptance criteria - User interface guidelines - Other SRS-type of documentation Standards: - Compliance with HIPAA regulations Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in systems analysis and technical documentation - Proficient in creating and maintaining various types of technical documentation - In-depth know...

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    YouTube MCN Dashboard Development 1 nap left

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to build a customized YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) dashboard. This dashboard is intended for tracking video analytics, revenue streams, and managing content. The ideal candidate should have experience in YouTube API integration, data analytics, and web application development. Key Features: - Video Analytics: The dashboard should be able to track key metrics such as views, likes/dislikes, and comments. The dashboard should be capable of providing detailed insights into video performance and audience engagement. - Revenue Tracking: The system should be capable of monitoring and displaying revenue streams. This includes Ad revenue, Subscription revenue, and Sponsorship revenue. The dashboard should provide a clear overview of the financial per...

    €35444 (Avg Bid)
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    56 árajánlat

    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced professional or team to develop a comprehensive online multi-user dashboard. The primary purpose of this dashboard will be to manage user subscriptions while providing a visual dashboard displaying real-time or near-real-time small package volume reporting while comparing individual carrier volume to their current carrier contracts for contract compliance purposes. However, it will also be the key interface for various other functions, including connecting to shipping carriers, billing reports through EDI, and generating advanced visual reports based on specified data points. Key Features: - Customizable visual reporting: The dashboard should allow for a range of visual reporting options, customizable to meet the needs of different users. - M...

    €4369 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a custom-built web application that can generate advanced and research-based essays on any topic. Key Requirements: - Custom-built: The platform of choice is a custom-built web application. The chosen freelancer should have extensive experience in developing such platforms. - AI Writing: The primary function of the app should be generating essays. It needs to be able to write advanced and research-based content on any given topic. - Complexity of Essays: The expected level of complexity for the essays is advanced and research-based. The freelancer should be able to implement this requirement effectively. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing custom web applications - Proficiency in AI writing tools and technologies - Strong grasp of natural language ...

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    Help make the Space Robot Operating System (ROS) more robust and assist NASA’s plan for future missions by adding to the repository. Solvers need to fill out the Challenge Registration Form before submitting the solution. Please refer to the Guidelines tab for more information. Overview  Space ROS is an open-source software framework, derived from ROS 2, which was created to be compatible with the demands of safety-critical space robotics applications. NASA is looking to expand the Space ROS repository with new higher fidelity demonstration environments and additional capabilities. If you can provide a useful addition to Space ROS, you could be eligible for a share of the $30,000 US prize purse. Background The Space ROS project started with a joint agreement between the pr...

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    Real Estate Cold Calling Automation 23 óra left

    I'm in search of a professional who can develop a comprehensive automated solution to manage our cold calling and follow-up processes for our real estate company. Key tasks for the solution: - Conduct Cold Calls: The solution should be able to initiate and handle cold calls with potential clients. These calls should be managed effectively. - Manage Follow-ups: It should also manage follow-up calls with clients, ensuring that communication is consistent and optimized. Key Requirements: - Multi-channel Interaction: The ideal solution will interact with potential clients through a variety of channels. This includes automated voice calls, text messages, and emails. The ability to handle multiple communication types is crucial for our business. Ideal Skill Sets: - Experience in developi...

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