A script that can be included in a Wordpress site that should make some calculations.

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I need a little script that can be easily implemented in a wordpress site and should do some easy calculations (remaining on the same page) like a sort of mortgage calculator but it will be about taxation. The calculations should be real time, without clicking and going to another page. [an example is on the bottom of this page:[url removed, login to view]]

The calculation that it should do is:

- The client enters the amount of profits he foresees

- A tax amount is calculated (simply the 12,5% of the profit)

- A net profit is calculated (gross profit - less the 12,5%)

- From this net profit is calculated the 49,72% (taxable amount)

- This taxable amount is used to calculate personal taxes

- First 15000€ are taxed 23% (get the amount taxed at this rate)

- by 15001€ to 28000€ is taxed 27% (get the amount taxed at this rate)

- by 28001€ to 55000€ is taxed 38% (get the amount taxed at this rate)

- by 55001€ to 75000€ is taxed 41% (get the amount taxed at this rate)

- by 75001€ and up is taxed 43% (get the amount taxed at this rate)

- A total amount of personal taxes is calculated

- A total amount of taxes (corporate and personal) is calculated

The software must run on "ixwebhosting" and Wordpress.

Should be like an iFrame of about 1200 pixels large and as low high as possible.

White background, Black text and Yellow (100%Y+20%M) borders.

I should be able to edit the description text of each field and eventually the taxation ranges above.

I think it's a very easy job and I need it ASAP.

All you need to know is written here.

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