XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a set of specifications for encoding electronic documents. XML standards are produced by the W3C and these are open standards. XML is a textual data format and it is used widely in web services. If you need help working with the XML standards or XML documents, then you can definitely make use of freelancer help for the same. Simply post your XML job today and get started. 259,653 értékelés alapján az ügyfelek 4.85 / 5 csillagot adtak XML Developers szabadúszónknak.
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    Python Rules to Xquery 6 nap left

    Hi! I have an python script to validate an document. There are just a few checks ( if, then, else). I want to convert this ruleset into xquery commands. Because this xml is going in database (base-x) and there i want validate this document according to the rules. The rules you can check in the attachment script.py.

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    اريد ان افصل العملاء بحيث ان في كل جلسة في نقطة البيع يظهرون عملاء معينن ان من اقوم بتحدديهم . انا لدي شركة تسويق غذائي ولدي مندوبين وجعلت لكل مندوب جلسة خاصة به بحيث اذا قام المندوب بتسجيل الدخول الى نظام اودو تظهر له نقطه البيع وهذه المهمه انجزتها باستخدام موديول معين الان اريد ان افصل العملاء بحيث كل مندوب يظهر في الجلسة الخاصة به عملاء معينين ان من يقوم بتحديد هؤلائي العملاء . لمن يجد في نفسه الكفاءه في حل هذه المشكلة التواصل معي ولدي بعض الاعمال الاخرة . المبلغ سنتفق فيه في مابيننا

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    Hi Guys! I need someone with skilly in xpath and python. My task is to parse and small XML Document according to the ruleset i defined on my own. In the attachmend you can check the and in there you find as comments the checking conditions i want to apply on this example.xml. Goal is parse and validate this example according to the rulesets as fast as possible.

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    No Game, No Mobile Game, No Graphics, No Website, Knowledge of LUA & XML is required!! Hello, I'm looking for someone who can program an custom interface (addon) for the Videogame "World of Warcraft" Its not a Game just an Interface modifikation. Similar to MODs in Minecraft or Skyrim. LUA & XML skills are needed. Combine the functions of the two add-ons and some small changes like: Not one big bag, i want single bags, show ticks from the dots, 5 second rule, show item level, and stuff like that. Everything has to be movable In addition, a few adjustments that there are as a separate addon already. So just have to be added. :) Daily updates :-) Source Code included. Rebuilt like ElvUI, not edit ElvUI: with the look from DuffedUI: This is a part of DuffedUI and...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can build a PHP script to work with an XML/SOAP API. I have working C# code for this API however I need PHP. The project is an extremely complex and short amount of time. Must be able to start work now. So I know you are not a bot, include in your bid the answer to this question. What does SOAP stand for?

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    Transform Excel Files to XML 5 nap left

    We want to convert an Excel file to an XML file. This involves creating and XML schema file to based upon how we format XML files. Excel takes data in columns and uses the XML Schema file to convert the Excel and export as a formatted XML file. See this web page which describes the process and includes a movie: :~:text=How%20To%20Convert%20Data%20in%20Excel%20to%20XML,Step%204:%20Open%20the%20XML%20Source%20pane%20 Description of the Spelling XML requirements The XML for the spelling type is shown below. In this sample the directions are in the storytext tag. This is followed by a few spelling related questions. Each spelling word is followed by some letters. These letters are similar to multiple choice questions. Students can click on the letters to enter the letters ...

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    Livecycle XFA form to Web App -- 2 5 nap left

    Hello, This project is about converting Livecycle JS form to be used on a web app. The principles of the module is that based on API requests the app needs to: - Activate JS parts of the PDF form and generate a new XFA file using the JS (converted to c# using iText or any other app) - Fill in the XFA forms in xml using API requests. - Run other js converted to c# on the filled in form. - Import the xml to the pdf. The developer would need to be able to do a small preview of the solution by providing an desktop app or any other type of app to show the method proposed that is working. Ex: updating the XFA form by activating a PDF button programmatically. This needs a developer with good experience in working with iText since this should be the solution used to develop the project. The co...

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    Salve ho bisogno di importare annunci su un sito WordPress di agenzia immobiliare. Il file dovrà importare annunci immobiliari comprensivi di foto, titolo, descrizione, luogo, prezzo etc.

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    We wish to sync our POS API (Retail Express) to Woocommerce nightly to retrieve updates from Retail Express of available stock quantity & prices only. This is a one way sync only and the integration documentation will be provided.

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    Convert XSLT 2 XQuery 4 nap left

    Hi Guys, I want code an script wich converts XSLT files to QXuery for validate XML Documents in Database Sample XSLT file you can get over chat.

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    we need a MS flow cloud to edit the records that are in yellow. flow should be able to delete some sections or repeat some sections in the word based on inputs from users table of content and section numbering should be updated automaTically

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    Create a custom payment integration for odoo website called payfast

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    WITSML WEBSITE 1 nap left

    WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) is a standard for exchanging wellsite data between different systems. It is based on the XML format and defines a set of standard elements and attributes for describing well and drilling data. The WITSML data object tree is comprised of several hierarchical levels, each with a specific purpose and function. A typical WITSML data object tree might include the following elements: WITSML Root element that contains all wellsite data objects. Well Represents a physical well and contains information about the well location, wellbore(s), and other well-related data. Wellbore Represents a wellbore within a well and contains information about the wellbore trajectory, drilling parameters, and drilling mud data, among other th...

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    I need a windows application that can extract from json file some informations and create a xml file with a certain structure for use in another software.

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    Der Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (idw) ist das größte Nachrichtenportal für Aktuelles aus Wissenschaft und Forschung im deutschsprachigen Raum. Wir veröffentlichen die Nachrichten, Termine und Expert:innen von über 1.000 Wissenschaftseinrichtungen und versendet sie an zahlreiche Journalist:innen und andere Abonnent:innen. Das haben wir vor: Wir haben begonnen, unsere Content-Kanäle neu aufzusetzen und im ersten Schritt unsere Nachrichten auf eine eigene Seite ausgelagert: Jetzt sind wir dabei, unsere Expert:innenvermittlung () neu aufzusetzen und möchten dieses Angebot künftig auf eine eigene Webseite auslagern. Herzstück ist eine neu programmierte Datenbank, in welcher die Fachleute mit ihren Kontaktdaten, Forschungsschwe...

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    I am simply trying to convert excel CSV file data into XML to use it on Adobe Premiere program. For example, I have attached a script that I made for Final cut which works great. My aim is to create a script that allows me to convert CSV file to XLM for Adobe Premiere. I have data sample and the output of XLM format from Adobe Premiere for 10 second.

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    API uses a SOAP based webservice. 7 óra left

    I am looking for someone experienced in SOAP based we service to integrate API to my world press site.

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    Testar software ERP 2 nap left

    Realizar testes nas rotinas de:<br />. Entrada de Notas (Manual e importação de XML)<br />  - Telas:<br />     Movimento<br />     Ítens<br />     Nota Fiscal<br />     Faturas<br />    Totais<br />    Observações<br /><br />. Vendas<br />  - Telas:<br />   Movimento<br />   ìtens<br />   Serviços<br />   Observações<br /><br />. Rotinas de<br /> Emissão, Cancelamento, Inutilização, Carta de Correção de NFEs<br /><br />Telas de Consulta de Ven...

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