Being an expert in your field as a scientist, engineer, programmer and product developer need technical writing experts to help them break that gap and introduce their inventions and products in a more easy and understandable way for ordinary readers. While you may have the knowledge and experience to discuss your topic in depth, your brilliance may be lost in the pages of incorrect writing.

To avoid this pitfall, gives you access to professional freelance writers with the information and resources necessary to handle technical writing for you, helping the pieces to appear more professional. Technical writing jobs vary from reading and writing example code, to updating FAQs, to drafting product announcements. supplies technical writing freelancers with thousands of projects, having clients from all over the world looking to have their job done professionally and settling for nothing but the best. If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on technical writing projects and get paid with an average of $30 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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    this is a marketing paper. i have an outline rubric

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    Root cause 6 nap left

    4-6 page root cause analysis regarding medication error

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    this is a marketing paper. i have an outline rubric

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    I am looking for a research assistant for a book being written on the creation, migration and history of humans based upon the ancient Sumerian texts. The main researcher/writer is in her 80's and is having difficulties researching and writing in her later years. The position would be to assist researching maps, pictures, and documents, as well as inserting such into the document being written. The position will not include ARGUING the positions of the main researcher, but instead pointing out inconsistencies in evidence or conclusions presented and where clarifications for readers are needed. The main researcher/writer is located in Bradenton, FL. The position requires meeting with the researcher/writer once a week for 4-5 hours, and the day is flexible, but needs to be mornings...

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    - topic: The State of Relations between the Republic of Poland and the Indo-Pacific Commonwealth nations: Overview Report - report about Polish relations with the Commonwealth Countries in the Indo-Pacific region (Australia, Fiji, India, Kiribati, Malaysia, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu) - a 40-page report - MLA - quotes and illustrations are welcome - need to be included: diplomatic relations, security cooperation, climate - purpose - website of a think tank - bibliography needed

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    أحتاج شخص متواجد بفرنسا يرسل لي هدية على عنوان صديقه لي أو يحجز لهدية اون لاين لها من هناك

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    looking for an experienced project manager with over 3 years of working experience. If you ae a student or a graduate with no project manager working experience. Pls don't bids on this Project.I want an experienced project manager to do a video clip of day-to-day duties of what the project manager, business analyst, and portfolio project manager do in their office. Showing an explanation with project management software, Agile, and Scrum master. Explain with software what they do From initiation, planning to completion. Creating a plan, Assigning a team, Building a team, Assigning and tracking work, scopes, budgets, tools resources, scheduling clients /stakeholders meetings. project is for a friend of mine. He has little experience in project manager. He has a job offer and he is ...

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    Write a research about UC and Crone autoimmune diseases

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    Rebuild my CV 6 nap left

    I need some to rebuild my CV to be professional CV. It should cover the design and formatting, content and structure, keyword and skills and application tracking system (ATS) Simply I want a CV writing services

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    I am writing to you on behalf a company based in Georgia that specializes in the production of solar panels. We are in the process of upgrading one of our production lines, and the target of this upgrade is to retrofit our existing machines to make them compatible with 2100X1140 mm modules as the maximum size. The newly provided machines are already compatible with the larger size of 2500X1140 mm modules. We are seeking your expertise and guidance in this matter, and would like to know how much time you would require for this one-time project and what kind of information you would need from us to carry out the consulting work effectively. Furthermore, we would appreciate it if you could let us know if you are interested in taking on this project and if so, we can schedule a meeting to d...

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    The thesis is almost done. But I need more technical contents. e.g formulas, flow charts and the derivative process.

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    This is a writing that can be done by anyone

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    Tokenomics: DeFi token 6 nap left

    I need to create and design the best token in a professional document from scratch for our DeFi project. Examples: ()

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    Chemistry writer needed 6 nap left

    Hi, i need some help related to chemistry experiments. Further details will be shared with selected freelancers only. Thanks

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    Search on marine courses, write script for courses and create videos of each module.

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    The paper reviews research that studies the impact of fake news on social media during COVID19. It highlights three main effects: “increased health infodemics, increased time pass and entertainment, and increased socio-political and religious conflicts.” It is requested to clarify the contribution of this topic by presenting interesting open questions and compare contradictory hypotheses by collecting data from different sources (at least 10 sources with references). By answering to the following suggestions, the paper Here are examples of open questions that we want to consider: 1. There are three sources of fake news. Unanimous sources, sources with deceptive identity, and sources with confirmed identity. Elon Musk (and many other people) appear to believe that it is impo...

