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    *** ENGLISH *** I'm about to open a webshop which will run on Wordpress and using WooCommerce plugin. To keep my stock up-to-date my wholesaler provides me a password protected XML channel which contains all the available products I can sell and also it's quantity. I need someone who connects my WooCommerce to this XML channel. I believe this work should be pretty easy to someone who is familiar with WooCommerce and XML. I woud need the job done within a month but rather in middle of september. *** MAGYAR *** Egy webshopot készítek, amihez az alábbira volna szükségem: adott egy jelszóval védett XML forrás, ahonnan a termékeket és a készletnyilvántartást kéne összekapcsolni...

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    Van egy működő WP oldal, amibe szeretnénk importálni a régi (egyedi cms-t használó) oldalon publikált cikkeket, szerzőket stb. Néhány száz cikkről van szó, a legtöbb egyedi szerzővel rendelkezik. A cikkek a legtöbb esetben egy folyóirat cikkei. Az importáláskor nem számít a publikálási idő, hanem az eredeti megjelenés (évfolyam, lapszám) szerint vannak kategorizálva. A régi adatbázis cikkekhez rendelve tartalmazza ezeket a tulajdonságokat. Az új WP-s oldal tudja kezelni az eredeti szerzőt és az megjelenést is, tehát csak az importálás kell, új funkciók ...

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    Van egy működő WP oldal, amibe szeretnénk importálni a régi (egyedi cms-t használó) oldalon publikált cikkeket, szerzőket stb. Néhány száz cikkről van szó, a legtöbb egyedi szerzővel rendelkezik. A cikkek a legtöbb esetben egy folyóirat cikkei. Az importáláskor nem számít a publikálási idő, hanem az eredeti megjelenés (évfolyam, lapszám) szerint vannak kategorizálva. A régi adatbázis cikkekhez rendelve tartalmazza ezeket a tulajdonságokat. Az új WP-s oldal tudja kezelni az eredeti szerzőt és az megjelenést is, tehát csak az importálás kell, új funkciók a ...

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    Projekt Neve: Milyen munkára van szüksége? Adjon meg néhány készséget, Ami a projekttel kapcsolatos: Grafikai tervezés nternet Marketing Fényképezés Database Administration Mobil telefon

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    sync Database To Google Sheet 6 nap left

    sync Database To Google Sheet Mysql

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    Hello Very urgently need small database development project to be developed under Progress and its object relation database development work. So please apply ASAP if you can get it started immediately after hiring. Thanks

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    my database 6 nap left

    i am writing about me , where am i living . what am i doing and anyothers things about me

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    I want a code example to automatically receive when data value changes in firebase realtime database I am referencing firesharp in vs2015 C# thank you :)

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    ...innovations in administration made by the Mughals, British and post-independent Indian need to be added, like Akbar, introduced Land measurement and record system, which is still used in India. Similarly British introduced many new technologies in Administration like Survey of land & forest, Building dams & canals, Railways for communication, Postal services, Laws for court proceedings like CrPC and CPC etc., and Building administrative training institutes for capacity building. I think they introduced written records of judgements & lands etc., Easy availability of health services etc. (3) Please dwell on these technology innovation topics for other periods too. (4) Please add reforms in administration from 1950 to 2010. (5) In the Historical Backgro...

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    Hello I want to scrap a database from a website ( I want the company name, Industry, Description, Phone and website)

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    I need an HTML page with 6 questions, based on a database that I made in python. I made the database but I don't know how to make the HTML

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    Administration Map 6 nap left

    Administration map of a city in Indonesia

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    Looking for an MLM system ( affiliate marketing tree ) that basic Requirements : members - login /register - yes - membership payment - each member to bring in 10 members downline and grows till 4 levels only. if the topline member wants to continue, he will start from level 1 all over again. - view history - view downline - there has to be backend administration team view too so that the backend team can view the tree structure for every topline member and also individual member's tree at any level. - email to be triggered to each member upon completing every level as discussed earlier. If you have a ready SRS and BRD, do share... also i want to see your previous working products.. if possible the one developed in malaysia. Anyone who is an expert in the WordPress WooCo...

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    database design 6 nap left

    work with sql php and html to create a reservation system

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    to complete an application with a database on your cloud instance. You can also create an application with cloud services or cloud-based database on your local computer. To create PPT as per the format provided.

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    Thanks for working on this project. Much appreciated.

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    I have a website on code Igniter we take online reservations and need to retrieve passwords for the back end and troubleshoot

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    I need someone who can do database design for the attached project

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    Hello Freelancers of - I hope you are the Freelancer that I am looking for. First a...Freelancer that I am looking for. First and foremost, I need someone that knows a LOT about the Laravel PHP framework and how it works with MySQL database. I have a simple, simple, I will repeat, SIMPLE, task: I have a table of data that I want someone to write a GET, PUT, and SHOW method within the file, which will be integrated within an Ionic Angular frontend view using the Select Ui component found here - SUPER DUPER Simple. Step 1: write API for GET, PUT, SHOW Step 2: display data within Ionic Ui component ion-radio - within user registration, profile Step 3: Save the data to the database The database is already written in MySQL.

