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    I would like to hire someone who has experience with Wordpress and woocommerce. I’m building a wordpress website using woocommerce to support my monthly subscription clients. It’s mostly done with the exception of adding Solana as additional form of payment. If Solana can replace all other forms of payment (ie credit card, paypal, etc) and support both monthly subscriptions payments and one time payments, then I'd prefer to go that direction vs having multiple forms of ways to collect subscription payments. I hope that helps... Thank you John

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    to build a perfume shopping website

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    Create A Webshop with CMS for Vehicle Parts in German Wordpress Woocommerce

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    Hi, I have a CSV with about 10000 product names (and category for each product, and product code) and a folder with images. Product Name in CSV = Image File Name In Folder What is needed: Add product in UTF8, Add Image to product in UTF8 , add image alt tag. Add product to category, take category from CSV and match with category in Woocommerce, For example - Red Tshirts = CatID 22 in Woocommerce Add description based on text template + product varliables from CSV, for example: Lorem ipsum < %PRODUCT NAME% > Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum < %PRODUCT_CODE% > Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum I cannot provide site URL or access to the server. Any reply without " I have fully read and underst...

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    Widget de Ventas Woocommerce 6 nap left

    Necesito un code-snippet que posibilite mostrar vía shortcode en el frontend información de ventas de woocommerce con la siguiente estructura en formato de tabla: CATEGORÍA DE PRODUCTO | VENTAS NETAS $ | COMPLETED ORDERS | PROCESING ORDERS Se debe listas cada categoría que posee ventas, el monto NETO de ventas (o sea, valor del producto solamente, SIN tasas, SIN impuestos, SIN envío y restando los descuentos, sería la VENTA NETA final. Número de pedidos en estado completado con esta categoría y de pedidos procesando. La idea es que sea un code snippet y que se pueda aplicar via un shortcode. Por defecto me gustaría tener la posibilidad de incluir en el código fecha desde - hasta en formato DD-MM-YYYY. Debe ser func...

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    Tech wooCommerce online store 5 nap left

    Build a tech wooCommerce online store: Key Features include all the basic eCommerce functions + Built with SEO in mind Clean, neat and tech focused theme Trade in program function for upgrades Warranty manager Returns manager Two user model - Business and Customer retail 3 step checkout 3 payment gateways Text fields to collect additional information while in cart before checkout. A full document brief is available on request. Thank you.

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    Hi, Wordpress/Wocommerce plugin developer needed .

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    REQUIREMENTS: ** DO NOT APPLY if you are not an expert developer that is familiar with shopify and/or the Shoptimized theme. **DO NOT APPLY if you cannot accept new milestones created after the other is complete. We create 1 milestone at a time based on your progress. There will be 3-4 milestones to complete this job. ** We are looking to have this work completed as quickly as possible. ** We are using the shoptimized theme, you must be familiar developing on this theme. Looking for expert developer that can quickly move existing e-commerce site (currently on wordpress/woocommerce) over to Shopify. The requirements of this project is as follows : 1. We have already setup the shoptimized theme on our shopify account, you must adjust is to match our current site + front-page r...

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    You need to create some modules for the website follower-pilot and need to create all of these especially in PHP language only . The project needs to be completed in 7 days max and all the modules will be related to woocommerce.

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    My demo site is - on which I have multiple attributes for products (Color, Size & Fabric). I am currently using plugin for additional gallery in Variation () My theme for website is () Currently on the basis of color selection it loads first thumbnail image in shop page whereas I need to display full gallery of that attribute with slide or arrow option. just like this reference site in mobile () Please read this carefully then text me. Just don't bid randomly and keep asking me silly questions. This is very straight forward requirement. I will ignore people asking questions like what is your budget. Thanks

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    Custom plugin changes - Woocommerce 4 nap left

    We need an expert to change a custom woocommerce payment plugin (already existing) to have three things: 1 - Upload image in the plugin settings and have the image show up at checkout 2 - Get and fetches information from the order and the user (from woocmmerce) 3 - In last process of order (After place order) nedd to develop a json with this information and show an alert in javascipt with this json (and other js sent) Its a easy and small task and i need completed today and ai need a web sofwtare engineer. (and the budget is that!) If that task works well i can send you other projects. (For i can know if you red, you need to put in first line of text this code "BICAS")

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    Need a API connection to sync stock in woocommerce shop with suplier. Documentation is available. Only need the stock lines

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    I've a client website built in WordPress using WooCommerce. She always received the WooCommerce auto emails when someone made an order until 3 days ago. She gets the orders showing up on the WP Dashboard, PayPal send her a payment email but the WooCommerce auto emails have randomly stopped. I need help getting these back again as they used to work for for the last year or two. She has a Gmail account.

