website editing and update with payment gateway integration -- 2

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1. game will have price for all images in game needs to be set in admin.

2. front game will have spot the ball with just showing selection not review of the correct answers.

3. payment will be displayed in the bottom of the slider. every selection will add price in the bottom. selection can not be changeable.

4. every game will have generate coupon code button to play one game. admin can manually contact person whom they want to give coupon code to play the game. one coupon code can only be used once to play the game and make it paid

5. winner will be considered with priority of payment. paid will be choosen 1st.

6. after completing all the selections, we will have contact popup where pay now button enable. one person click on pay button, we will show popup with 2 options. 1. pay with paypal and 2. pay via coupon code.

7. pay via paypal will redirect user to paypal site and if they able to pay the amount, they will be redirected to game page with ability to review the balls and considered person as paid.

8. if not able to pay and cancle payment, person will be redirected to game page without ability to review the ball.

9. contact form will be at same last page, with having pay button in the form. once form submit, we will save the user data with unpaid status and once paid then only we will mark it as paid.

10. make sure that once we redirect user to paypal website, that website is not responsive for mobile or tablet. this is something we can not change. and it wont be responsive

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