Finalize Maya model and parts for 3D print

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Given an existing Maya 3D ship model and its component Maya parts files, produce a set of files for final 3D printing that will successfully print on 3D Systems and Stratasys 3D printers.

The files are to include the basic ship model and a display stand that will successfully print in at least two sizes: ~8in (~200mm) and ~12in (~300mm).

Prints must succeed for printers with stated spatial resolution limits of ~[url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view]), ~[url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view]), ~[url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view]), and ~[url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view]).

The basic ship model is to be modified to (1) accommodate a slot-based stand, (2) to ensure proper draining of non-printed material, and (3) to hold a unique identifier, in addition to (4) slight modifications increase fidelity.

The basic ship model must be printable in solid mode, in hollow mode, or in a mode using a previously-defined internal structure.

The parts are to be represented in separate Maya files, one per spatial resolution, that can be directly added to the basic ship model, such that the resulting model plus parts will successfully print at the spatial resolution.

The display stand is to fit into a crossed slot in the bottom of the basic ship model, and hold a panel inscribed with TBD text (e.g., the ship’s name and line)

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