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    Website Design and implementation 3 nap left

    already installed wordpress. need to do nice web design pages and may be woocommerce.

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    Existing Wordpress site, needs to have the shipping set up in Woocommerce, flat rates increasing with number of items and some other areas of the store. The Wordpress side needs a tidy up and refining also.

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    Dropshipping store on wordpress 3 nap left

    Hello, Looking to create a dropshipping store on wordpress with products that work all year round (Ten products minimum). Note that the target market is the USA. Preferably find good quality products from Aliexpress stored in USA for fast delivery. NB: I have a domain name and the logo

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    Need to build an Ecommerce store with 40 products. Need WooCommerce

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    Hello everyone, We are looking for someone with experience in WooCommerce Plugin Development. We want a custom plugin for adding shipping methods and pricing. One of our suppliers developed an external API for shipping pricing, so we are looking for someone to create a plugin and 'connect' to our supplier's external API. Please do not be afraid to ask us for more details and budget.

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    - DevOps Expert to help design and build a staging environment for our ecommerce website (woocommerce) - To share a strategy for continuous development, testing and pushing to production. Note: need experience in It distributed version control, access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, and continuous integration.

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    Wordpress speed light 3 nap left

    Wordpress woocommerce project speed load high reduce that at under 1 second to open website

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    Hello, We need an expert team to optimize our wordpress/woocommerce websites in order to achive over 90 score tested with Google Page Speed Performance Insights Test. Take note that we are using VPS servers and CDN Stackpath and or Nitro. We need fine tunings or other solutions like litespeedcache, etc. Thank you

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Wordpress & Woocommerce developer who knows how to develop (or who has already developed) an e-commerce for the comparison of shipping and forwarding agents. In a nutshell, the user connects to the site, and calculates the shipping cost of his package, based on the shipping company chosen, the size and weight of the package. We will need to integrate the platform with the APIs of the shippers we will indicate (Example, BRT, FedEX, GLS, TNT etc.). In such a way as to follow the whole phase of the purchase and shipment of the parcel. Packages will be picked up from the shipping point chosen by the customer and taken to the customer's desired location. To get an idea, view: or , clearly we will need to have the ability to enter our rates with t...

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    Задача: Доработать дизайн сайта по макету в фигме

 Как строится работа?
 1. Утверждение макета. На этом этапе нужно обсудить контейнер. 
2. Договариваемся о цене и сроках
 3. Приступаем к выполнению

за основу взяты 3 сайта:
1) основа HP - 
2) корзина SH - 
3) формат планшета на десктопе + настройка доставки - 
- Десктоп версия отображается как планшет версия, предыдущий программист запутал нас с контейнером. Важно это обсудить. В макете для десктопа у нас нет контейнера.
- формат фото (пропорция взята как на сайте - )
- язык по умолчанию русский (валюта рубль), переключать можно на анг (валюта доллар), важно, чтобы было автоматическое обновление валюты, минимум раз в день.

- особое внимание уделить корзине, анимация при переключении страниц, корзина не до...

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    The site is a WooCommerce/Wordpress Site with Plugins but also custom coding. For now we need the below but there is more work in line. Please be realistic with your price. For someone experienced this is just a few clicks. I am attaching a screenshot. In the red bar: - Free Shipping needs to be removed. - Flatrate Shipping 10.90 should be added The white background with the shopping bag: - Image as such has to stay - Free Shipping needs to be replaced with 10.90 flatrate shipping - terms and conditions needs to stay 5% when subscribing should stay

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    Body measurement in images 3 nap left

    The task is about getting body measures from image processing. Output and save the data.

