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    standalone application 6 nap left

    Can be done in standalone application or any other platform that suits the requirement to pick up CSV file read inputs perform calculations based on logic drop output in another CSV file to a particular folder application should be platform independent Mostly pick up input and drop output over a shared folder in network

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    Hello Since now 2 or 3 days i search how to make one dynamic var. I need this : For $i = 1 To 4 $skill & $i = "Test skill 1" $skill & $i = "Test skill 2" $skill & $i = "Test skill 3" $skill & $i = "Test skill 4" Next I think you can unedestand. For array i need : $arr = [['Skill1', 'Test skill 1'], ['Skill2', 'Test skill 2']] [...] Can you help me please ? THX

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    Want to integrate a computerized scale into a meat packing plant inventory process

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    Excel templates 6 nap left

    Hi, I want 20 different invoice Templates in excel which is only function to calculate the total bill. All style/ designs I need are different from each other. If someone have already available then Great. please let me know if you interested with time and budget. if you have any sample then also show me. Thank you

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    Looking to take an existing excel timecard template and make it so all the functions we need it to do.

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    I will provide you a set of formulae you need to add in excel sheet for various concrete design elements

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    I have a set of numbers - Eg - K9, H3, Y5, and so on. In one row of excel, I need K in each cell one after the other K9 in every 9 times repeated, then H3 3 times, the Y5 5 times. This loop will go on till the time the name ends.

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    Excel to Conveyance 6 nap left

    I need an Excel to perform conveyance function with statement of adjustments and other functions.

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    Hello Since now 2 or 3 days i search how to make one dynamic var. I need this : For $i = 1 To 4 $skill & $i = "Test skill 1" $skill & $i = "Test skill 2" $skill & $i = "Test skill 3" $skill & $i = "Test skill 4" Next I think you can unedestand. For array i need : $arr = [['Skill1', 'Test skill 1'], ['Skill2', 'Test skill 2']] [...] Can you help me please ? THX

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    website building error fixing

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    Add missing data to cells from duplicates in Excel Rows 2 to 1925 are related to our current database. We have new records, from row 1786 (the company name column value is Thunkable) to row 4633 which is the end of the sheet. There are duplicates regarding the company name. We want to add records that are not duplicated to our current database (below row 1925) and fill out empty cells in our current database with related data in duplicated records if there are any. To do so, here are the steps: Start from row 1925. Check the company name. If there is a record with the same value in rows 2-1925, check which cells are empty in that row. Then for each empty cell check if there is any data in duplicated row and copy it to the cell. Else, If the company name is not duplicated, add the whole ...

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    We require a Visual Basic 6 VB6 Experienced Developer, to work with our existing vb6 application, to design better and progressions user interface, Windows and screens And to improve functionality and general improvements

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    i want to fill data in excel about many businessman

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    I am a university student and currently working on a project. We are building the AI Government id card verification system. Now I need your help with collecting data from across the internet. NO worries, You don't need any skills because I will teach you how to do it. All you need is the dedication to work hard. This job takes 3-4 months to finish. NOTE: This job is only for United States citizens only. Requirement: 1. You Must United States citizen 2. Excel and Google froms knowledge.

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    Small modifications needs to be done in the existing excel macro solution like Sorting, removing duplicates, removing null values.

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    for more info I will share with the selected freelancer.

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    Mobile Automation Worflow + Excel 5 nap left

    Hello i need one how can help me to make a Automation on Noxplayer with a Excel Sheet

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    Microsoft .net developer required 4 nap left

    Microsoft .net developer required to work on Asp .Net 4.5 webform application. Min Exp 2.5 years. Hourly price 450 inr

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    I need an excel expert 4 nap left

    I am developing a nurse call monitoring scorecard and need formatting and construction help.

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    Survey Analysis tool - Excel VBA 4 nap left

    Hi, I have MS Form response sheet. I want someone to develop a tool using Excel VBA. We can link the response sheet directly or we should be able to copy paste the survey response to the input sheet . Output sheet should be complete analysis dashboard. I have prepared the entire workbook for reference.

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    Excel VBA 4 nap left

    I want to refresh Excel worksheet in regular intervals and save it

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    I need an excel VBA Developer for customising my Sales Invoice and Sales Report.

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    Traning required for a beginner in excel to cover traning in mis report ,dashboards and tracker. traning will be held on weekend basis for period of 7 to 8 weekend classes to cover the portion required.

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    I'm needing to produce an excel spreadsheet that shows dates and count downs to those dates and then have that information feed to a master spreadsheet that will ascend by date due. So I know there will be a contract start date and finish date. But each contract has items that have a deliverable due by date and a submitted date. I'm kinda know formulas not to the extent of that. I only know basic stuff.

