Design a few rooms for a VR game in Unity3d

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we are creating a vr-game in Unity3D and we need a few rooms/areas designed (about 5-6).

However the time and price would be to much for us to let somebody design all rooms from scratch.

So the use of an asset store like the Unity3D asset store is accetable as long as we can use everything lateron in a commercial version of our game.

Nevertheless even with the use of an asset store a few things have to be designed by yourself, so you should also be able to design the stuff that is sold on the asset store on your own.

Furthermore you should have a good understanding of design/architectural tricks to make a room appeal bigger as it is.

One room for example will be a living room with a window front that shows the ocean. Inside the room will be typical stuff like a sofa, table and so on. However if for example the user is throwing something on the sofa, the sofa has to be able to bend as it would in real life.

Under the rooms will also be a night club area. So basically a room with a few table dance poles, a bar and a few half naked girls dancing(topless). Therefore adult content should not be a problem for you.

So we would suggest that you give us a few examples of what you designed when apply for the project, so we see your skills.

If we award the project to you:

We will talk about the different rooms and hear about your suggestion.

Afterwards you will check the asset stores to find the right stuff and make suggestions.

So we can order the assets and you can start using them to create the rooms AND design the remaining parts.

Best regards

P.S.: The assets from the asset stores will be bought and paid by us. So they will be our property and after the project is finished you are not allowed to keep them or use them again without purchasing them on your own.

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