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    To create a new technical website for the chemical manufacturing industry that provides industry-specific information and resources to stakeholders. Target audience: Chemical manufacturing industry professionals, including researchers, engineers, and industry leaders. Key message: The website is a one-stop resource for the chemical manufacturing industry, providing a wealth of information and resources to help professionals stay informed and up-to-date in their field. Key features: Detailed information on the latest industry developments and trends A comprehensive database of chemicals and their properties Access to research papers and articles written by industry experts An interactive forum where professionals can connect and share ideas A resource center for industry news, events, a...

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    Need help with screwed up laptop 12 óra left

    Not sure what is going on with my Dell laptop. I'm constantly missing files that should be there. I can't even find my C drive anymore! I've worked with this laptop for 4 years and never had these problems. I've worked with other laptops for years and never experienced this. Some things still work great, but I am spending the majority of my time trying to figure out what's going on with my laptop instead of being able to work on it! The warranty just ended, of course! I depend on this laptop for my living, so I can't afford to send it away for 2 weeks while someone looks at it and tries to fix it. I need to go somewhere or have someone come to me who is a real expert on fixing PC problems as well as software problems. I can't afford a new laptop for...

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    Helyi Sürgős
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    I have to write a reply statement to a statement of demand related to a rental dispute

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    I am a vet, woman and a minority. My husband and I have a small bar restaurant in White Sulphur Springs. I am looking to find grant money to finish the purchase and have some working capital.

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    Job Description: Hey, I need you to help me write a 15 page report.

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    The article needs to be about Cloud Computing and why it is better for your company to migrate to the cloud. There are three main options to choose such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azur what are the benefit and how IntLink company can help you with your Cloud COmputing needs That is what I am doing

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    An essay on Attention: Are the failures of awareness reported by Mack and Rock(1998)best described as instances of “inattentional blindness” or “inattentional amnesia”? ( 2500 words)

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    Fix my Resume. or CV to Pass All Issues My resume scored 18 out of 100. It seems like your resume scored poorly on key checks that hiring managers and resume screening software scan your resume for. But don't worry! With a few simple changes to your resume, you can increase your score by 40+ points. We'll go through them in this report. Need to fix it we can check it at to see Errors Max budget is 15$

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    Understanding the motivations of food SMEs in using technology to reduce waste in their supply chains. Quantitative.

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    I want to invite my mother here in Canada for super visa. Write me a convincing letter to immigration. Just make a plot letter and I will add all the details such as my mother’s name and background including mine after the letter is done. I don’t want to provide my information and everything but just make a plot of the letter. I attached the details that should be included in the letter, 2 pages are fine.

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    Help me write a report 6 nap left

    Hey, I need you to help me write a 15 page report

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    Busco guionista/creador de contenidos para Reels/Tiktoks. Quiero comenzar a crear contenidos cortos de Reels y tiktoks. Por lo que busco a una persona con ideas y que consuma mucho contenido para dar con virales. Busco crear una cuenta sobre emprendimiento/finanzas/Desarrollo personal... Dejo aqui varios ejemplos. @dollardoradoyt @_celiarubio @franfinanzas

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    I am building a website for a new business division within the company and need tailored content and articles written about automation and robotics in the warehouse and logistics industries.

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    Writing proposals for grants and donor

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    Introduction. The paragraph or two that follows the title on the first page of your text is assumed to be your introduction. You should start your introduction with a powerful statement or two to stimulate interest Remember that formal papers are in third person, so no you, I, me, or we until you make a recommendation about your article. In this introduction, you should introduce the disease process that you are writing about in a paragraph of at least 200 words Epidemiology. Epidemiology includes the overall incidence (who gets it) and distribution (where is it seen most often) of your chosen disease topic. An APA formatted citation for where you have found your information should be included. (e.g., “The literature review by Hubert and VanMeter (2018) . . . .” or “Hube...

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    Computer Engineering Expert Needed 6 nap left

    Looking for computer engineering writer expert

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    Edit & Update a Paper 6 nap left

    We are seeking an individual with a Master's level education and research skills to edit and update a research paper. The ideal candidate will have a strong attention to detail, excellent writing and editing skills, and the ability to find and incorporate the latest information and data into the paper. Responsibilities: Review and edit a research paper for grammar, clarity, and coherence. Update the paper with the latest information and data. Ensure the paper is well-researched and accurately reflects current knowledge in the field. Work closely with the author to make changes and improvements to the paper. Requirements: Master's degree in a relevant field Strong research skills and experience conducting research at a Masters level Excellent writing and editing skills Ability ...

