A mini project on a DBMS with 3 entities,transactions and printing the results using any high level language

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Design and implement a sophisticated and usable DBMS


Design and implement a database with the banking system. There

should be minimum three entities( in the [url removed, login to view] can use any high

-level language(Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, etc) thatcan embed SQL statements.


Design a set of transactions (minimum 3) on your database and implement each

transaction using high-level language of your choice and embedded SQL.


Run your transactions on your database and print the results.


The DBMS manages incoming data, organizes it, and provides ways for the data to be modified or extracted by users or other programs. Some DBMS examples include MySQL, SQL Server, FileMaker, Oracle, RDBMS, dBASE, Clipper, and FoxPro.

In this the basic banking functions like account creation, type of accounts(Checking, savings) and balance updating, branches are taken into entity sections where customer ID is the primary key and account number , balance and branch are foreign keys.

The operations or transactions like creation-creation of the account in a specific branch, read- getting the details of the customer or the account from the account number or customer ID.

Updating-the updating of the account balance after transactions like deposit or withdrawal.

Deletions-the deletion or removal of the account from the database of the bank etc.


Customer ID


Type of account (checking, saving)




The main transactions are

Account creation


Deposit or withdrawal

Account deletion.

Front end- JAVA

Back end – My SQL

Server- Apache tomcat 6.0

High level language-JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Basically the first initiation process takes place with the creation of account in the bank which requires the customer a specific ID for example let take the SSN(social security number) as the primary key. Then the account number and I took separate account numbers for each type of account like Savings and checking which one to many for the customer ID.

Branch of the bank like which is taken from the many branches of the bank. Like branch name and city.

Balance for each account and which needs to be updated after deposit or withdrawal.

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