LINNWORKS : Multi Channel ( Amazon, Ebay) Listing & Inventory Software Implementation

WE are looking for some one to advise and set up AND implement the LINNWORKS (<[url removed, login to view]>) LISTING AND STOCK CONTROL platform OUR Amazon and Ebay; for us for our existing selling platforms on ebay and amazon, and also to help possibly combine it with our own website( if possible) so all inventory is one for stock control AND we use a SINGLE listing tool/ programme such as LINNWORKS to list on multichannel selling platforms.

Phase 1 , 1 week research $50

Phase 2: 3- max 4 weeks, $350; total $400*

DO NOT APPLY FOR PART OF THE PROJECT! Bid is for both Phases so be sure you can do this!

Its vital you read and digest what is stipulated as requirements in brief below and then make a bid if you are capable of taking on the task.

If after the Phase 1, we feel we don't want to proceed with Phase two and implement for what ever reason, we will abort the project at that stage and Phase 1 payment only will be made.

## Deliverables

Phase 1 is to allow you to research and familiarise your self ( ideally we will select a person who already has experience of LINNWORKS or similar softwear..

We will want to use ''Linnworsk Anywhere'' ( not Linnworks Local) and to work with ''Linn Live'' which has stock control and listing modules etc,

So base your research around this.

Compare with other similar software such as Seller Express : (<[url removed, login to view]>)

We realise that we may not find a very experienced person

When you apply, we will need to see that you have READ and UNDERSTOOD the below details in your reply!

Further; TWO independent references are need at time of application to proceed , this you should send in your first reply to us.

I need a person who has time and wants to spend a 4 week period actually setting up, transferring our listings into Linnworks, ( janeojewels on amazon and ebay and neotrims on amazon and ebay)


Week one week to study and advise that all aspects of LINNWORKS; will it full fill our needs, although we will discuss the exact criteria we need when project awarded, some essential points to consider is: is it easy to use by some one who's not IT minded once set up and trained; does it have all features we need in the tool which allows same feature as Turbo-Lister and better, such as all colour options of a product with drop down boxes on one listing, maximum amount of pictures; multiple sale options for same product to be sold in different mixes?.. all in a SINGLE listing by using a As drop down box or similar option on single listing; etc etc

Basically does it have EVERY feature we need on this tool so we don't have to combine it with using any aspect of Ebay it self to make a listing live..

There will be a host of other queries which you your self will query and answer , but we will discuss and make a list at beginning of the project.

The above I hope explains clearly the TYPE OF PERSON we require for this project.

If you are not sure, during the research period, you can ask question to Linnworks it self and also post questions on its Forum.

You will download the FREE trial LINNWORKS during the 1 week process in order to test the programme tool; and you wil do a test of 10 products on each shop? neotrims ( 10) and janeojewels ( 10) by creating a inventory and then listing same product on amazon and ebay..etc.

At end of one week you will provide a written report and chart comparing features possible and advantages and any disadvantages.

In essence you will be a person who has experience of LISTING on Amazon and Ebay to know what features both platforms need and offer so you are in a position to compare and make judgements.

The 2nd phase implement LINNWORK and Integrate our Ebay, Amazon and Janeo listings into one, you will take the post and do the complete job.

This will involve merging and doing a sync of all listings, it will also mean we have to RE WORD many descriptions of the every listing to enhance them so they are usable for each platform. This will mean planning how we would do this and work as a team to give you batches to UPLOAD once we have re doen each description in a format that's agreed between you self and us to make life easier and speed up the process,.

We are talking about approximately 1000 listings.

IN short there is a great many things which is not described here and which will be part of the work process to ensure the whole project of bringing our listing OVER ONTO LINNWORKS goes smoothly and is to STANDARD we require.

That's why the cost for this work is generous, purely as I don't want any come backs on this and that was not discussed.

So qualities of experience of multi product upload etc is essential as once the process starts , speed as well quality is important.

TO set it up using all features to maximum.. all colour options on one listing of same product; all selling options of one product on same listing etc and having max pictures without paying individual ebay fees etc etc.

We would also like to de design the basic listing pages on ebay to a new look ( basic HTML), before you start the listings upload.

I'm looking for a cool headed, decent individual to work wit us and hopefully develop a long term relationship as a freelancer working in our team. Would luv to hear form people who feel they would want to do this for me.


[paresh neotrims][1]

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