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Allright a nice shopping site. It's the third time I post it here, so no more clowns. I have no template, only a screenshot to work with (see attachement). The theme will not be clothing but food (not that it matters). Basicly I need an entire template for this site so only bid if you know OScommerce inside out and if you have good designer skills.

1) The code needs to be without error and validate in W3C, at least for the index page, while in search engine friendly mode.

2) I like things to fit, unless you can copy the design from the screenshot up to the pixel, some tweaks might be required.

3) Addons need to be installed, a list as well as a link to download them will be provided below.

- Add store details to contact us

- Admin notes

- Timezone offset

- Zones Belgium

- Zones Malaysia

- Payment gateway Moneybookers

- Payment gateway Western Union

[url removed, login to view]

4) Multi language support... English, Dutch, Malay, Chinese (probably requires the use of UTF8). Multilanguage support, this includes all addons that follow. Multilanguage support basicly requires the ability for me to translate ANY string of text available! This also goes for banners and their links.

5) Automatic metatags for all pages...

- Product title will be used for titletag

- Product title and info will be used for description

- For the entry/index pages for each language, I will require the ability for manual adjustment.

6) Following fields shall be added and a screenshot for it be provided as example, note that the required brand menu will not be included on the screenshot, but I do want it, this would appear below the manufacturer in admin and next to Manufacturer on the site (example: "Manufacturer/Brand: linkmanufacturer/linkbrand")

- Option to mark product as halal/non-halal (checkbox, options yes/no)

- Option to mark product as vegetarian (checkbox, options yes/no)

- Option to enter ingredients (textfield)

- Option to enter product contents (textfield)

- Option to enter Brand and Manufacturer. These will be displayed as links which when clicked on them will display products from this Brand/Manufacturer.

For the above, the rule is that if nothing is entered in the admin then nothing shall display on the site. An example of how it will look on the site [url removed, login to view]

- Default value for for 'products quantity when adding a new product = 10.

- Option to enter weight in gram. Values enter in grams (g) below 1000 will display as 500g (example value), values above 1000 will display as [url removed, login to view] (example value). The extention 'g' and 'kg' should be added automaticly and according to value. Again keep in mind the answers should be multilingual and probably end up in the file includes/languages/english/[url removed, login to view] etc...

7) Extra pages. One to make a custom order, basicly a copy of the contact us page. One for a disclaimer and one for a privacy notice. All following the layout of the site of course.

8) If the possibility exists to add an RSS feed then please inform me about it.

You'll need your own server to work on, once I approve your work you can then do a clean install on the domain I will provide.

...The above covers the bulk of it. Do provide proper on-topic feedback, NO SALESTALK, NO ONELINERS!

Enjoy the bidding

FAKE BID by cheapestandthebest/ajit ray

To set the record straight, I'm working from a screenshot, so all coding will be done from scratch. The version I work with is heavily modified by myself, the screensize and layout no longer match the original design. Claims are bogus!

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