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    Increment a value with autoit 3 nap left

    Hello i have dev one script but idon't know how to make for automate a system with one for and write in text file a loop. Can you help me ?

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    Excel spread sheet for a cabinet manufacturing shop. We will be using this spread sheet to track all components as they travel through the production process. We will enter all parts on a spread sheet for each individual job. There will be separate areas for each type of item that is part of the job. Some items will have more check off boxes than others as they will have more steps to check them through. We will need the pages to print with the appropriate title on each page.

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    Objective: Optimize the work of project/managers. Objective: Make handy excels with calculators to keep track of developer hours.

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    Excel Expert Require 3 nap left

    Some one can help me to develop the excel dashboard

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    Excel VBA projects 3 nap left

    Service Reporting of vehicles is being captured daily

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    Excel Reporting 2 nap left

    This is a VBA program Excel file for daily reporting and updation

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    I have source data which needs to be transformed to certain format subject to certain conditions etc.

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    My project is present your project in belle photo

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    Looking for Excel VBA expert to automate tasks in an Excel file. The Excel should be easy to use with simple instructions and also user input section for user to input everything in one go to generate output. This is simple task for an Excel VBA expert Requirements: -Expert in Excel VBA, macros -Experience in doing complicated bug-free automated Excel spreadsheets -ability to consistently deliver high quality work.

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    necesito un software que corra sobre windows 10 64 bits, que me permita recibir datos a traves de una red local, debe permitir configurar unas direcciones ip de los asociados, de las cuales recibe tramas de datos donde se incluye la hora, la fecha y varios valores que se deben almacenar en una base de datos y que permita exportarlos a excel o csv donde se pueda filtrar por la hora de inicio y la hora final, asi mismo que cada columna permita ordenarlos de acuerdo a filtros determinados. debe crear logs en txt por horas de los capturas de datos. debe contar con un instalador o .exe y permitir acceder desde el ejecutable o el navegador. que tenga una clave de usuario, un nombre y un logo configurable. una de las columnas es de usuario y debe recibir un dato de 16 digitos, y reenviar a una di...

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    I would like an excel sheet created where only the main sheet will be visible to the user, it will have a series of checkbox type options to filter the main data set and then a button which will generate an email to all the email addresses that fit the criteria set by the user in the filtering options.

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    1. Create an excel spreadsheet using simple formulas without macros 2. Spreadsheet for tracking of job status 3. Able to calculate lead time against current date 4. Able to change color automatically 5. Able to auto compute chart 6.. Drop down selection

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    Looking for Autocad programmer, who can develop the program/lisp to move the autocad block based on the topography files.

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    5 árajánlat

    I need some basic edits to an existing VBA maco, probably 4-6 hrs max. With an option to pick up new projects afterwards. Must be co-working on a shared session, I only operate that way

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    I need some basic edits to an existing VBA maco, probably 4-6 hrs max. With an option to pick up new projects afterwards. Must be co-working on a shared session, I only operate that way

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    JSON Parse to VBA Excel 1 nap left

    I have a JSON File and want to Parse it and extract values in Excel through VBA using VBA - JSON Library.

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    21 árajánlat

    I have a case study which includes many ideas . I need someone to translate the constraints and buil an excel program (solver) to produce the optimal solution

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    76 árajánlat

    I need a module written in VB.Net or can be accessed by VB.Net to get objects information from an Autocad file such as the attached files. The required result after processing the file should be like: Drawing outer width=550 cm and drawing outer height= 350 cm, Objects details (Position, width, Height), and draw the drawing in VB.Net and make it clickable.

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    Microsoft Word Ribbon 1 nap left

    Create two buttons in ribbon in MS word. Each button when clicked will insert some content into the MS word document. The content will include text and form fields. The content should inserted as is with the spaces, tabs etc. intact.

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    14 árajánlat

    OPC is a communication protocol which reads data from a smart device. Need to prepare a client tool which can read the data from OPC Server. The sample example, OPC server software and design document shall be provided to execute the task. The example client tool is already available in VB6.0 and VB.Net but requirement is to customize to meet the project requirement. Requirement is to read data in VB GUI from OPC Server.

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    I want to develop a billing format

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    I have microsoft access database file with extension .mdb in witch is contained few plan pictures that i want to change. I already prepared new pictures but i dont have experience to locate, extract and enter new plan pictures into mdb file.

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    PowerShell Script -- Backup 6 óra left

    I use a backup tool to backup my servers 4 disk drives. The tool has a command line that is running on schedule in an existing PowerShell script. I want to have the script further enhanced to keep only the last 14 days of incremental backups with one full backup. The script will need to make full backup and incremental backups and remove old backups automatically. The script also send email backup log file data but that is already in existing script. The following links will assist with understanding the backup tool. and Also see current script file

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