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    We are seeking a professional who understands federal grant opportunities, can help research potential grants and then lead the development and writing of 1-2 proposals this spring. Experience with key federal funding agencies, including HHS (Administration on Community Living) Department of Ed and Dept of Labor are big plusses

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    Upwork Bidding 5 nap left

    We are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented bidder assist with bidding on projects on Upwork. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of successful bidding and be able to effectively communicate the value of our services to potential clients. Responsibilities: Research and identify suitable project opportunities on Upwork Draft and submit compelling proposals that effectively communicate the value of our services Follow up with potential clients to answer any questions and further negotiate the terms of the project Maintain accurate records of all proposals and their status Requirements: Proven experience bidding and winning projects on Upwork Excellent written and verbal communication skills Strong research and analytical skills Ability to work independently an...

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    basically I implemented a machine learning model that can detect fake tweets, I have to write a 10,000 word article explaining how I did it, however i need help with grammar and someone to be able to write more. I have at the moment 3,500 words

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    I need at least 16 pages. The topic should be about preserving privacy in data collection. I have attached 2 sample surveys as a reference. There should be a reference section and a related work section. A survey requires you to read a lot of references on the related topic and summarize them into a paper. Pretending you are a consultant, you are supposed to provide a analysis of your readings not entirely a summary. Feel free to use these conferences paper because most of them are free and can be found online. IEEE S&P ACM CCS This is my motivation to start this survey: Many successful businesses are now data-dependent. It helps businesses to plan strategies, understand trends and customers as well as manage resources, those are just a mention but a few. Our data are heavily colle...

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    I need someone to do research on a astrophysics/aerospace topic. Must have MATLAB SKILLS. Minimum page is 10. More details will be given later

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    18 árajánlat

    I'd like to change my career and work in consulting. So I need a VERY professional guy to make my CV in US style. If you have good knowledge of US market and update my CV according to that. I believe i have a lot of relevant skills but i do not know how to set up myself on paper, Please start your bid "professional" on your proposal. I need it within 24 hours.

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    Literature Review 5 nap left

    Write literature will be provided to right candidate

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    Professional CV for applying in national-level organisations. Can discuss details in chat

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    We need company profile for our business. Our business website is

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    We re looking for a technical writer who can help us with system specification documents, operators manual, installation manual, product description and brochure, website content. Thanks.

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    Report on a business project 5 nap left

    report on assessing a business- detail provided later

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    PhD thesis, dissertation thesis 5 nap left

    This is a very short project. Basically, I need another "brain" to take a look at the basics of my thesis and make an input. I made a hypothesis and need someone to check it and let me know what he/she thinks can be improved. Previous experience in medical writing is required (preferred in orthopedic surgery or traumatology).

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    Single Source Paper 5 nap left

    1. Create a Single Source Paper of 2-3 pages in length to defend your position on the following argument: Smoking should be banned on college campuses. 2. Format this paper according to MLA--using Times New Roman, size 12. See this MLA Sample MLA Sample 3. Use in-text citation from the source to defend your ideas, and add a Works Cited page to cite your source. Your Works Cited page needs to be on page 3 if you type a 2-page paper, and it needs to be on page 4 if you type a 3-page paper. You will only use one source, and your choice of sources needs to be academic. Acceptable sources include Inside Higher Education, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the American Medical Association, and other related sources that you can surf online. These are just examples, so you are welcome to c...

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    This position is for project managers. Their are departments that project are acceptable for bid. (Construction, School Maintenance, Transportation… Ect ) The position is commissioned paid on high cost projects! No half ass people Organization is a must. Direct Communication is required through (zoom, phone, email). Manager should keep great communication with purchaser and contractor’s to deliver a excellent service.

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    Hi, We are a soon to be Top Rated Agency on upwork with 3 Freelancers on board. We are looking to hire a bidder on a retainer plus incentives model for our Mobile/Web Software business who can help us land good projects. Good for expert salespeople who want to explore a long-term opportunity. We are typically coders so would love to have someone with in-depth sales expertise on board. If you are interested please reach out to us along with screenshots of your successful proposals.

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    مرحبا اخي اريد برمجة تطبيق مثل هذا التصميم الذي اريده شبيه بهذا التطبيق شبيه وليس مثله تماما ليس كل الامكانيات اريدها في تطبيقي ولكن تقدر تقول نصفها وبالنسبة للداتا ممكن ناخدها من هذا التطبيق اريد تطبيق ليس به مشاكل وفي مدة وجيزة في انتظار اطلاعك علي التطبيق وردك

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