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    Using Dataset provided build simple SQL & NoSQL database and query a few

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    The file Download temperature records (in tenths of degrees C) for a weather station in nearby Brookville, Indiana from May 1925 through most of 2022. This data was obtained from the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), You will be munging this data to build an aesthetically pleasing table and graphic. Data Dictionary- variables and values DATE: yyyymmdd format Measure: TMIN = daily observed LOW temperature (tenths of degrees C) TTMAX = daily observed HIGH temperature (tenths of degrees C) TOBS = daily observed temperature (tenths of degrees C), at specific time Value: temperature in tenths of degrees C Specific Tasks Part 1 (30pts) Using tidyverse

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    Generate QR Code of 12 digit number using php code and save in database

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    We are working towards a project on workflow and dashboard management. You are needed to come up with an idea and a prototype to efficiently manage the document workflow and create a dashboard for an efficient printer administration mechanism. We work on document management and workflow systems comprehensively for this project. The timeline for this is by Dec 31st we need to come up with an idea and build a prototype around the same. To be a strong participant, developers should have experience in … -Writing Web applications -Managing a simple HTTP server -Strong programming skills, the language of your choice, in Web app backend development, e.g., JavaScript, Node.js, or Python -Writing XML documents, understanding XML schema (XSD)

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    build me a database -- 2 5 nap left

    I require an excel spreadsheet database showing names and email addresses of all farmers who do cropping in Victoria (Australia). Spreadsheet must be a minimum of 2,000 entries.

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    Hi! I made this website but ran out of money to finish it. It's supposed to have a searchable database. I like the design. The design does not need to change. The database has already been created and the data was imported. But my developer got too busy so I need someone to finish the project. Also there's a fun "wheel" that you can spin that needs to be activated. It's just a way to do a search by category.

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    Stripe integration for ordering system

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    Please ONLY for people with ADVANCED knowledge in WordPress. DO NOT waste my time The web page had always worked perfectly with a set of plugins that I have the same on several pages and they work perfectly. For a while it started to get slow but only in the administration part. Facing the user, it works normally, but when it comes to managing it, it is extremely slow. The first error that started giving is as if the wordpress cron had problems in the updraftplus it shows this error: Warning: WordPress has a number (40) of scheduled tasks which are overdue. Unless this is a development site, this probably means that the scheduler in your WordPress install is not working. Read this page for a guide to possible causes and how to fix it. And when you clear cache and preload cache i...

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    An MSQL database must be created with the Name, Phone Number and Email (where available) of the people on the page to the page

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    CREATE A PLATFORM FOR EVENT ORGANIZERS THAT WILL ALLOW THEIR ATTENDEES TO BOOK HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS AND PACKAGES Users • Super Admin: Application Owner • Admin: Administration staff of applications • Customer: End User making reservation for themselves • Organizer: Access to Event Dashboard to view bookings This platform needs to contain following modules: • Super Admin Panel • Admin Panel • Customer Module • Organizer Module Inventory/Events: Create/Manage inventory and events: - Select the hotel, select the room type(s), select dates, assign the number of rooms for each room type and for each day, enter rates (rate we bought it for and rate we want to sell it for), assign to an event. - Create packages and travel deals. - Create a ...

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    Time: Starting from tomorrow at 8AM UTC+7, i need to hire for about 1 hours 30 mins, you can do as much as you can, no need to do complete all functions of project. Using Entity Framework Core in Code First or Database First to create database for football app management, movie theater ticket management, etc.. including with functions : (example) Code First Displaying movie theater list (at least have name, how many empty slot ) Displaying movie list ( at least have movie name, movie duration) Displaying movie schedule (at least have movie name, which movie theater, show time ) Book movie tickets for each specific showtime - the person who booked the ticket is also the viewer just save the phone number - The ticket booking screen only shows a dropdown to select showtime...

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    We are looking for an individual who has worked in a systems role with uber. They will be required to perform the following duties: - Capture daily sales data - Analyse performance of marketing campaigns and provide analytics based on performance results - Providing business critical change

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    I have a working MySql database on GoDaddy and I am working with a Report Writer Software package called Microsoft Power BI. I need to connect the Power BI package to my GoDaddy MySQL Database. Mike Smith

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    Data integrity testing for database 5 nap left

    I need help with data integration test for data service /data base

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    I need a website with a simple front end that only contains one search bar. The search bar is used by the user to enter a numeric value, and it must retun a value obtained from a very large data base.

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    We required a Gradebook that can provided students access to their progressive grades throughout the year. Each students should only be able to see their own grades. It would be great if these grades can be populated from a central teacher only document. We are using teams as a platform for delivering curriculum, so can use any other system that has functionality within teams. We would like an extraction button to be available for a students to click and get a copy of their grades at the point of request. However, any solution to allow us to use teams and provide the privacy for each students would be great. I'm totally ignorant about he function of excel, so if you would like to discuss our requirements in more detail, please contact me for a chat!

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    Looking for a Company or team to compile (put data into specific format in excel or access or Sql, depending how big file is) and Standardize and Validate the USA addresses then geocode (getting an accurate Lat/Lon from the address). This would be a monthly project of approximately 500 databases a month with anywhere from 200 records to 1,000,000 records or more per database.

