shopping cart *extremely urgent*

Customized shopping cart needed to replace current one which is not working/behaving right.

Please, don't present yourselves as members of this ISO... millionaire company nor as the head of the greatest team of coders and web developers on Earth.

Everyone says so haven't you noticed it? Past project here at GAF turned a TOTAL disaster using people with that presentation card in mind.

I am a very visual oriented person, so i need a VERY creative bidder(s).

I need this site (selling unique pieces of independent design) working and performing great and sharp.

Items on sale are entered to database through an administration console, with the next attributes:

product name and code.

size: small, medium, large, extra large and uni-size (this means no size due to nature of product).

description: text.

up to 4 thumbnails of product: displayed at product's detail page (one page per product of course), where larger images will be loaded using popular java solutions (or any other you may suggest).

Available quantity: in number of pieces, even when ALL products we sell, are unique pieces (no more than one is made again, ever).

Weight: in grams

Price: in Mexican Peso (MXP) as base currency in whole site, with the ability to select customers currency among (USD, EURO, GBP, AUD, YEN, DKK, CHF, canadian dolar and chinese yuan).

Items are expected to be added into categories:


women, men, girl and boy


women, men, girl and boy


for adults and for kids.

Items added to database are expected to be listed on these categories accordingly. Some of these items -due to its nature- fall into more than one category, therefore i need this products adding console to be capable of doing so. There are certain accessories which are valid for girls and for boys or for ladies and girls, or for every gender, same for apparel and same for decorative stuff. This system has to ask (expect) person entering data, which subcategory or subcategories current item is going to be listed on.

This console has to be capable of listing products, edit and delete them. Edition is not only for attributes or textual description but for product's images also.

The site is a bilingual site, i need to present products in both versions of the site but with one database in mind (i can add a product in one language and system can copy it to easily have its language edited, in order to have one product in database, but listed in both versions of site with ease of use in mind.

Example of products: this shirt A exists in quantities of one piece in database but has to be listed in both versions of the site, however if it is sold in the spanish site, it has to be removed from the english version as well.

Customers are not expected to register at site in order to make use of it or purchases.

Shipping prices are added automatically by system when people enter shipping info: country information and total weight of order will determine amount to be added to order totals and presented accordingly at the cart reviewing page, right before hitting the pay now button taking customers to PayPal.

Also, there's an option to add some magazines (selectable from a list) to customers package for free. Users have to indicate system whichmagazine(s) are going to be added and this will have to be informed via email to store administrator as well. Depending on the selected magazine, there's a shipping fee which will be added (and explained so to customer) to final amount to be paid at PayPal's.

Site is not made based upon a template, that's the reason i have two sites (one for each language) and that's the reason you can't use software, APIs or what ever to have it managed in both languages and we are not changing this present structure. I am providing ALL translations and graphic design elements.

The site offers high end and extremely customized goods only, and this complicated design matches the philosophy behind our products.

Payments are made through PayPal, using our business account, we can't use 2CO or any other payment gateways due to our location (Mexico) and those offered by local providers are extremely pricey.

Every service provider here in GAF also promises more work ahead if results are ok and most of the times never call back again (i have found it my self since i am a service provider also) and i have more tasks to do for this site, Right now i am demanding this extremely fast and extremely well done since the beginning as i have no more time to launch the site and even less time to make testings. Future tasks are SEO for site, improvement of other existing picture galleries around site (not needing databases)... Right now, the ability to enter products and start selling them is what we need to focus on.

Amaze me, show me your carts porfolio, take a look at my present cart (i will provide you with the link to mess around it, if your proposition appeals me enough).

you can see the ill subject here: [url removed, login to view]

i am open to what ever technology you may suggest, i need a RELIABLE solution FAST!

This cart solution HAS TO BE implemented in my current site, no Joomla, OsCommerce, Zencart, templates in other pages, if you can add those templates to this page:

[url removed, login to view] is ok, please keep in mind i need the top and bottom menus at all costs in your solution.

Go ahead!

Készségek: Java, Joomla, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Bevásárló kosarak

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