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Hello there ,

i would like to code a cBOT ,

be able to choose the trading volume

The cbot buy sell signal will be trigger by an stochastic movement that have to have another stochastic and 3 MA in at the right place and the price have to go back up to a certain MA with a adjustable % of toutch at the bar close.

it does not trade near a pivots at a % ( on off feature )

the bot wont be able to open more that 3 position at the same time.

and it cannot open 2 position too fast , ex : at least X bar have to pass before another open position can be done.

The fix TP will be fix X on the first trade of the trend , a certain percentage of X that i can change on the second trade and an even less of X on the third and futher trade on the same trend . It reset after when the trend change. base on ma cross or trend INDICATOR

for the SL , i would like to have before the lattest top/bottom plus/minus X amount of pips

optional :

a SL subroutine that always goes under the lowest local high low and after 2 adjustment , it just add X amount of pips.

being able to separate the day in 4 time frame that i can choose on a choosen UTC

time frame 1 - all the variable are x x x x

time frame 2

time frame 3

time frame 4

I would like to receive an alert when the bot take an action *txt msg or email and sound alert from the platform.

message me with a price with and without the optional feature.

thanks in advance, and this is the first job of some jobs i will have to do in the next 6 months in cAlgo and Ninja trader.

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