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    DO NOT PLACE ANY PLACEHOLDER BID - ONLY BID EXACT AMOUNT We have a woocommerce with booking plugin install, we need a custom PDF created that lists bookings that will happen that day and be emailed to a few people every morning. The PDF needs to list specific fields from the bookings as well as a custom field (waiver) which is added to the booking. The PDF list of bookings also needs to be ordered with a preferred column, so that all of the same events and times are grouped together. DO NOT PLACE ANY PLACEHOLDER BID - ONLY BID EXACT AMOUNT

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    Hello For this project we want freelancer able to create us a Google Ads and Google Shooping Ads campaign and optimize it to maximize the conversion rate, for a minimum spend / max clicks. Important point to speak/write French. Because the customers will be French. Greatings

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    Import Woocommerce ecxcel products 3 nap left

    I have 20,000 products in excel file ready to upload to woocommerce However there is some error when i upload and the products not uploading correctly I need someone to check why it is not uploading products and upload all products after Thanks

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We need to create integration between Woocommerce, Perfex, dashboard in pure PHP, and a custom module to pull expired projects and other statuses that will be created. How would Workflow: 1 - Customer buys on Woocommerce; 2 - API checks if the customer has a registration in PERFEX; 3 - If the registration is not found, the API registers the client in PERFEX; 4 - Client registers service in pure PHP panel; 5 - After registering in the PHP Panel, a project is created in PERFEX; 6 - Control the status of the project in PERFEX. 7 - At the end of the project, it will be possible to attach an MP3 file to send to the client. Thanks.

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    Build a Garage Door Quote Page 2 nap left

    Hello I have a client who installs Garages Doors and needs a pricing tool page. See below. I am looking to build a tool that calculates the Garage Door cost by selecting the following. Step 1: Door Size, Step 2: Door Slat Size, Step 3: Door Colour and then any optional extras. It then shows the preview of Your Selection, the price, a couple of buttons and a telephone number for the call to action once it calculates the price from the options above. The website will be built on WordPress. I think the solution could be done in WooCommerce, however, I am open to suggestions. We will need to enter the prices for the different price variations as per the demo above. Please get back to me with your proposals.

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    I have a client that needs to build its own android and IOS application. We do not have any API, we will also need help to build that. They have a Woocommerce Store, currently online and selling worlwide. I need help to think the best way of building it, taking care of current funcionalities. For now, I will like to talk with you to see how you can join us in this project :) Thanks!

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    It is a proect based on accounting, stock management.

    €346 (Avg Bid)
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    27 árajánlat

    I have all the products photos and descriptions, sizes etc ready. You will need to advise me on what format you need the information to be provided in. There are also some non product images which will need to be uploaded to the store.

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    108 árajánlat

    I need a Wordpress Website (approx 170 pages) and (3 Million Products). Some Additional Features: = Sign In / Sign Up feature = Import Export = Career/Job Posting = Ads = and some more ( Please read the description carefully and only highly expert team apply). Regards Project Manager

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    Dentro do nosso site temos o plugin dokan pro e também o woocommerce tickets, quando uma solicitação de ticket é criado no plugin Woocommerce tickets, recebemos no painel do admin e lá podemos atribuir a qual vendedor quisermos, nossa ideia é fazer com que essa atribuição ocorra automaticamente, quando um cliente criar um ticket o plugin deve atribui-lo automaticamente ao vendedor responsavel pela venda

    €10 (Avg Bid)
    4 pályamű

    Hello, We have developed a customized price calculation in Woocommerce for our webshop. It needs some fixing and few changes should be applied. Please explain your experience with Woocommerce and provide samples of your previous work. Thank you :)

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    Sell followers website 1 nap left

    Hello, I need to creat a website to sell followers and views for social media. The user order and get the needed followers directly.. So I need an expert in this. Best,

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    Advanced Wordpress Elementor Tutor 1 nap left

    I have a website and would like to get tuition for development of my website. I need some assistance and coaching for improving capabilities of my Wordpress website. - Woocommerce knowledge is must - Elemantor knowledge is must

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    89 árajánlat
    Creacion de sitio web wordpress 1 nap left

    Estamos solicitando la realizacion de un sitio web Queremos realizar un sitio web similar al que tenemos actualmente

    €188 (Avg Bid)
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    152 árajánlat

    I work for a SI company that sells gaming PC's. We currently leverage the woocommerce composite product plugin for our configurator (parts picker). We want to add some functionality as well as make the overall plugin design look more professional on our site and could use some help in accomplishing this. Here is a link to the plugin -> Functionality Additions 1) Make it so that you can open and close each section by clicking on it. Right now you can only open or close a section by moving to the next section (progressive) 2) add an informational (i) icon on the individual products so that when you hover or click on it, it will bring up a popup with the overall item description and specs (product description) 3) The ability to create scenario's based on product categories ins...

    €2123 (Avg Bid)
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    137 árajánlat

    Need Point of Sale (POS) integration for my garments WooCommerce website. I am looking for a solution to synchronize data between my online wordpress website and my local store.

