Contracts are necessary for any day to day business activity. Anytime you hire someone, rent out property, agree to installment plans, or start a partnership you are engaging in a contract. You may also deal with contracts from vendors and suppliers in order to do business. In order to protect yourself, you should have an experienced and licensed attorney draft and review any contract before you sign. This can be done by posting the contract requirements and allowing lawyers and paralegals experienced in your area to bid and draft the contract, saving you time, money and heartache. Alkalmazza Contracts Consultants szabadúszót


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    Trademark/Trademark Research 6 nap left

    Need TWO potential business brand names created and researched for women's supplements brands that will have the ability to obtain a US trademark. The skies the limit Have preliminary websites Shopify...Write for more information. Look forward to hearing from you..!!! We are in the US. Can zoom or email us.. Thank you

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    contract essay 6 nap left

    hi, just wondering if you can do this practice essay for me, has to be min 1150 words and max 1500 words. heres the requirements. write an essay that advises on the likely legal position based on the following scenario: In March 2022, Natalia contracted with Phat Designs to extend her nail and beauty salon. They agreed a price of £15000 for the work to be completed no later than 1st July in time for Natalia’s summer promotions. In May 2022, Natalia received an email advertising an auction ‘without reserve.’ It listed a range of products including five new sunbeds. With a view to expanding the services of her salon to include tanning facilities, Natalia attended the auction. She bid £100 for the five sunbeds knowing that they were worth at least £100...

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    Looking for a professional to draft Terms and conditions as well as Privacy policy for a start-up software as a service and app. Previous experience with saas legal terms of use and privacy policy and references are necessary for this. Looking forward to hearing from you soon Regards, Matt

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    Lawyer advocate 5 nap left

    Need a loan document plus need to answer an email abit of writing and lawyer experience

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    Build contract 5 nap left

    Hello,We are looking lawyer in turkey we need consult to create an thanks

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    Please if you are a native freelancer please apply

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    Need Someone Expert In Formation Of NGO . Need Help In All Legal Aspects .

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    Help Me To Form A NGO 5 nap left

    Need Some Expert , Who will Help me in deciding bet. Section 8 Or Society . and will Help in legal Procedures upto formation . and also help in fundraising

    €40 (Avg Bid)
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    7 árajánlat

    I want to make Privacy policy, terms and conditions, Refund policy, Discretion Page

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    SaaS start up looking for VC funding. Paralegal support required on a project basis.

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €14 / hr licitátlag
    16 árajánlat

    I am looking for an individual experienced in preparing and estimating bids and proposals for IT government Subcontract. I need someone to help my small government contractor business win a contract, mainly subcontracting under a prime. We have never won or worked under a prime before. Also, it is good to have: Help with pricing for IT labor, costs, hardware, software, services, and etc Have you prepared IT-related bids for government contracts? Has an IT company that you have prepared a bid for ever been awarded a federal government contract? Help a small company to work under a prime as a subcontractor? US Contract Company: Engineer Enterprise (EE) is an innovative, minority-owned software and IT solutions company. Our strong company culture, enduring relationships, and industry-l...

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    Commercial leasing contract with landlord review,restaurant business selling contract review

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    BC/Canada Lawyer 3 nap left

    Lawyer needed for a 2-hour hearing by phone in BC Supreme Court tomorrow at 2pm PDT.

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    I need some help with writing a contract.

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    Need to write terms and conditions privacy policy and cookies policy requirements only experienced legal experts in writing

    €24 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €24 / hr licitátlag
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    Looking for a writer to create the terms, conditions and policies for a company. You are required to create these documents from the information provided and it should be authentic work not generated from templates

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    31 árajánlat

    Any one looking for a managed services contracts ,for Software at least 2 documents templates with dummy data is also fine. TOT 2 hrs. My price is 10$ ,

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    8 árajánlat

    WMBE, construction and design company based out of Washington, DC since 2004. We are looking for a full-time virtual executive assistant to begin immediately. The job: -bookkeeping - manage invoicing, accounts payable & receivable, payroll, etc. -contracting - support with proposal bidding to drafting contracts -licensing - ensure all licenses are remain current -correspondence - support with email correspondence -development - support with grant research and writing What we are looking for: -background, knowledge or interest in construction, design and/or environmental remediation -experienced executive assistant -strong organizational skills -strong communication skills -"can do" positive attitude -experience with CRM & Project Management tools You will work direc...

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    Looking for UK Law Expert [Researching crime and criminal justice]

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    Build and deploy your contract using truffle. Write a node-js script to send the transaction. Write a node-js script to get the transaction. Its very simple i have not time so you can do it for me Budget 10$ fixed not a big task

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    Lawyer in India needed 3 nap left

    I need a very good lawyer in India to go after a software developer who took my money and waisted my time for a project that he never delivered. I have all his informations.