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    ...priority. Duties This person will be responsible for: - Quality assurance of service calls - Dispatch the technicians to the job site - Allocating resources - Following up completion confirmation with customers and seeking customer feedback - Maintaining customer facing dashboards - Invoicing - Ad hoc Admin tasks - Data Entry - Reporting and business analysis Requirements Bachelor Degree in administration or engineering • 1+ years of work experience in a similar role • Proficient with Microsoft Office • Excellent problem-solving abilities • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written • Outstanding people skills • Strong data entry skills and attention to details • Exceptional analytical thinking, problem-solving, and organiza...

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    World Golf Rankings Database 5 nap left

    Looking to hire a database designer to create web database and then a long-term relationship to manage and maintain data/app. You will use public data from OWGR dot com: players, events, etc. Our computations and algorithm for awarding player points and rankings fields and players will differ slightly but the functionality from user perspective will be similar.

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    Possibility for the visitor to register on a webpage, register with name, company and phone. They need to be able to leave the place again from another form. A list of guests in the house needs to be available from a administration site, password protected. Ideal would be to scan a qr code to go to visitor registration form.

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    As discussed in previous project

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    CRM database and platform build 5 nap left

    We want a stable database and simple CRM Must be expandable so we can add extra fields. Have good sorting functions so we can search by fields. Fields for Phone number, 4 name fields, street and number, town, province, 4 date fields and 3 pre defined list fields. There should also be 2 comment fields that are non sortable and attached to the record. The interface should be pleasant App will be available to multiple users on a server with each user having access protected by individual password/username

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    We are currently hiring writers who have intermediate to expert knowledge in the following fields: - Ghost writing - creative director - Data processing - Solar Storage - Data entry - Portable Power Station - RV & Outdoor Camping - Off-Grid Living

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    Hello, I am looking for a specialist in security vulnerabilities for simple and infrequently visited websites. This person will have to list the most dangerous security vulnerabilities and give each time at least one solution to patch the vulnerabilitie. In security vulnerabilities for simple and infrequently visited websites. This person will have to list the most dangerous security vulnerabilities and give each time at least one solution to patch the vulnerabilitie. In particular, you will need: * test the site in SQL injections, * attempt to upload files to the server * attempt to make (minor) changes to the site * and try to access our administration interface (the link will not be given and so it's OK if you can't) The URK of the site will be given in priv...

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    Education Course Website with Database Looking for a developer of an Educational Website where students can subscribe to either of two packages It should have a search bar where someone can ask a question or upload a document with a question, then there is a database- quite large with content in pdf for tertiary school subjects It should have Signup/login where one can create an account, then Payment integration i.e mobile money, paypal/visa credit card to enable payments. Without paying for a package no content can be displayed. It's idea is to help them use the search to find the content they need, which is fetched from the database upon them paying for one of the 2 packages. Good look and feel needed, and fast access to the content on the database n...

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    Database Developer needed 4 nap left

    visualization of existing database is required.

    €29 - €238
    €29 - €238
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    We need an Accurate and detail conscious individual with a genuine interest in the development of skills in accounts and administration.. All details of what's needed will be sent to you for you to work and the payment per page that should be work on will be explained to you

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    Customer Service Manager 4 nap left
    HITELESÍTETT assortment selection and identify assortment gaps - Ensuring good customer service by addressing and ensuring the timely resolution of customer issues or comments - Providing analysis and reporting on metrics such as weekly/monthly sales by department, new product sell-through and offering code performance Key Requirements: - You have a minimum of 2 years experience in Marketing, Business Administration or a related field. - You have prior experience in a similar role. Experience in digital marketing is a plus. - You possess a solid understanding of e-commerce frameworks. - You have a self-starter mentality with the ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced working environment. - You have a high level of attention to detail including a proven ability to manage m...

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    ...required. We need from you:- 1) to build database from excel file and set up an backend admin panel to upload new content and connect to front end to push and/or pull from the database. 2) In the database (mysql) we have pdf, word and excel files and a photos (already optimised) and 3 video (already optimised). We need a search function building thats allows the user to enter up to 6 words within a form page and when the search button is pressed it will list the selected documents with all the search words in. The list will then allow the user to select the document and open in a new brower window. Please note the search funtcion will need to look through all the documents pdf, word and excel documents on the system. 3) Build admin site administration pan...

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    Virtual Administration Assistant for Financial of orphanage and ware houses renovation

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    A web-based map using .net6 core MVC to visualize the sensors already exists. So, To increase information density, you may want to think about what else you want to visualize. A preview of the current and historical sensor. You could embed some plots in the map or design some glyphs. Further, as this is a web-based prototype and not some static map, you may want to think about interactivity a bit more. What can the user adjust in your solution interactively? adding interactive filters based on sensor type or a time slider for the historical sensor data. about interactively comparing data from multiple selected sensors Bottom line: Think where your solution is better or at least as good as existing previous work. Check with the domain users what are their needs in terms of the sensor data...

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    A legjobb database administration közösségi cikkek