Verilog is a description language used in the field of semiconductor and electronic design. It is also used in analog and mixed-signal circuits. VHDL is a hardware description language used in electronic design automation and integrated circuits. If your business is working with Verilog / VHDL then you can use some freelancer help to ease the workload. Post your Verilog/VHDL job today to connect with such freelancers. Alkalmazza Verilog / VHDL Designers szabadúszót


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    We are building a new control system and we will use a Codesys based PLC and we are looking for competent preson to write the programe for me

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    Looking for Competent person to program PLC on CODESYS software.

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    Fpga VHDL help 6 nap left

    I need a help with VHDL subject. anyone interested let me know thank you.

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    Similar to TAU 2018 ([jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez]), create a Static Timing Analysis (STA), basically, parse the Verilog to a graph then construct a matrix and dispatch it to the GPU to do Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication (SMVP) Please kindly read through the resources on the TAU 2018 above Similar to this: [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] ...

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    What is DDFS , working of DDFS? Verilog/vhdl code for DDFS. I need some explanation and modification of the code.

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    Job Description :- Automate some Perl to System Verilog Files of a switch testbench. Automate for multiple configurations provided in Perl file. For one of the configurations, a reference testbench is provided. Write scripts to automate TB files such that it matches refernce config and generate for all other config. Make sure simvs are getting built and tests are run. Detailed Requirement :- ...

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    I need help on a small lab on Computer Organization and Design This lab introduces the idea of the pipelining technique for building a fast CPU. You will obtain experience with the design implementation and testing of the first two stages (Instruction Fetch, Instruction Decode) of the five-stage pipelined CPU using the Xilinx design package for FPGAs. It is assumed that you are familiar with the...

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    VHDL knowledge needed 4 nap left

    I need someone with VHDL knowledge.

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    Embedded software Development 3 nap left

    We are embarking on embedded software development using Vivado and Vitis Development tool for Xilinx evaluation board. The resource should be experienced with embedded software development Familiar with Armv7 / Armv8 architecture Familiar with Xilinx development tools like Vivado (IDE), Vitis unified software platform, compilers, debuggers and operating system The project is for establis...

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    I have a short project. I was able to create a working accelerator, but it was not fast enough. I don't have much experience with FPGA. You will need to have experience and be able to answer some questions on the spot to get the job. I am not paying money to have someone try to learn how to do it. Let me know and I will get you the source files of the software I need to be accelerated. The pr...

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    Seeking full-time experienced ASIC Verification Engineers for an ongoing project (12 months+) Essential requirements: Knowledge of at least one industry standard protocol like Ethernet, PCIe, MIPI, USB, AMBA or similar. Ability to update testbench components like reference model/SB, drivers and monitors. Team player with excellent interaction skills. Perl/shell scripting is a good to have. ...

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    Good afternoon, I am doing a project where I have to implement the FFT RADIX 4 code in an FPGA, in addition to implementing a FFT Logicore Radix4 in the same FPGA. I am looking for someone who can explain how to correctly declare the ports in the FPGA. The codes that I already have it. I need a person that it's expert in FPGA.

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    I need someone who can Implement optimized bitsteam for cvp13. It should be a Bitsteam and miner application. Kawpow algorithm minimum hashrate of 650. From my experience guys are taking a pc miner version that exists for graphic cards modifying it for fpga and building there bitsteam back wards from there. T. rex miner for example is open source and easy to modify

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    Senior FPGA expert required -- 2 2 nap left

    I am looking for a senior fpga expert who have experience in fpga with verilog language experience

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    Senior FPGA expert required 2 nap left

    I am looking for a senior fpga expert who have experience in fpga with verilog language experience

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    Project for IC Schematic 2 nap left

    If you have VLSI experience message me and let me know if you are interested in working with me.

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    to design and implement a game clock on the DE1-SoC development board, using any of its on-board resources (buttons, switches, seven segment displays etc.). The game clock should have two modes of operation to allow the following variations: • The first mode of operation should give each player a fixed amount of time for the whole game. There should be a suitable indication if either player...

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    PWM controller and automatic pulse modleation based on feedback

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    Designing a dual port ram module and then instanciating this module to the BIST [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] this MBIST inserted rtl using UVM methodology

    €17 - €143
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    Design of dual port ram having each port with different clocks and write enable of 4 [jelentkezzen be az URL megtekintéséhez] the 23 states marching algorithm of the bist controller rtl this dual port ram should be instantiated then for this module verifcation should be done using UVM methodology or system verilog .with the insertion of MBIST how the verfication must be done for...

    €7 - €17
    €7 - €17
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