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Need someone to develop a group deal site for me or recommend a solution (will pay the consultancy fee).

Now I have these two prestashop modules:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

However, such modules do not provide a mass refund solution.

For a group buy:

We can set the price of the deals to decrease based on order quantities, for example:

0-19 orders deal fails

20-29 orders $5/pc

30-49 orders $4/pc

50+ orders $3/pc

Each buyer will have to pay at once via Paypal when he places an order. For example, the customer who buys one item (1st item), will pay $5; the customer who buys two items (2nd & 3rd), will pay $10.

Once the 20th item has been bought, the deal succeeds.

Then when a customer buys the 30th item, he will pay $4 (or if it's an order for 29th & 30th item, he will pay $8 too, as this satisfy the condition for price decrease too).

Once the 30 items threshold have been satisfied, all those who have paid $5/pc will be refunded $1/pc so that all customers will be equally paying $4/pc. The refund can be carried out automatically once the condition has been satisfied.

Similarly, once the 50 items have been satisfied, all those who have paid previously will be refunded $1/pc so that all customers will be equally paying $3/pc eventually (those who paid $5/pc at the beginning has been refunded by two times, $1/pc, and then $1/pc).

If the sales do not meet the 20pcs threshold, the deal will fail and all those who have paid ($5/pc) will be refunded in full immediately.

So this will involve partial refund and full refund, both in bulk, both automatically or can be carried out by just one or two clicks. Please check if this is feasible in your opinion.

I know that partial and full refund from the website admin panel for individual order is workable in prestashop. I think for partial and full refund for multiple orders (but for the same item of course) is also possible in theory, as what we need to do is to enable the website to carry out multiple Paypal refunds through coding. So for Paypal, it's still refunds one order after another. But for website, it's a bulk action.

Please state "I am group deal guru" as the first sentence of your application so that I know you have read this through. Thank you.

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