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    Tender writing 2 nap left

    Tiling contract for cruden homes

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    My father has a restaurant in Baltimore County, he being evicted. We have a really bad lease agreement against to us. Buy one hand land wants us pay our rent on time and the on the other hand she keep caused us troubles damaged customer our business. The landlord is 100% legal of her action by the rent law, however we would like to expose what she did to warrant future small business owner. Please contact me if you are interested of this topic. [Removed by Admin]

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    I need a smart contract in ETH and a website built. for the people to use to mint from.

    €649 (Avg Bid)
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    Landlord / tenant issues i want to file an appeal foe a judgement that was passed because i did not appear in court. i was sick.i need someone to assist me in doing this as i do not know how to go about it......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    €121 (Avg Bid)
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    22 árajánlat

    We need to submit a JCT Design and Build contract and would like to find a consultant who has experience in completing these. The JCT Design and Build Contract is designed for construction projects where the contractor carries out both the design and the construction work. Design and build projects can vary in scale, but the Design and Build Contract is generally suitable where detailed provisions are needed.

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    Build contract 2 nap left

    Hello, we are looking lawyer in Turkey. We need consult to create an contracts. Many thanks

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    I am looking for a lawyer or debt collector in Jersey (UK) that can help me get the payment that a company there owes me for my last month of work (around EUR 600). The situation is this: I am a resident in Spain. I was working remotely (teleworking) for a company based in Jersey, through a signed Letter of Engagement (contractor)/NDA for a trial period of 3 months, after the owner/director of the company offered me a job. The issue is that this person has not paid me for the last month I worked, even though I did everything I was required (I have proof of this). It has been over a month now, and this person has not replied to any of my communications: WhatsApp messages, emails, calls. I can prove everything I am claiming through the signed Letter of Engagement, NDA, emails, other doc...

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    I work in a hospital as a RN located in the USA. Someone hung a different IV fluid/medication than what was ordered. No witnesses, but the manager wants to blame me since I was the patient’s nurse. Need advice and a position paper written up on the matter

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    19 árajánlat

    I work in a hospital as a RN located in the USA. Someone hung a different IV fluid/medication than what was ordered. No witnesses, but the manager wants to blame me since I was the patient’s nurse. Need advice and a position paper written up on the matter

    €372 (Avg Bid)
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    Paralegal who can handle filing and setting up all of the pre and post legal documentation necessary to file commercial debt collection suits, actions such as legal complaints, summons in debt, interrogatories, garnishments, subpoenas, liens and more. You should have a Paralegal degree and 3-5 years min experience working with an attorney in debt collections, so you have the requisite experience to handle the required legal documentation for filing actions in court.

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    I am looking for a law expert who can create a Sales partner contract (Sales Consultant or Small IT Company working on our behalf) for us, If needed more details we are ready to give

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    10 árajánlat

    I had attorney with gross neglect, etc failed to follow administration actions considered exhaustion of admin action prio to filing od offical eeo federal agency complaint. I had 10 discrete charges of failure to hire althouh i hve many yrs exp in the field of recruitment w/ navy_isr/DoD/Labor. All charges involves basics of all complaints race age & retaliation. The attory failed to contact agency eeo counselor W/I 45 DYS of ea. Discriminatory actions. I replaced him. Got another well skilled employment law attorney w/ fed. Agency eeo exp. About 8 months ago federal judge thow out 8 of the 10 decrete complaints/claims. All due to neglectetc of 1st attorney. THIS is a MD jurisdiction case thereby a MD attory or otherwise sponsored by an marylany law firm.

    €25 - €49 / hr
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    €25 - €49 / hr
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    Paralegal 16 óra left

    I need a paralegal to help me to whit court documents and regards my brother bank account, my brother resent pasa away

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    Customized T&C for B2B online platform 12 óra left

    I need someone who can write a T&C for a data platform. There are many prefabricated T&Cß on the market but I require one including as well additional custom terms and conditions specifically related to our service (data to help define hardware products, we sell our data to B2B customers worldwide, can explain more later). Interested? Please start your message with 'TERMS' so I know you have read this description. All other responses will be ignored. BR, Bauke

    €126 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello everyone we are looking for someone who has a good legal background and can write our disclaimers and policy privacy and other legal documents which can help us secure our project and community in Cryptocurrency field please bid with your experiance

    €48 (Avg Bid)
    Kiemelt Titkos
    €48 licitátlag
    24 árajánlat

    Need someone who understand amazon policies and procedures and able to write a good appeal relating to account. Need some who have refrence or proof of work in the field

    €309 (Avg Bid)
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