    €15 (Avg Bid)
    €15 licitátlag
    6 árajánlat
    Updating Fluxstore Flutter App -- 2 1 nap left

    Tasks to be done: YOU SHOULD KNOW FLUXSTORE, IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEN DON’T WASTE MY TIME AND YOURS AND BID I need to update and modify some tasks in my Flutter mobile app (iOS & Android) for my eCommerce website using Fluxstore Multi-Vendor Flutter App () 1- Update the app with latest Fluxstore code 2- Webview checkout 3- Fix the Stores (Brands) Screen to show all active vendors sorted (A-Z), currently are not appearing all vendors and have an issue showing vendors 4- Enable the multi-currency feature and to be managed from the website wordpress dashboard currency plugin Yaycurrency 5- Publish the App to Google Play and Apple Store

    €181 (Avg Bid)
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    46 árajánlat
    Bulk Upload - Woocommerce 1 nap left

    I am looking for someone to setup a easy to use system for the back-office team 1. Upload products with variations in bulk 2. Upload inventories in bulk 3. Upload price adjustments in bulk 4. Allow per brand updating

    €36 (Avg Bid)
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    19 árajánlat

    Thanks to a great video on youtube I managed to get started on my webshop. However, I need support to make it perfect and get the shop working smoothly. I especially find it difficult to choose the most useful and correct plugins and to get photo material sharp on the site. I also need help with SEO, invoicing etc etc etc....This will be a Dutch webshop for personalized wooden inlay puzzles for children. We produce the puzzles ourselves in the Netherlands and would like to expand to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also want to open another webshop. So plenty to do for us :) we need strong and professional support for a fixed hourly rate, preferably. I hope you can find yourself in this and we can get going. Thanks in advance and best regards, Robby

    €30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Atributos y variaciones de un producto 23 óra left

    Cuando hacemos el cambio de precio de un producto, este precio cambia normalmente, pero surge el problema de que al hacer el cambio, el p´recio antiguo pasa a ser un rango. Pro ejemplo: -El producto vale actualmente $140.000. -Ahora quiero que cueste $150.000. -Cuando lo cambio me dice que ahora vale entre $140.000. y $150.000. DEBERÍA APARECER QUE VALE $150.000 Y YA. Busco solucion inmediata, gracias.

    €38 (Avg Bid)
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    21 árajánlat

    getyourguide similar website, customer mobile app and vendor mobile app, android and ios. This should be the tour and activity marketplace. where vendors can post the tour and activity itinerary and customer can choose them to book. we have similar website designed and sold in envanto codecanyon marketplace but there's no mobile app. so we considered to go for designing a new one. we need it to be done on WordPress platform. our premium domain name will be shared after testing.

    €456 (Avg Bid)
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    21 árajánlat

    getyourguide similar website, customer mobile app and vendor mobile app, android and ios. This should be the tour and activity marketplace. where vendors can post the tour and activity itinerary and customer can choose them to book. we have similar website designed and sold in envanto codecanyon marketplace but there's no mobile app. so we considered to go for designing a new one. we need it to be done on WordPress platform. our premium domain name will be shared after testing.

    €743 (Avg Bid)
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    15 árajánlat

    this is the example for the plugin

    €29 (Avg Bid)
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    12 árajánlat

    We are running a WooCommerce website for class booking. Concepts are: Products - Different types of cooking classes (E.g. Apple Tart class) Product Variations - Date and time of the class (E.g. 2022-08-25 Thu 9am) We are using a customised plugin to send SMS text message to customer as a reminder (a few days ahead) of the name of cooking class, and date of the cooking class. For example " See you in class Apple Tart on 25/8/2022 Thu 9am." Problem : When there is more than 1 cooking class in an order (i.e. a customer purchased 2 classes in a single order, say Apple Tart 25/8 and Lemon Cake 15/8 ), the SMS only showed only 1 cooking class (even not corresponding to the correct date) as : "See you in class Lemon Cake on 25/8/2022 Thu 9am, and 15/8/20...

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    I am moving to godaddy from a dedicated server for personal reasons. I would like a new design for my woocommerce site. I would like the design to be be nice and fast loading. I would also like for the template to be easy enough for a novice to edit. I also have a form on old site I would like added to godaddy woocommerce also.

    €444 (Avg Bid)
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    234 árajánlat

    A legjobb WooCommerce közösségi cikkek